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Clean Up Crew - [Mahasthamaprapta]

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Clean Up Crew - [Mahasthamaprapta] Empty on Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:24 am

It had been a long and wild string of adventures for Chad as he made his way across the world to Oak. First he had killed some poor wandering hobo man in the middle of a sketchy alleyway who was just minding his own business. Then he had gotten drunk and made a fool of himself as he traveled by train to a place that he thought could provide more interesting interactions and fun. Upon arriving he had ended up causing the same problems that he did back in Dahlia. He had killed some poor sod who thought was able to put up a fight, but alas Chad had just committed murder in the middle of a crowded pub. Normally something like that would make Chad leave down, but with all the gang warfare most people would probably assume it was a hit or something. Chad needed money to have fun and forget about all these incidents of course, so he went out of his way to look for work with the local mobsters.

He did this after making sure his robes were thoroughly cleaned and pressed of course, as having the blood of some random schmuck all over his body while trying to get a job would not have the greatest chance of success, even if it was with the mafia. Knowing that he was looking his best after shining his pretty bald head, Chad made his way towards the nearest small time crime family to pick up some work. He didn’t really care what this work was of course, but as long as it paid well he was happy to experience something new. After meeting with one of the higher ups of the small Martello crime family, Remy Martello, Chad was made aware that he was going to be cleaning up bodies today. It was pretty dirty work but nothing that he hadn’t done before. He still had this nagging feeling inside his head that it was pretty weird for a monk to be doing all these violent things, even though his own personal philosophy involved indulging in anything he desired. Those thoughts were put aside as he considered the work ahead of him.

Remy motioned for him to follow into the sketchy looking building where the bodies were apparently stored. The building itself seemed to be a run down, shoddily built foundation that was still under construction, but Chad just assumed the poor work was due to a lack of funds required to hire high quality workers. He didn’t think a small scale crime family really needed anything fancy anyways, at least before they expanded into something bigger. As long as it was functional it would probably work out fine. Chad was surprised that Remy hadn’t really commented on his appearance, given that he was dressed like your average monk, with a shiny bald head out for the whole world to see. Apparently the young crime lord had seen many such people with weird appearances who took part in shady work like this.



Clean Up Crew - [Mahasthamaprapta] Empty on Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:25 am

If the guy wasn’t going to comment on it then Chad was not going to bring it up of course, so he followed the young man into the building to see the corpses that he was going to be working with. Just like the outside of the building, the room inside was dingy, with the floor being made of dirt rather than any sort of real foundation material. He felt like it was the perfect place to store bodies, as any blood that came off of them would soak into the dirt, which in turn could just be removed shovels and transported to other locations. After surveying the area for a short period of time, Chad noticed that Remy had pulled out an axe, a big bad, and that he said, “I’m going to need you the bodies to me as I focus on chopping them up for easier disposal. Just carry the bodies over to me and I’ll put their chopped up remains in the bag so they can be disposed of a bit more discreetly.” The man put heavy emphasis on the word discreetly, and Chad understood his intentions.

Chad gave the man a big smile and said, “Sounds easy enough.” As he was a relatively strong individual, Chad felt that carrying bodies would be far too easy for a man of his capabilities, but money was money, so he didn’t really have any reason to complain. As Remy had requested, Chad made his way over to the first body while Remy got himself into position. Before Remy began chopping he had placed the bag on the ground beside him of course, so he could just toss chopped off body parts into them. After he had made it to the first body, Chad picked it up with ease and brought it over to Remy, who, after seeing it was placed on the ground, began to chop the limbs off one by one and throw them into the nearby bag. Chad made sure to avoid any of the bloodshed from this body as he didn’t want to get his robes dirty again. He proceeded to repeat this process with another six bodies, all the while judging their appearances for some reason. The bodies had probably been dead for a day or two and their appearances were starting to become unsightly. Apparently they had been stored decently though as they didn’t smell completely like death.

Chad noticed that after he had finished bringing the first seven bodies, the last three bodies that he had brought weren’t chopped up, but rather were loaded up on a different carrying system, likely to be sent back to families. Chad just assumed they were some of Remy’s men and didn’t comment on the situation. It didn’t really matter what Remy did with the bodies as long as he paid him the agreed upon fee. If he was not paid then he was ready to get violent, but so far in his adventures he had not been jipped out of pay after performing it. It seemed as though there was integrity even among the evil of the world. After receiving his payment, Chad left the location to go spend some of his new money.


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