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Texas Roadhouse [Private | Red]

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Night hung over the damp, dark streets of Oak-town; local residents retreated to either the embracing comfort of their homes or found solace within the calm, dim-lit taverns of the inner-streets. Men found beds warmed by women who were ready to give themselves up for another night's pay, taking drunken thrust after drunken thrust in another dull moment of their living conditions. Men and women alike got drunk and sang merry songs together when they were not already at each others' throats. Tavern owners made their nightly quota, and for a time the livelihood the action-filled night died down to total darkness. A single tavern still had its doors open, a sight to see for three in the morning.


Urion finally made his way into Oak town at probably one of the most inconvenient of times; as a town that housed a dark guild, there was the idea that there could be a mugging or much worse that could happen at a given moment. The Blue Pegasus mage understood this and decided to camp for the night at a hole-in-the-wall tavern that most people would not have known to exist. Urion knew the owner through some connections made prior to joining Blue Pegasus, so he would not be breaking guild rules by calling in a favor. Walking through the doors, he came upon the shambles that was considered a tavern.

A few tables stood at odd and random places about the place, with three chairs to each. An old woman sat behind the counter, flanked by dozens upon dozens of half-empty bottles of liquor. She was small and had gray hairs, but clung to much of her youth. Without knowing she was eighty-three, one would assume she was only thirty years younger than what she was. Upon seeing the red-haired man her face contorted to show skepticism and worry as to who the new face was to her establishment. However, upon Urion talking, she gasped and beckoned for him to approach her. She held his face in her hands and gave a weak smile before pouring a shot glass of vodka and hummed a song she knew herself.

A room was always prepared for Urion, but he would find it better than he sat and relaxed at the bar counter, looking at the bottles on display and swirling his drink in hand. He wore his traveling gear and considering it was Autumn he wore a considerable amount of clothing. He donned brown and black boots, charcoal black pants and a gray t-shirt that clung to his torso and defined his chest. His coat was hanging up by the old woman who, at this point in time, got up to go to the back and prepare some food to cook. Urion had his backpack on, filled with essentials and the like that he needed: spare clothing, toiletries, and a notebook. He looked at this wrists and wondered how quickly he should seek out the other contacts he had in Oak. There were leftover memories that hung around his brain, and it would be in his best interest to ignore them for the time being. It would take some time for him to get drunk, so he knew he could handle having more shots of the occasion called for it.

Urion examined his new form in the reflection of the vodka in his shot glass and gave a calm sigh. It would be difficult to explain exactly what had happened to him, but he decided that he would tackle that issue once he got there. He would have to request a room soon and begin preparations. It was going to be a long night for the man, who was more than ready to get it all over with.


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Well, Chad had done it again. He had murdered another poor bastard in cold blood, but this time, it happened to be in public. Even though he did not have any moral complications within himself about killing the man, Chad still felt embarrassed that he had so in such a brutal and public fashion. He was so embarrassed in fact, that he had changed his outfit up a bit. Instead of wearing a plain black monks robe over his martial arts gear, he wore an elaborate set of dressy robes along with string of large metal balls around his neck. These wouldn't hamper him if he needed to fight of course.

Having been in such a bad mood recently, Chad had decided he was going to go out for some drinks and have a bit of fun. With this goal in mind he set out to a random bar as he had no knowledge of this town. After entering said bar he took in all the information he could about the room, such as the terrain, the people, the assumed levels of strength certain people had. Most of the people in the room looked rather normal, except for one individual who was being poured a shot of vodka. This man was Urion of course, but Chad had no way of knowing this. All he knew was that this man seemed abnormal compared to the rest of the people in this room and in his mind, Chad thought that he could possibly give stimulation to his urge for combat.

Knowing that this could possibly end poorly like the last two times, Chad still approached the same as he had the others, moving at full speed while avoiding any obstacles in his path, he launched a right straight towards the back of the mans head, which if it connected, would instantly destroy the man's brain. The man was now staring into his shot glass at this point in time, and the size of his head blocked off any view he could have of the approaching death behind him.

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The blow was unforeseen and without much of a given thought, Urion's life flashed before his eyes. Quick visions of delusions of grandeur and an unfulfilled life appeared in quick bursts before being approached by the personification of death. It stood there, tall and menacingly, scythe in one hand and a durian on the other hand. Something seemed unnatural about the fruit, a still beacon of uncertain and surprising death, luring the soul into a false sense of security to only be ripped and torn into oblivion. Death itself was just a giant durian, its form floating down to meet Urion as he was unsure about the prospect of dying.

"Urion-kun, your time has come. Join the collective of the oblivion."

Urion reached out to touch the floating fruit, to only be sent into the air before the durian. Accepting that his fate would be to join the great collective of durian-related deaths in a long line of people slain by the fruit or those who partake in using the fruit for wrongful reasons, Urion descended to the hell he was deserving of. He was met by two angels, who named themselves Plasma Obamatsu and Liquid Vyrst. Accepting that these would be his tormentors for eternity, Urion was carried off to die a thousand deaths for a thousand lifetimes of a thousand infinities.

His brains plastered all over the bottles, and his lifeless husk slumped off of the chair and onto the floor. No one mourned for the boy, the rain cascading down from the sky, depressed and left without a patron to cry with it.

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Oops Chad did it again. Due to some unforeseeable magical god hand manipulating the world like a chess piece, Chad had killed another random person in a bar. This was like a nightmare scenario for the man who was just searching for a good fight. Like the other times, the moment he blew the man's skull and brain fragments all over the room, the blood stains also covered his nice robes, which he had spent a lot of time to put on. This event probably traumatized the poor old woman running the bar too, but Chad didn't really mind that aspect that much.

He was more focused on how his nice clothes would have to be cleaned and that he would not even have a chance to drink tonight because he had already caused a scene at the bar. The patrons around him looked over in horror at the gory remains of what used to be Urion. What suprised Chad the most was that the eyeballs that had come  flying out of his head were almost entranced, as though they had seen some beautiful thing and accepted it for what it was. Chad saw it as a sign that the man had accepted experienced Nirvana and reentered the reincarnation cycle. He left the bar quickly with a smile, saying a prayer for the man he had just killed so that he could have a fruitful next life.


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