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Crocus to Drannor [Foot travel]

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Crocus to Drannor [Foot travel] Empty Thu Apr 12, 2018 4:25 am


Her choice had been made, and for the first time in a long period, she had a solid goal that made her determined beyond belief. She would let neither the Rune Knights or the Phantom Lord have her fiance. The preparations had all been done, everyone who served Asmodeus within Crocus had rallied to her call and she was now leaving behind the city where she had made so many memories.

Still, even if she was in the companionship of Sebastian and the others, Esperia still felt a haunting emptiness as she walked along the road toward Orchidia. That emptiness was no doubt the consequence of having lost the one that was most precious to her.

Taking a deep breath her hand reached for the pendant around her neck, clutching it lightly as she gazed around the landscape, unsure on what to think or feel. A hand suddenly rested gently on her shoulder, making Esperia look upward at Sebastian in bewilderment. "Could it be that you're upset young master?"

A curt nod came from the girl as she explained, her tone clearly filled with both grief and annoyance. "She chose the knights over me..." Hearing those words the butler laughed briefly as he took a few steps forward, turning around to face her as he kept walking backward.

"Is that what you truly believe young master? You know lady Fia has a deeply interwoven past with Phantom Lord. Could it not be that she wants to join the siege for the sake of protecting her family and her father?"

Yet those words seemingly coaxed another upset reaction from Esperia who shouted in anger. "Then what about me?! Am I not part of her family?!"

Indeed, weren't they planning to work together to free Fia's father and then get his permission to marry? All their plans, all their dreams, all their promises... "Were they all just a lie?!"

Sebastian shook his head lightly as he took a step forward toward her. "Do you truly believe the warmth of your bond with her was a lie?" Esperia's gaze shifted downwards, feeling the tears gathering in her eyes once more. "I miss her Sebastian..."

The butler gently raised his hand, petting her head lightly as he answered her kindly. "Then tell her how you feel once we arrive in Drannor."

Fortunately for them the fact their fellowship was made of supernatural beings allowed them to travel much faster than most humans would, in fact they had already reached halfway past their journey after a few days. They only camped for short periods, just enough for Esperia to regain enough energy to resume the journey, but it was understandable that she wanted to proceed as quickly as possible. Every waking moment she spend away from Fia, unsure of where she was or how she was doing was torture for her.

"So what will you do when you find Fia?" The playful tone of the Demon Lord of Lust resounded in her thoughts, making Esperia whisper softly. "I dunno... aside from the fact I got a lot to tell and ask her."

Fortunately they wouldn't need to wait much longer, for there was only one more town left to go. Speaking of that town, seeing Baska after such a long time filled her with a certain... peculiar feeling, but she had little time to delay, in the end Esperia firmly believed that if she wanted to reclaim that which she had lost, she needed to hurry.

Even if her feet hurt from all the walking, or her heart ached from the sorrowful feelings, she wouldn't rest until she saw her again. She knew all too well that Drannor was about to turn into a battlefield, especially since the Rune Knights had gathered en-mass, a hand reaching for the pendant once more as the town came into view.

"I... I won't let you disappear like the others Fia." Whispering her determination the girl hoped she wasn't too late, that Fia was safe and sound, lest those fools would unknowingly in their conflict stir the wrath of a future demon lord.

"We're almost there young master, please stay close to us." Now to find out where in the world Fia had disappeared off to.

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