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The only thing she desired [Solo]

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Why... Why had it come to this? It was a question Esperia wordlessly asked herself as she stood inside their room, the room that felt so eerily empty right now. It was a place that had brought a lot of memories and emotions with it, but there was no doubt in her belief that they were part of the collection that had made her life so beautiful, that had allowed her to overcome the pain of all the loses she had been forced to endure till now.

A short glimpse sideways at the opposite side of the bed clearly suggested someone had moved away, in the end, the closet had been opened and emptied of the clothes they had purchased together during their little adventures in Crocus.

But even those happy days, days she believed would never end were brutally disrupted by the call to arms. "STUPID KNIGHTS!" The girl cried out in frustration, her small hand balled up into a fist as she slightly slammed it down onto the mattress of the bed.

It was all the Rune Knights their fault for picking a fight they could have had avoided. Why did they even send out the call to take down the Phantom Lord guild? Certainly, she understood the need to take down those dangerous individuals but in the end, she couldn't help but wish they had not called upon that one person.

Another slam of her hand followed, the wild motion causing the necklace around her neck to slide off, and with a soft thud, the bullet-like pendant fell onto the bed, the sight of it making her eyes grow moist with tears.

It was the first gift she had received from her lover, a gift that made her more happy than any amount of wealth could possibly do. She had longed to continue experiencing such moments, and yet she knew that the grudge toward the Phantom Lord was too deep for her to resist this opportunity. In the end, a decision was forced to be made.

"Didn't you promise me that you'd always be at my side?"

A feeble whisper followed as she recalled those words that filled her with such warm, and yet now the warmth was replaced by a painful sorrow that clutched around her heart like a tightening chain.

"I would have even been willing to come with you... to fight at your side against them."

But in the end, even that was a luxury she wasn't permitted. Left alone in the large city of Crocus Esperia finally felt her sorrow getting the better of her as she broke out into tears. "Liar..."

a pained cry followed as the girl felt her frustration, sorrow and anger finally reign free. "Why did you abandon me Fia?!"

Was it her destiny to always be left behind? Her family... her best friend... her sister and now even the one person she thought that would always be there for her.

"Don't... leave me alone Fia..."

A desperate plea escaped the girl's lips, but it was left unheard. At least, until a sudden knock on the front door came an unfamiliar masculine voice came from behind it. "Lady Von Eisenberg? My master has clearly heard your desire, and would like to extend an invitation to the vessel of the Demon Lord of Lust. If you wish to chase that which you desire, then please open the door."


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Hearing the sudden knock on the door to her room Esperia jolted upright, her body tense and her mind alert about who this potential stranger might be. Warily she listened to the words spoken. They knew who she was? Although Asmodeus took little effort to conceal her existence, it still took a certain amount of knowledge to be aware of who exactly the mysterious lady was, and to be able to identify her as the Demon Lord of Lust right away betrayed a certain knowledge that most people in this age lacked.

A sudden shimmer appeared at her side, and looking sideways she noticed Asmodeus had emerged at her side. Although at first the emergence of the otherworldly beauty tended to make Esperia feel nervous, after the recent events she had come to be quite comfortable with the idea of her presence.

"Are you curious about them?" A slight nod was made by the girl in response to the Demon Lord of Lust's inquiry. Although she was a bit nervous, she knew that the moment she was endangered Sebastian would appear at her side, and in a worst-case scenario, she could still rely on Asmodeus herself should the need arise.

However, something told the girl that if she were to open that door she would make a choice that would be quite difficult, perhaps even impossible to erase. She would be walking a path different from the one she traveled before, and after taking a deep breath the girl took a step forward, a hand slowly and hesitatingly moving toward the door handle.

What is it that I desire?

In response to the question, a vivid image of her fiance emerged before her eyes, a smug grin on the lass's lips. It was obvious, Esperia Von Eisenberg desired only one thing. And for that desire she would be willing to travel even to the abyss.

Slowly opening the door handle the girl peeked outside to notice a large figure concealed beneath a brown cloak, the type adventurers often wore on a journey or to conceal themselves amidst a crowd. The figure raised a hand to the tip of his hood, shifting it lightly to reveal a middle-aged man smiling calmly at her. The first impression she had from his facial features, the way he looked soft but aged in the face, and the beard that he had she might have assumed he might have been a kind man, but she knew that one couldn't judge a book by its cover.

Stepping slightly sideways the man took the opportunity to step inside as he looked around, musing softly. "I guess your fiance already left Crocus, truly tragic..."

Hearing those words Esperia's eyes widened in surprise as she asked, her voice clearly betraying her disbelief and concern.

"H-How did you know that Fia left?"

The man turned toward her, finally letting the hood of his cloak slide off while he explained in the same understanding tone from before.

"My master knows a lot of things, like about how cruel and unfair the Rune Knights are for separating the two of you."

There was no doubt that she agreed with those words, it was their fault that she was all by herself now. However, it seemed the man still had something else to say.

"It is for that reason that I have come here."

Spotting the nearby pendant the man stepped over toward the bed and scooped it up into his hand, turning toward her as he extended it lightly.

"The Rune Knights took from you what you desired the most. An unforgivable transgression that they will someday pay for. However, for now my master would like to extend his aid in helping you reclaim that what you have lost."

Reclaim... they could help her... reclaim Fia? Noticing her interest the man took a step forwards and whispered softly. "Let us help you save Fia, Esperia. In the end, our master would like to express his gratitude for the one who has been so 'hospitable' to one of his own."

Could they help her save Fia? Feeling her hand slowly rise toward the pendant the moment her hand rested on top of his a particular part of the man's words caught her attention. One of his own?! Glancing sideways she saw Asmodeus raise a hand sideways to her cheek, tapping it lightly with a finger as she hummed softly.

"So that's what you been up to~"

Who was this 'master' that man served?


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Grasping the pendant she returned it to its rightful place around her neck and took a deep breath. What was it that she desired? Obviously, it was to be at Fia's side once more and to never let her go again. "Do you know where she is right now?" Her question led to the man to smile calmly while he nodded his head in return, stating confidently. "I do. She is currently en route to West Fiore where she will be joining the other Rune Knights to besiege the lair of the Phantom Lord within Drannor."

A thoughtful look crossed the girl's expression while the man asked her a question in return. "Do you wish for me to take you there?" Esperia shook her head lightly. For now, she didn't need their help, but before she could chase after Fia she needed to handle another matter. If she assumed correctly a certain friend of her was still within the city, and she could certainly count on her when it mattered the most. Moving over to a small backpack she filled it with the bare essentials and pulled it onto her back, a cloak wrapped around her small body as she turned toward the man.

"Let your master know I'll accept his invitation another time, for now I got different priorities."

The man nodded in return, watching her leave with a smile as Esperia navigated her way outside the inn and onto the streets of Crocus. A light gesture with her hand was all it took for Sebastian to emerge at her side, a polite bow being made as the demonic butler inquired calmly. "Your orders young master?"

Esperia gazed sideways at Asmodeus's shimmering image, seemingly having decided on a proper course of action. "Please take me to 'them'" Sebastian nodded his head lightly and replied in his usual polite manner. "As you wish." And so they departed. It seemed Esperia had set in motion a plan, one to regain that which she had lost.

Although the flame of hatred stirred in her heart for both Phantom Lord and the Rune Knights for taking away her fiance, she wasn't going to let that last for long. However, she knew all too well that by herself she was powerless, and therefore Esperia Von Eisenberg would have had to rely on a different source of strength: the power of her bonds.

Following Sebastian the two of them soon arrived at a secluded part of the Crocus garden. A pair of dark-skinned elves were eagerly chatting among themselves while a fair noblewoman was idly watching the landscape around her with a hint of disinterest. However, upon noticing the arrival of herself and the demonic butler at her side the group instantly turned their attention toward the young lass.

"Everyone... Thank you for gathering here at such a short notice." The noblewoman smiled gently at her as she shook her head lightly in return. "There is no need to thank us for this Esperia, as our master it is only natural that we answer your call."

Esperia's lips curved up into a brief smile as she nodded her head lightly in return. "Then please hear me out everyone: there is someone I wish to reclaim... someone who has been torn away from my side by the conflicts of this society."

Taking a deep breath Esperia took a moment to consider her next choice of words, but finally declared them firmly. "Let us proceed with Operation: Reclaim Fia!"

And so it would begin...

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