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Crocus to Oak [foot]

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Requiem walked down the path with purpose, a training exercise for younger knights was going to start soon and she would be damned if she missed it. A chance to be able to gain new spells that would help her was not to be passed up lightly. All she needed was money and time. One she would earn doing odd jobs, the other she had plenty of. Jaeger chirped in aggrivation at being jostled within her jacket, but the dark haired girl simply continued, giving her companion an apology as she walked, "I have to get stronger, I have to I have to I have to." The mantra repeating itself in her head as she finally reached the first inn on the road.

A brief stop for dumplings and dango and she was on her way again with a refilled waterskin full of wine and a satchel of bread and cheese and meat. She fed Jaeger some dried fruits as they hurried along. Requiem saw another  person running towards her in a panic. The man was about average height and looked like  a farmer, "oh thank Illumin! Please, my village is beset by a pack of wolves!" A howl not too far confirmed it, "stay behind me." Requiem took up a defensive stance and saw the first wolf lunge at her, "Death is not the end" her arms coated in shadows as she landed a strike on the creature's chest. It yelped and then fell to the ground dying as the magic ate away at it. She didn't have time to do anything as another wolf attacked from behind. Requiem twisted and threw another spell at the creature, catching it in the mouth as its head exploded, "that...was horrible." The assassin was no stranger to killing if she had to, but it always left a bad taste in her mouth. One that would never go away as the headaches started. Unbidden, flashes of the wolves' lives flickered through her vision interspersed with flickers of things she would rather forget, "run you idiot! There's going to be more attracted to the blood." Requiem grabbed the man and pushed him forward.

After several minutes of running, they came to a small village with a palisade and dashed towards the gate, "Behind you!" Requiem knew better than to look and simply scooped up the man with adrenaline fueled strength and made a sign as her body turned to shadow and rocketed away from the wolves. Once inside, Requiem let herself take a breathe, "so...what. ..happened...?" One of the militia frowned, "is she all the mages sent?" They glared at the man, "It was a chance encounter, but she can fight." Requiem grimaced, she had somewhere to be but she couldn't leave just yet. Not with people in need of help. Training would have to come later she decided as she got back to her feet and stared out over the wall.

"How many?"
"All told, maybe twenty. Minus the two you killed." Eighteen wolves. Hell, even two would be difficult for someone of her current strength. She studied her claws a moment before finally nodding, "do you have raw meat and sharp bits of flint or metal?"
"Good, bring me some"

With the items she had requested on hand, Requiem rolled up sharp bits of metal into some meat and threw it over. A wolf quickly attacked it and devoured it. Now it would be a matter of time as the wolf's mouth started bleeding and the one next to it turned and attacked. Getting more meat and metal, Requiem grimly thought of how easy this was letting the wolves kill each other. Another toss and another wolf. Soon, there was a sizable group tearing at each other as the wolf pack went from Eighteen to two weak wolves that refused to die. The guards raced out and killed them.

The people of the village thanked her and she simply waved it off as doing her job. She walked down the path again, practically running as she didn't want to miss out on a chance to get better and be one step closer to her goal. A bandit tried to stop her, but at this point she was moving too fast and simply swiped his face with her claws, "damnit! That BITCH!" SHE didn't hear what was spoken after as she neared the town of Oak. She honestly hadn't been expecting to come back but hey, what was she gonna do? Not train? Not get stronger? She was finally there and ready for training...with...she looked at the calender and saw the date....training was...a month from now......"WHYYYYYYYYYYY?"

My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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