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Mermaid picture [quest: Alice]

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Now that she no longer had a goal but knew when to be back at Raina, she was a bit lost in what she could do. She could still go look around for Jupiter but it might bother him and she stopped walking and stared at the building that held the hospital. She wasn’t close to it but the building was tall enough to be spotted and she sighed, she wouldn’t go there but she stared at the blue haired girl that just walked out of the building as she recognized Hecate from miles away. ”Hecate?” She called out, not too loud, she didn’t want too many people to look at them. Her companion looked up and Alice noticed the sad look in her eyes and she quickly walked over, ”Did you find him?” but the blue haired girl shook her head, so he wasn’t in the forest where Alice first met the two of them. That had been her last link towards where she had wanted to look but not dare. Thank god more or less had Hecate done it. The two of them walked around now side by side, not really saying anything as Alice didn’t want to hurt more of Hecate her feelings. ”I just don’t understand why he run off when we were in that row boat, he could have waited right, it didn’t even take that long. He said he would.” Hecate said and for the first time Alice wondered how long they were together, it felt as if they had been together for their whole lives but that was because Alice didn’t know them that long yet. She didn’t say anything and let Hecate talk on, as she seemed to be getting rid of her frustration. As they passed the town square and the quest board, she took a few steps before noticing Hecate wasn’t next to her.

She turned around to look at her companion staring at the quest board and before Alice could ask what was wrong, Hecate ripped off a page from the board and held it up to Alice, ”We are going to do this quest.” And she looked up surprised and walked the few steps back to read the quest, it was again from Jacob Fischer, now asking to go on a trip to make a picture of the mermaid he had seen, ”You want to see a mermaid?” But that was not it. The issue with the quest was, that Hecate hoped that if they would go on a little boat again on a quest, Jupiter would show up there in the docks as if he had never left even though he did. Alice shook her head so slightly that Hecate didn’t notice as she looked at the quest again, ”Sure why not.” She didn’t believe a single thing about it but why deny Hecate her opportunity, perhaps Jupiter was now waiting for the right moment to jump in again, with or without his cousin, who would know.


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So slowly when she was sure that Hecate was sure, she would walk from the towns square back to the docks where the quest was asked to start. She took the lead in the conversation when they found Jacob around the docks, the boy looked at them and Hecate silently held up the paper to show why they were here and the boy stalked off in a long monologue about why he was very annoyed by everyone making fun of him but he swore he had seen a mermaid and he went on and on and on and on.. ”We came here to help not to hear a mean message to other people.” Alice said because it was ridiculous to listen to his anger if he went on to them about mean things, this did shut up Jacob and he jumped up to bring them to his boat, it was not a rowboat and Alice looked at Hecate but the companion didn’t even seem to notice as she was looking left and right to find a sign of Jupiter, which wasn’t there clearly. Alice didn’t say anything, took the Polaroid camera from Jacob and went to sit in the boat and let the boy sail around when Hecate joined them. It took a longer time than she wanted and as she considered the time with the sun sinking in the ocean, she wondered if they should call it a day as they would had to go to Raina. So she turned to Jacob, talked to him shortly about letting it go and turning around. It wasn’t easy and she could see the disappointment on his face but she wanted to leave as well, Hecate had not said a thing and only stared in front of her. Jacob handed her the reward before turning the boat back to the dock, as he was busy with that she felt a hand grabbing her forearm and she looked at where Hecate was looking, only to see a sparkly tail disappearing back into the waves. The two ladies looked at each other, but decided not to say anything to not bring Jacob his hopes up, after all they weren’t even sure if they had seen it very well and thus they let him sail back. When they arrived, Hecate was up in the clouds but as soon as they arrived on the docks, there still was no blonde man waiting for them and her enthusiasm died down as easily as it started. Alice patted the back of her friend and let her wait a little more before she would suggest to go, it was getting cold still and she wanted to get Hecate distracted, perhaps she should tell about the job that Raina had offered them, if they would take some food with them, they could spend their evening there and hopefully Jupiter would be back in the hotel as if nothing happened for too long, it was a long shot but it was one.


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