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Beach Gym [Quest: Alice]

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#1Adelaide Sokolov 

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Adelaide Sokolov
It was in the end of the morning, almost noon when Alice woke up, the day before she had build a warship with her companions and some other buildings for this town. It had not been her intention to stay but as she had slept most of the morning, thanks to working through the night, she had stayed here because it would be saver to do so. She shouldn’t travel when she was exhausted and she agreed with herself no matter the hate it had brought to her for taking a job like that, she should have known yesterday when she took the paper, she should have known when she looked around but that didn’t matter anymore, she simply had slept in till late in the morning, till thirty minutes past ten. She stretched herself, looked at the clothing that she was still wearing and got up from the bed. Jupiter was still asleep, Hecate wasn’t and this might be one of the first nights that she had slept well, also because of course she couldn’t be awake by the cry of something she loved, no child to wake her up to be fed in the night. Which made her sad a bit and again guilty. She brushed her long orange hair out of her face and noticed Hecate in the kitchen, standing yet not doing really anything that Alice could see. She walked over to her friend, her companion, to ask how she was doing and surprised to hear the same feelings that she had tried to hide herself and she was glad to have someone like Hecate by her side, as well as Jupiter who showed up a little later, still as an animal. She didn’t want to force them to be humans all the time so she was glad to see that they didn’t feel like a necessary thing.

She would take a shower now first, before putting on clean clothing for as far as she had some left. As much as she wanted to go home, it started to dawn on her again that she had no answers and as she had made peace with that yesterday, she couldn’t today. Who were those people and where did they came from. She took a deep breath, not able to let it go that easily again but not wanting to stay here too much longer. So she would see how much she could do today before simply giving up for now and go home, heck she should not forget that she would always have the ability to come back, like Alisa said, her children needed her more now than anything or anyone else. She made sure to untangle her long orange hair and washed it through fully and continued to wash the rest of her body, looking at the red marks on it, and the pain it gave her for going too fast. Something she wouldn’t admit to Jupiter just yet, if he had not noticed yet. Time to work.

Wordcount: 502/1000

Beach Gym [Quest: Alice] RVxL5Jg
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Adelaide Sokolov
Once her hair was dried by the hair dryer, bound back into a ponytail and she was dressed in clean clothing, she headed back into the kitchen to get the food that Hecate prepared for the three of them and discussing the plans of today. She wasn’t entirely sure if her friends agreed with what she wanted, or at least Hecate for that matter as Jupiter seemed to be wanting answers as well or perhaps he was looking for some answers for himself. She didn’t know, she wouldn’t pry and thus not ask, she would go and find answers, ”Let’s go to the beach.” Because that had been the first spot where she had gone after the hospital, finding Kon. Being even more lost, she hated herself at those moments, weak, cowardly to find others because she had been held captured more or less against her will for a month. She clenched her fist as she left the hotel room and moved towards the beach, it wouldn’t hold any answers, those answers came before and at other places but it didn’t matter.

Once they arrived at the beach they found a man in the morning doing warming ups, it was about thirty minutes to noon, thank god for this man it was the start of spring and thus not starting the hottest hours of the day. She watched him shortly as she turned her face away back to the waters, the man called out to her, with Hecate and Jupiter as animals again, she seemed to be the only human on the beach. So she walked over and listened to his proposition of a job. She would nod, it was a short job, it could be fixed and she could ask him questions, to describe the man she was looking for, so she asked while holding her hands up underneath the bar to make sure if it would fall it wouldn’t hit him. She didn’t plan to tell her own strength to this man, considering his muscles they might be on a par. She just didn’t look like it and she was glad for that mostly. He made the weight much heavier but also considered her questions so it was something, he couldn’t say he had seen people like that and the heavier the bars became, the more help she had to give to carry it with him. It started at the last rep and she would have to put in her strength at the last of the eight reps that he was performing and she was surprised he want to carry something like that for so many times. She would place it in the stationary position and turned to him as he sat upright, asking for any place to find someone that might know them and he pointed them to the square, most people came there. Jay would give her jewels and she left with Hecate and Jupiter on her heels, on to the square where there might be answers.

Wordcount: 1003/1000

Beach Gym [Quest: Alice] RVxL5Jg
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