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All fired up [Quest]

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#1Kurdran Briggs 

All fired up [Quest] Empty Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:21 am

Kurdran Briggs
Welp, first job towards the official folks. Normally a person might be a bit awkward to just go into someones big castle, and asking for work. It was not like everybody was some kind of big royalty around here. However, Kurdran wasn`t exactly known for his best manners. The sight of the big, hairy and dirty hillbilly just stepping inside and slamming his hand on the desk asking "What ye got for a big strong dude, who needs money and things to do!?" must have been atleast somewhat eye-catching, although the process of getting the task itself went as smoothly as Kurdran had expected to get it. His face was pretty trustworthy afterall. Its all in the beard! It always gathered respected.

...though he had his doubts taking what the actual task was in hindsight. A simple patrol from the looks of it. Walk over to a hill, see if the people there are doing their own jobs, go to the next place, do the same thing, do it a third time, and then march back to tell the big dudes how they are doing. Back in the tribe this was called "watch duty". And Kurdran usually didn`t enjoy doing it whatsoever. It interrupted either his sweet dreams or something else more interesting.

But sadly, there was not much he could do against it. The trip over to the hill was pretty dang easy, so there was not much to whine about it. And the guy there was seemingly doing well with his duties. Whatever the thing rising was, it did look sturdy and almost done so, there was not much to go nagging about. "Good work pal!" the worker just kind of turned in his direction with this weird expression, as he nodded. You had to wonder what was going on in his head. That or the guy wasn`t expecting someone to come over.

Next beacon was seemingly not far away either. A quick sprint through the woods, and it would be smooth sailing. With any luck, he could be back to the city before lunch time... He propably needed to check some kind of motel too to live in or something. It was sort of hard to think of sleeping somewhere else instead of under the stars, but without a safe caravan that sort of thing was too unsafe to do. Bandits are a lot harder to hand alone. Even if Kurdran would be able to knock down atleast five of em... propably.

Leaves and sticks scratched the bottoms of his feet, as he stumbled through the woods in moderately relaxed manner. There really was nothing of note there either. Just some scratched trunks and leaves and couple of berry bushes and leaves and birds singing and leaves and... Kurdran proceeded to sigh. For some reason he almost wanted to be attacked by a bear or something similar. Atleast that would make for something cool to tell about to the boss...

...the guy at the next beacon seemed to agree, as he was just lying down on the ground, and snoring his butt off. Kurdran grumbled out loud some obscenities about oxen matters down in the fields, but sadly, he didn`t really feel like beating up the guy over it. After all, if he himself was in his position, he would have done the same thing. Sadly, he himself had atleast one more place to go, as it stretched behind the woods again... Kurdran excitement at this point was pretty much completely downhill, almost literally.

Kurdran was clearly a bit more impatient about finishing this task with his second trek through the woods. Sticks snapped against and into his mohawk, as the slightly shorter man this time ran through it. He wanted to get this over as quick as possible. He could handle a problematic and angry person groaning about him accidentally running into them, but what he couldn`t handle was him need to go through tens of beacons just to get home finally...

But what waited for him was certainly a sight he didn`t expect after the previous two...

There was a beacon, that`s for sure. an unfinished one too. But what really had Kurdrans eyes widening and mouth opening, was the body of a man just lying there motionless, and seemingly gathering dust with the tools around the place. Kurdran immediately ran over to the man, and grabbed him by the shoulders. "Hey, mister guard? You alive?" Kurdran wasn´t exactly that good in the ways of checking for life functions so, he had to go for the classic strong man trick: Shake the man by the shoulders, and see if his eyes either open up, or neck flops. "YOU ALIVE!?" He shouted for a good measure, but the only answer he got was kind of a dull non existant stare back... Kurdran let the body go as graciously as a bear scratches its back... with a loud groan. There didn`t seem to be any actually fatal wounds on him either from what he could tell.

He glanced about the place. Maybe the murderer was still around? Whoever it was he must have been one of those dang stealthy morons who think they are being clever. Wusses all of them... The pussies never dare to even try to get close to punch someone in the face. Sadly, whoever had done this, had long since left the scene...

The walk back home was a bit more rushy. Of course he could propably handle whatever wuss just decided to kill the poor guy, but it was propably more important for the "boss" to know that they had been compromised. Besides, he had no idea where the dude had gone, so he would propably end up just running in circles.

...The guard could feel this menacing frustrated aura coming from the shorter man... With the gold in hand and reassuration that "it will be handled" Kurdran stomped back into the city. Fricking wusses skimping out from cool fights!


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