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Intercept the Package [Quest - Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Intercept the Package [Quest - Shin] Empty Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:08 pm

Shin Katari
"You there, would you not like to taste some of the finest honey in fiore!"

"Hey lad! This armor would look fantastic on ye!"

"All shawls fifty-percent off! An offer that you won't receive anywhere else!"

These words echoed through the bustling market street of Orchida Town. It had been some time since Shin last visited a market street and actually purchased something. He usually walked the streets observing the items for sale along with the people that roamed about. It was also an excellent place to pick up on some work.

Similar to other markets, the Orchidia street market resided on a single lane street. Various stalls lined the streets with the merchants attempting their best bargaining pitches. Near the town center were the higher end stalls and shops. The farther south you traveled, the more worn down stalls appeared. They usually sold items similar to those of the higher end shops but at a fraction of the price and usually not as detailed or official. This did not stop travelers from spending jewels on useless items. Avoiding the annoying pitches and beggars that sat between the stalls, Shin kept his eye out for anyone that required some assistance.

His purpose for being in market street was for taking up a request from an individual. He was unsure of what the exact details of the request were but was just advised that if he was looking to make some quick jewels, the market street was the ideal place to be. A few meters ahead, Shin could overhear a man getting into a heated argument with a merchant. The man was Ferdinand Cashier, the person Shin was told to meet by an anonymous tip. He was barking rather loudly at the merchant and was visibly frustrated. With a shake of his head, the merchant turned around and began talking to a different customer. Ferdinand scowled and simply began to walk the opposite way, leaving the street.

Following after Ferdinand, Shin caught up to Ferdinand who had noticed him listening. Like any good person, he introduced himself to Shin and explained he already knew he was via the same anonymous tip that pointed Shin to him. He briefly explained the just of what had occurred and what he needed Shin to do. The merchant had purchased an item that a client of Ferdiand's wanted. Although he offered to pay nearly twice the value of the item, the merchant refused. Ferdinand required someone to steal the item and bring it to him. He had done his research and expected a caravan carrying the item to arrive near the entrance of Orchidia. Although the item would be coming to the merchant, Ferdinand wanted Shin to acquire the item from them. He had to do it as professional as possible. If things got out of hand, he was free to do as he pleased but it was advised he not. Shin would receive his reward once he brought the item back. A simple enough request to say the least.

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#2Shin Katari 

Intercept the Package [Quest - Shin] Empty Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:41 pm

Shin Katari
With the details of the requests ironed out, Shin proceeded to make his way towards the Orchidia Town entrance. The caravan would be arriving there at some point today and with nothing else to do, there was no harm in getting to the point of operation early. It would allow from some time killing while letting him think of a few solid lies.

The path to the entrance of Orchidia was no more than a five minute walk. Considering the market street was near the beginning of the town, it caught the attention of travelers rather easily and was not difficult to find from any other part of the town. It also would not be a hassle to bring the item of importance back to Ferdinand. He would simply need to avoid the merchant which he believed would not be difficult. By entering from the south of the market street and heading north, he would run into Ferdinand before the merchant. With a plan thought of, he took a seat on a nearby bench and awaited for the arrival of the caravan.

After an hour or two, a large white caravan appeared with two men pushing it through the entrance. They stopped away from the entrance as to not block the pathway and retrieved a clipboard with some paper on it. After looking over whatever was on the clipboard, one of the men reached into the caravan and revealed a rather large item carefully wrapped. It was difficult to tell what the item was but that was of little importance to Shin. He just needed to get it back to Ferdinand and receive payment.

"Hey, I believe that package is for me?" Shin asked as he made his towards the men. Looking towards him, the men appeared to have cautious expressions on their face. It made sense. They did not want to hand the package over to some random person that had walked over to them. The man holding the clipboard asked for the name associated with the item. Despite not having an answer, Shin was able to work his way around it. He explained how he was contacted to retrieve the package for the merchant. Being a mage, he would be able to fend off anyone that had plans of stealing the item. The two men exchanged looks and finally decided that Shin could be trusted. They had already been paid so even if they were giving the item to the wrong person, it did not necessarily matter.

With the item now in hand, Shin returned to the market street and met up with Ferdinand. Handing over the item, Shin received a wad of jewels. For a simple request, it was a decent amount of jewels and considering his lack of finances at the moment, any little bit helped. He had no immediate plans to use jewels but there was no harm in saving. Placing the money in his pockets, Shin exited the market street and proceeded to make his way towards the next request he could find.

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Request Complete

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