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Translate the Note [Quest: Esperia & Fia]

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It had been a few days since the day she was forced to say goodbye to her sister a second time, and yet one would barely have noticed such a sorrowful event had happened judging from the bouncy ball of cheerfulness that the young Eisenberg was. Of course, those who knew her well enough would no doubt understand that such wounds didn't heal that easily. No, there was no medicine for wounds of the heart, only time and love could heal those, and it was clear that Esperia's current mood was all relying on Fia's existence. Speaking of her, it must had felt incredibly awkward for the young lady to visit a place like the library of Crocus, the grand building mostly left untouched by the ravages of war, and yet here she was, with a certain obsidian-haired trickster nuzzling into her arm while they were approaching the library.

"Seems this request will involve something simple Fia~ We just need to translate a note that Miss Merlin's apprentice found~ I already asked around, seems they got the dictionary we need in the library so all we got to do is do the translation work~ I'll be handling the translation so all you have to do is write down the letters and words of the note~"

The girl chimed softly, looking up at her lover to see what she thought about the plan.

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#2Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Not much time had passed since the events at Aseria von Eisenberg's grave, but time was already starting to heal those wounds, it seemed. Although, Fiammetta knew fully well that things weren't that easy, and that beneath her childish smile there was some great pain in Esperia's heart. It was for that reason Fia had shirked some of Rune Knight duties as of late, to provide the love, support and companionship that Esperia needed to recover from the harrowing events. It was her duty as Esperia's fiance, after all, to be with her lover through every trial they faced, no matter how difficult.

As a result, the two had stuck together like glue for the past few days, going around and involving themselves in many more odd jobs and quests than usual. Fia certainly didn't mind, it was a way to earn money, be with Esperia, and avoid Salem, who she'd yet to properly reconcile with. Todays quest required them to visit a library, an institution Fia felt naturally awkward in. As they approached it, Fia holding her lover close to her, they discussed the plans.

"That easy, huh? Just gots to interpret it from the dictionary, write that shit down, and bam, hand it in... Helluva lot easier than wrestlin' rats or boars..."

Fia huffed, chuckling in amusement at how easy the task would be. It was nice to have something lighter every now and then.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A sheepish giggle escaped the girl's lips at Fia's reaction to the nature of the task they were given. It was true, compared to wrestling giant oversized rats or berserk boars this assignment might had been considered quite lackluster. "Oh mai~ and here I thought you were about to complain that it involved reading~"

Teasingly poking out her tongue at the playful remark the two of them soon arrived at the library, where just as the two had been told a small piece of parchment was left with the receptionist of the library. Speaking of the receptionist, it seemed to be quite a beautiful lady, about their age and with her feminine features quite well-developed. Usually this would have caused a rather excited reaction from the Eisenberg, but not this time. No, instead she gently pulled Fia deeper into the library and once they got behind one of the shelves she made a playful spin with her body and tried to bury her face against the soft fabric of the sarashi that covered the pillows she adored so much. "Phew... That was a close one~ Then again Fia's pillows looked much more pleasant to snuggle into."

Hands trailed along Fia's waist, a rather unexpected temptation but just around the same time her hands reached Fia's bust her left hand shifted sideways off the girl's body and... scooped a book from the shelf? A little snicker escaped her lips as she explained further. "That's the book on Valan runes~ First deciphering, then I'll be claiming my reward~" A mischievous grin lingered on her lips while she looked at Fia, certain this would have caused a reaction.

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#4Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia gave a little playful huff at her lover's teasing, smiling to herself in spite of the poked out tongue. "Oi, I'll have ya know, my readin' skills been improvin' since bein' in the Knights! Been puttin' this noggin' to work!" She declared, puffing her chest out in pride at her improved literacy.

Soon after, the pair of young women arrived at their desired destination, proceeding with their quest with little hesitation. As they'd been informed of beforehand, they received a small piece of parchment from the attractive receptionist. It was enough to put a smile on her face, seeing Esperia so un-excited by the pretty woman. It showed Fia how much her dedication in spite of Asmodeus was developing, to the point where those desires were not nearly as much of a problem. Of course, it then turned out that Esperia wasn't so easily avoiding them, as she dragged Fia away to snuggle against her breasts all of a sudden.

"I'm sure they did Princess, their yer own personal pillows after all." Fia teased a little salaciously, feeling her lover's hands on her waist. Things were shaping up to be exciting at that point, even if Fia was doubting they'd be able to keep to the library's quiet customer policies. But, alas, it seemed things were not yet heating up, as Esperia suddenly snatched the book they needed form nearby.

"Now that's jus' cruel, Princess, gettin' me goin' like that." Fia pouted, though her expression soon turned to a grin as she trailed a hand down and firmly grasped her lover's backside.

"O'course, I'll be punishin' ya for it when ya claim that reward. Better get to translatin' quick, huh?" Fia teased, looking about for a table for them to sit at and get to work.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

There were a lot of ways to stimulate someone to work harder. Usually it involved some sort of reward, whether it was fame or wealth it would almost always help a person work harder. Of course, such briberies did little for the young Eisenberg who found no desire for wealth or longing for fame. Instead feeling that hand grasping her backside a sudden blush emerged on her cheeks as she leaned backward against her lover for a moment. "Perhaps that punishment is a reward of its own~" The girl remarked slyly to her lover's playful comment as she started approaching a small isle where a table was unoccupied, and shifting into the seats she waited for Fia to join her, a soft hum escaping her lips.

"Let's see~" her fingers trailing along the pages she seemed to be comparing the runes on the parchment with those listed in the dictionary. "H.. A... R...E"  musing softly the girl had finished figuring out the first word, soon adding along with a smile. "The second part is Meat~"

A hand raised to her cheek as she whispered teasingly. "Fia dressed up like a bunny girl while I put some 'meat' inside her." A little snicker followed as she seemingly looked forward to yet another flustered reaction from her lover.

"The second word is Cabbage~ eww, veggies..."

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#6Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia's little motivation worked wonders, it seemed, as her firm grabbing of one of Esperia's "cheeks" had her other cheeks flushed red. Her lover leaned against her, saying something that spread that excitement right back to Fia, who gave a massive and excited grin right back at the mischievous little minx. "In that case, I'll be sure not to go easy on ya..." Fia murmured lowly, feeling more eager than ever to get their quest out of the way so they could get to this supposed 'punishment'.

The two of them took their seats at a unoccupied table as they got to work translating the mysterious letter. Fia would write down each word as Esperia listed them out, not that things were making much sense just yet. It seemed the first mention was of some hare meat? Perhaps this was for some of kind of mage's potion? Could've very well have been, Fia never really got a lot of that more advanced magus stuff anyway.

What she did get, however, was the innuendo Esperia seductively whispered to her, sending a wave of read up Fia's face. Now she was really excited to get this letter done with, and perhaps get that 'meat' Espy would be providing her with. She pushed such thoughts aside for now, focusing on writing down the next word Esperia read out. Cabbage?

"The fuck is this? Some kind o' recipe?"

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Oh boy, it seemed like she would be walking funny again once dawn approached, but at least she'd make sure to return the favor! However, what was more rewarding that the translating efforts was the sight of Fia's blushing cheeks, making her snicker softly yet hearing Fia's words she mused softly. "Possibly, considering where it was found it might be the recipe for a potion."

Humming softly she soon resumed her search for the next collection of the runes that made up the word they sought. "Pota.... Potat, Potatoes? Oh! I love potatoes~ French fries are yummy with mayonnaise or ketchup!"

Eagerly exclaiming the next word they had discovered together, it seemed that the list was quite close to being finished translating. In fact, looking at the notes suggested only two words remained, or rather two collection of runes! "O-Ox Hooves? Who does that into a potion..." the girl pondered aloud as they finished the translation, soon turning her gaze toward Fia. "I actually think this might be a grocery list~ Poor Luciel, I doubt this will be of any use for her research." Gently stretching her arms into the air the girl seemed quite pleased they had finished their work so smoothly, but before they could finish up properly they still needed to hand over the note and the translation to the receptionist.

Fortunately for the two girls that didn't take too long, which meant... The moment the left the library with their payments. it seemed Esperia's hand slipped into the palm of Fia's own, gently pulling her along. "I guess it's time for our rewards~ But first..."

A mischievous glint emerged in her eyes as she pressed herself against Fia and whispered playfully into her fiance's ear. "I need to get you a bunny girl outfit~"

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#8Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"Yeah, potion sounds about right..." Fia murmured in agreement as they continued on with the monotonous work, the only saving grace of which was the 'reward' that awaited upon its completion. Such a thing motivated Fiammetta to hold her complaints as they once again ended up jotting down another ingredient... This was certainly an interesting potion...

But Fia didn't think anything of it just yet, and just compliantly did her part while smiling helplessly at how adorably childish her lover could be. They were getting close now, the translations almost complete with only a pair of rune collections left. First was... Ox hooves?

"I don' much about potions, but this is startin' to get kinda fishy..." Fia mused. And, surely enough as they finished the translation, it became very apparent that this was, in fact, nothing more than a shopping list. Though Fia did pity Luciel and the revelation this would be to her, she still did find it pretty funny, chuckling heartily.

"Man... How's that fer a job? Come in her and get paid for decipherin' a fuckin' grocery list!" Fia laughed, the very prospect of such easy work resulting in their pay being highly amusing to her. Now all they had to do was finish up, doing a couple quick tasks to end the job, handing the note back to the receptionist and exiting the library, where they already began talks of another matter: Their other rewards.

Fia grinned deviously at the mention, and didn't even falter at the mention of bunny suits. After all, she had her own idea of how to make things even.

"Alright... Deal. But only if yer wearin' one too." She whispered back, cheekily pecking Esperia on the cheek.

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