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Hargeon to Crocus [Foot Travel]

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#1Liam Kawitika 

Hargeon to Crocus [Foot Travel] Empty Fri Mar 02, 2018 5:22 pm

Liam Kawitika
Day1:The blue haired man was feeling pretty energized today so he wanted to try something new, Travel to a different town. Now of course he has done this in the past but it was mostly when he had first moved to the town and wanted to check the surrounding area's to get familiar with the place. So today he wanted to walk to crocus,of course it was going to take a lot of stamina to do this but it would be pretty fun. Now the walk to crocus would take around 5 days so he would have to take breaks so he brought a small tent in a bag so he could sleep and take a break if he wanted to. Other than that he packed some water and some bread to fill himself up during the trip.Now all he needed was to pack up some clothes and he would be ready to start his trip to crocus. He walked out of the inn he was staying at and started to walk towards crocus, now people must be asking how would he know where he was going without a map, well of course like anybody else he looked at a map before traveling. He couldn't take the map because he wasn't the one that had owned it.He had just reached the outer area of hargeon before he wanted to rest.

Day2:He had finally woke up and made it quickly into an area that was located at the outer area of Dahlia, he decided that it was smart to take a break now. So he set up his tent to stay there for the night.

Day3:It was early in the morning and Liam was ready to continue his journey, he ate a couple pieces of the bread that he brought, drunk some water and decided to journey on. At this point it was pretty hard to go on knowing that natural landscape of the outer areas of the towns. But this didn't stop him. Many hours later Liam started to get a bit tired, he was already a couple miles from Magnolia so he decided to rest.

Day4:It was already noon and Liam had not woken up yet, possibly from the fact that he did travel pretty early from the day before. It was almost around the afternoon before had woken up. He drunk lots of water ate some bread and of course walked on. Now he was starting to get closer and closer to crocus, it was just another 2 days of traveling and he would be there already. He finally reached the outer area of Era. He decided to call it a day for now and would finish his journey the day after.

Day5:Finally it was the day for him to make it to crocus, He drunk the last of is water and ate the last of his bread.Finally Liam was excited to step foot into the city of Crocus.And excited he was when he had reached the area,he walked into an inn to stay at before he started to explore the area."Finally,I get to relax,hopefully i'll be able to meet some nice people around here to guide me around." He told himself walking into his room at the inn he was staying at.Laying his stuff on the floor before walking back out to wander around.

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Hargeon to Crocus [Foot Travel] QEdBjlh

Credits to Eva For The Siggy ^^

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