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No Stone Unturned「Quest / Joan」

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

No Stone Unturned「Quest / Joan」 Empty Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:36 pm

Bianca Fleur †
The next mission after bombing the mines was another one requested by Mattoro again. She was not sure if she was feeling like bombing another mine or something, but the client had sent one of his followers to reach to Joan for another mission. The vampyress reluctantly followed the man Mattoro sent. She told him to wait for her to get a cup of coffee first to feel fresh before doing anything. She did not want to fall asleep during the mission or anything. She had been feeling hella sleepy these days, like she was lazier than usual, but it was probably because of how slow everything was going around her. The guy Mattoro sent did not say anything about this so she stopped by a coffee shop to get some coffee first. He looked as though he was her escort or a bodyguard, following her around like that. This caught some attention along the way to Mattoro’s little hideout. She sipped some warm coffee from her up and inhaled deeply. The coffee tasted really good, and it was not even from her favorite place. Anyways, they finally arrived at the abandoned warehouse where she was told that Mattoro would be waiting for her. The man followed her all the way inside. It looked super old and abandoned, no one would have guessed anyone was using this for any reason. Joan was offered to enter first, but she told the man to go in first. Her eyes were searching everywhere.

As soon as Mattoro spotted her, he stood up from his seat and greeted her warmly, offering a chair for her to sit. Joan took a look around the warehouse, marking all the faces. She sort of did trust Mattoro, but also did not at the same time. The mountain of a man started speaking to her, talking to her about what it was that he wanted done this time. She was offered a cigarette, which she accepted and lit it right there with a lighter she was offered as well. Taking a deep breath, the sorceress listened to her client attentively. She memorized all the important details, that were given by her client. Mattoro gave her three days to work on this assignment, but it was more than enough for the vampyress. A plan came to her mind the moment she found out her part in this mission. She was supposed to carry important information back to Mattoro. It was still about the grudge with the contractors of the whole mine project thing. Joan did not care what it was all about, as long as she was paid for doing her job, but it seemed like Mattoro was really furious about this whole thing. She noticed that he was quite angry about it when he asked her to plant some explosives in the mines, but that was only part of a bigger plan that Mattoro was working on. Joan could not fuck it up for him at this point.

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Bianca Fleur †
Within the three days she was given to finish the job, Joan usually stayed in her raven form to find the information. First of all, she went back to the mining site that was pretty much wrecked, but there were still workers there of course, to clean up the mess and repair damages. In the form of a raven, Joan flew around the place in search of information relating to the arrival and meeting of the contractors -- her (and Mattoro’s) targets. The vampyress listened carefully to anything and everything that the workers said, gathering some information eventually. Since they had nothing else to do other than their jobs, the workers came together once in a while to have a conversation as they filled their stomachs. This was the perfect opportunity for her to find out anything about the contractors she could. The workers were real blabber mouths. They knew a lot about it, and was literally spitting out as if they were allowed to expose such kind of information publicly. It surprised Joan that even the workers knew about this. She thought it was going to be hard for her to find what she wanted back here, but luckily it turned out to be the opposite. The vampyress (in the form of a raven) flew around the site, making sure she did not miss a thing they were saying, although that was a little hard. Soon, she realised that was enough information she was going to get from the workers.

After collecting information at the mines, Joan knew a lot about the contractors’ meeting. She was ready to share this with Mattoro and his men, but she had to go and find these men to make sure she was not making a mistake and to remember their faces so that she could describe them to Mattoro and his men. Cawing loudly, the raven flew through around town, in search of the three contractors that would be meeting -- in one day now. She had spent two days doing the other parts of the job (gathering info at the mining site), and now she had only one day to look for the contractors to see them in person. She was able to find all three of them with the help of the workers at the mine. Each of them had a very exotic name and it almost made her make a funny noise the first time she heard them. They were Kalaus, Giroud and Frankan. Giroud seemed like a normal, but the others were hilarious. The vampyress looked at these men for a very long time so that their faces were stamped in her memory. After doing so, she returned to Mattoro’s hidden abandoned warehouse (after transforming into a vampyre again) to share the information she had gathered. Mattoro listened carefully and jotted down everything, as well as sketching the faces of the men while Joan described them to him. After all of that was done, Mattoro thanked her and rewarded her.

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