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More White Claudia [Quest]

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#1Farren Claret 

More White Claudia [Quest] Empty on Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:11 pm

Farren Claret
It had been roughly twenty-four hours since Farren completed his last request, and already he found himself contemplating whether or not he going through with another one would be worth it or not. Though he still knew that taking on more quests was necessary in order to help bring him back to where he once was, he still found himself shaken from the events of yesterday. More than anything, Farren found himself disturbed by the simple fact that there were still things within this world that could disturb him.

It was strange for a person that had committed the sorts of atrocities that Farren had committed in their lifetime to find themselves perturbed by anything, but Dr. Mabuz's serum was apparently capable of doing so. How could anything have shaken his resolve so much? He could barely remember what he experienced under the effects of the "White Claudia", and this was yet another thing that bothered him. What did he see? What did he experience to create such a deep-seated fear within himself. It was within this moment that Farren realized he needed to go back and face the concoction once more.

Before Farren had left the shop yesterday he'd already made a verbal agreement that he'd return and help the Doctor continue his testing. This had been said before he had a chance to sleep off the effects of the drug and truly think about the magnitude of the drug's effects on him. Though still a bit apprehensive, Farren decided that he needed to once again confront the White Claudia. If he were to ever regain who he once was, he needed to stomp out any sense of fear or doubt within himself.

Ten to fifteen minutes after finally making the decision to seek out Dr. Mabuz, he found himself in front of the mysterious little shop. He could feel a cold sweat creeping down his brow, but he did what he could to ignore the sensation of dread he was currently feeling. Whatever this was, he needed to confront it head on and fully purge it from his system. There was no room within a superior being for doubt and fear - those were qualities that could only be found within common rabble of the world.

His hand on the knob of the door, Farren gave it a slight turn and invited himself into the threshold of the shop. Almost immediately after stepping into the shop, the member of Phantom Lord found himself face to face with the mysterious Dr. Mabuz. With a quickly manufactured smile, Farren attempted to greet the Doctor in a manner that would have given the impression that he fully looked forward to the events that would take place today. However, before this smile could fully form upon his face, Dr. Mabuz rushed forward and made his way behind Farren. The old man placed his hands upon Farren's back and began to urge him forward.

"Come now, we don't have time to waste. There's much testing to be done. You're already late!"

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#2Farren Claret 

More White Claudia [Quest] Empty on Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:11 pm

Farren Claret
Farren couldn't remember them ever discussing a time in which he was supposed to arrive, merely that he promisied to show up at some point in the day in order to continue testing. Maybe Dr. Mabuz merely assumed there'd been some sort of designated time? Before Farren could dispute the accusation of tardiness, he found himself being pushed in the direction of the testing room. Far too many things were going on at once for him to hold onto the idea that he needed to clear his name. Instead, he could feel the sensation of dread welling up inside of him once more. The idea of once again marching into that room seemed to be triggering some sort of memories that he'd managed to somehow suppress. There were only mere flashes and glimmers of whatever he'd locked away in his mind, but it was enough to let Farren know that it wasn't anything pleasant.

Once again pressing these thoughts to the back of his mind, Farren began to walk forward under his own faculties. It was readily apparent to the Doctor as he did so, causing the old man to walk on ahead and begin prepping the drug.

"You know the drill. Take a seat and we'll get started."

Knowing that things had progressed too far along to go back now, Farren sighed softly before taking a seat. With the drug ready to go, Dr. Mabuz made his way over to the chair and began to strap the young man in. Having experienced what this drug could do, Farren understood full well what these straps were there for now. His head leaning back against the chair, he began to close his eyes and brace himself for the eventual needle that he felt pierce into his skin. The brief moment of pain was soon replaced with an almost euphoric feeling.

Sadly, this feeling of blissful euphoria didn't last for long. As the feeling of serenity left Farren, he found that it was replaced with the dread and panic he'd been attempting to avoid all day. As his eyes opened up, he found that he was no longer strapped to the chair. Instead, he found himself standing within a corridor that featured three doors. The walls of this place were colored a brown rust color, and gave Farren the impression that touching any surface would give him tetanus.

Deciding that simply standing around would lead him nowhere, he began to search each of the rooms; attempting to to find the exit and leave this place as quickly as possible. With each room that Farren explored, he found that each one would mysteriously begin to change shape and morph into references that only he could understand if anyone else were to be present. Where were these emotions coming from? He began to recognize that this was his subconscious attempting to speak to him, yet, he couldn't understand why any part of him would feel any of this. Could he be feeling regret? Guilt? No, that couldn't be it...

With the last room explored and the door closed behind him, he began to hear what he could only describe as a monstrous growl emanating from directly behind him. There isn't much to think about when something like this occurs. The only reaction that one could have in a situation like this would be to run; and that's exactly what Farren began to do. There was a large stairway at the end of the corridor, and he knew full well that this would be the only exit.

As he foot reached the steps, it disappeared almost instantaneously. Almost as quickly as the stairway disappeared, Farren found himself cowering in the corner of the room just as he'd done the previous day. Though he attempted to face his fears once more, he was no closer than he'd been before he started. There was something buried within his psyche that he simply couldn't explain. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to find the answer through repeated uses of the White Claudia, however, he was now aware that there was a problem he'd soon need to address.

After standing up and adjusting his hair and clothing, Dr. Mabuza made his way into the room once more and paid him for his efforts. The look on his face made it obvious that he was pleased with whatever results he'd seen, but Farren didn't have the desire to ask any questions. With his payment in hand, he promptly made his exit from the shop.

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