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A song in Dol'ce [Esperia]

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Don't judge me...by my looks nor my actions...
☬I'm quite indifferent. ☬

Sprawling in her sheets that felt like silk, yawning the air that was fresh and gazed sheepishly at the ceiling as Arisa wonders on what to do today. She enjoyed feeling the coldness of the silk, but she also wanted to do something out there. 'Oh Noel, where could you be?' she wondered in her thoughts as she dreamed about his warmth. Was he ever going to arrive or even try to find her or does she have to try to find him again? She will find him if it came down to it...


'Ugh, I'm hungry... Dear me.' she thought as her thoughts mixed with another voice. She shook her head as she tried to ignore the differences. She sat up from her bed, twisted to let her legs go over the bed and feet against the floor. Arisa pushed herself up and slowly walked to the closet to pick out some clothes. 'What to wear...' she thought herself and then heard a knock. ''Who in the world could that be?'' she questioned out loud as she walked towards the door to find a letter that was slid from the cracks of under the door. She leaned down and grabbed a hold of it to open it up. Next she read it as she stood there;

You have be invited to a fancy party! Please dress appropriately or be kicked out immediately.

P.S There will be dancing, food and alcohol - plus more!

Address: 77 Sinister Ave.

She shook her head and walked towards her room to get into her wardrobe. ''I guess I should dress up nicely.'' she spoke to herself once more. It seemed all she did was speak to herself, but she really was speaking to the 'voices' that seemed to speak back. Was she just crazy? ''This one!'' she spoke happily with a small sweet smile. Her hand gripped onto a white silky cocktail dress that was long. It had a thigh-slit on the right side with a small wave. The front part had an opening in the mid-chest part to reveal the curves of her semi-large chest. The neck area that held up the dress with ribbon around her neck like a collar of white ribbon. Her hair was later put up in an old fashion way with black ribbon and tied in the back. Her bangs were flipped and sided perfectly while the back was a little puffy with great volume. It was dinner so it was a good time to go.  

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was unusual how quick the people of Crocus were to celebrate. The king of Fiore had been murdered and a usurper sat upon the throne, and while the Grimoire Heart invasion had left civilian casualties at a minimum there had still been a fair amount of lives lost in the battle. Then again, if she was entirely honest, Esperia couldn't say she cared about the royal family or who sat upon the throne. Certainly, her sister was once a splendid Holy Knight who fought in defense of the realm so that people could enjoy the peaceful state Fiore was in till recently, but Esperia was far more selfish than that. Certainly, she liked helping people, but the girl's priorities were always her loved ones. So, when she had been invited to a party Esperia had to admit she was hesitant to accept it.

Parties weren't exactly meant to be enjoyed by oneself, and considering her relationship with Fia she was inclined to reject the invitation simply because she couldn't take her lover along. However, it seemed a certain Demon Lord had a different opinion on the matter. "Esperia my dear~ Don't be so quick to decline, after all this party will be attended both by nobility and valiant defenders of the realm. Surely one with your charms would be able to obtain certain 'beneficial relationships' with those people."

Puffing up her cheeks as she was changed in her stylish red dress the girl suddenly noticed the familiar black cloud puff into view behind her, the sight of Sebastian kneeling at her feet causing the lass to smile briefly at the elderly butler. "You look splendid Master Esperia, shall we tend to the party?" Esperia nodded her head lightly toward the butler as the two of them started making their way to the area the party was hosted at. And this led to her current situation: a poor girl in a den of hungry wolves who were eagerly celebrating and intoxicating themselves with alcohol to forget the woes of the war. And while Sebastian was humbly stating besides her, a few steps backward to show his status as a servant to her, and she was armed with some delicious apple juice the girl still felt somewhat uneasy at the lack of any familiar faces...

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Don't judge me...by my looks nor my actions...
☬I'm quite indifferent. ☬

Her lips had an expressionless outlook, straight while the fullness of its shape still made her face beautiful as ever. She grabbed some crimson colored lipstick and perfectly smacked that shit on (not literally). Next she grabbed some mascara and made her eyelashes flaunting and luscious. ''Let's get this party over with, shall we?'' she spoke out loud as if she was speaking to someone even though she was talking to no  one. Her personality continued to switch without her knowledge. She felt cold, but at the same time warm. Her light was dimming as things started to feel weird.

She put on her shoes of devil black dress shoes and went off into the elevator. 'I wish... I had company.' she thought as she looked beside her where no one stood. She wished Noel was by her side always or at least more than it was. Perhaps she was fated to have no companion and to feel like this. Her eyes traced the wall lines to the door of the metal elevator that opened once they arrived on the first floor. Her hips swayed and she walked forward away from the hotel. Her facial expression stayed emotionless as she went to the party. A man that was about five feet seven in a suit opened the door for her. He was a young gentleman with blonde hair and pretty wide eyes - he was an elf. She made a small pity smile, nodded in thanks and walked towards the manor. ''Shall you be accompanying me?'' she wondered coldly as she gazed at him. ''Yes, Ma'am.'' he said simply in his dark manly voice.

Arisa accepted this and crossed her arms against her chest as the cobblestone made her shoes click and clack. Once they were at the games the gentleman bowed and opened it for her as she entered the manor. Men and ladies were waiting for many people to arrive. The real question was; Who invited her?

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

in the end, she had little reason to attend a party, especially without her lover or any of her friends to accompany her. While she didn't doubt her safety thanks to the presence of Sebastian, it still left her feeling uneasy as she walked along the manor, a soft hum escaping her lips. People were chatting idly among each other, and while she didn't doubt the fact that she could easily mingle with those strangers, she felt neither the need or desire to do so. Even if Asmodeus told her that there could be some use in making connections with those people, and she was quite a social butterfly in her own way, there were three reasons she disliked this party already. The first reason: most of those people were already well beyond the age of her interest, most of them being more than old enough to be her parents. The second reason was that they lacked something that made her interested in them. Without any interest in them, her conversations with them would likely bore her quickly.

Taking another sip from her apple juice she found her thoughts drifting to a new question: How long would she remain here? Certainly, she could find a good excuse to leave... Now if only there was a good pair of pillows for her to snuggle into then--- As if Illumin had heard her prayer she found a rather fascinating pair of pillows concealed beneath a silky white cocktail dress... "Those pillows are at least an A to S-rank... Wonder if she's on par with Alisa... but wait, those pillows remind me of..." Raising a hand to her cheek she tilted her head slightly against it when suddenly the realization dropped. "AH! Miss Arisa!"

Her cheeks flushing up lightly the obsidian-haired trickster playfully clapped her hands together, a smile emerging on her lips as she felt her mood skyrocketing tenfold at the sight of someone familiar. "How has Hyōen been doing? I'm sure a young man with his skills survived the war! Is he alright? I haven't seen him since I arrived in Crocus~ I'd ask how you'd be doing, but just a glimpse at you seems to suggest you're doing quite well~ Well but bored, am I right?"

The girl hummed softly as she added with a sheepish grin. "To be honest I was almost ready to go home already... None of my friends are here, nor does Alisa or the rest of the guild seem to be around. But now that you're here I got a reason to stay~"

A playful twirl of her body followed a light spin that allowed the edge of her dress to flutter lightly along with the motion before she made a playful salute to the lady. "I remember that last time we didn't have much of a opportunity to talk, something that needs to be corrected now~"

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Don't judge me...by my looks nor my actions...
☬I'm quite indifferent. ☬

She put on a pretty smile as she walked through towards the carpet of red and into the manor. All the people gazed at her, knew her for whom fought in the war against that.. one guy. She didn't remember any names if she was even told any. 'There's got to be someone...' she thought while filled with boredom. She stood while listening to some nobals talking to her, making up some silly story which probably wasn't even true. Her mind wasn't in the right place as she was thinking of what that one guy said, the one she fought before the last guy. What exactly were their views? Perhaps she should've did more studying before picking a side...

As a waitress walked pass, Arisa grabbed a wine glass and took a sip. Nodding while not paying attention she then looked at them as they said their goodbyes. She nodded some more and turned away to walk passed the people that were nothing to her. Why did she save these people anyways, or even attempt to? She was getting nothing from it... Did she really care for the recognition anyways? She just wanted certain people's attention, like Noel's. Her golden eyes gazed forward and then stopped to turn around - feeling lost in the world. Her expression was still a fake smile, but then a voice seemed familiar. It wasn't too familiar like Alisa's or Noel's, but someone she at least was acquainted with. She blinked a few times and tilted her head innocently. ''Hyah?~'' she made the sound quite softly and cat-like.

''Oh!'' she spoke noticing the girl. ''Yes, sorry, was just so use to seeing people I didn't know.'' she spoke. ''Thought you were one of them till I really looked. ''She smiled dumbfounded and took another sip of the disgusting wine. 'Ugh... they have bad taste.' she thought when it came to alcohol. ''Hyoen is doing good - last I heard anyways. Alisa, haven't seen her yet and knowing Alisa, she'd find me first so I doubt she's here sadly.'' she started and looked around. ''So what are you doing at a dull place like this?~'' she questioned and nodded at her last statement. ''I'm only here due to an invitation - probably because of the war and I thought their alcohol was going to be at least good.'' she spoke with a disappointed facial expression, pouring the rest of the drink in some plant pot.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A slight tilt of her head followed, seemingly a bit surprised at the fact Arisa had not recognized her immediately. Perhaps it was because most people she met tended to remember her fairly easily, especially due to her rather cheerful and outgoing behavior. Or maybe it was because of her slightly perverted nature? Then again slightly might have been an understatement...

"Uwaah~ you wound my heart Arisa, to think you forgot our emotional encounter in the fields surrounding Baska." With her playful reaction, a little giggle followed before the girl shook her head lightly and answered, voicing her clear agreement on the matter. "I'm not exactly fond of this party either. It doesn't sit me right to celebrate after all that happened. Even should the claims of the new 'king' be true, it doesn't change the fact a large number of good lives were lost... and for what? Just to appease the seemingly endless greed of humanity?"

A soft sigh escaped the girl's lips when she thought back on the war, but hearing the annoyed reaction from Arisa quickly helped her coax a little snicker from the girl. "That's why I went for apple juice~ then again, if I were to get drunk at an event like this Alisa would take the opportunity to tie me up..." the girl whispered as she felt a light shiver run across her spine, clearly imagining a somewhat unpleasant punishment awaiting her.

"But I'm glad to hear he is doing well~ and umm I don't really know..." She raised a hand to the side of her face, tapping her cheek lightly as she seemingly pondered a bit further on Arisa's inquiry. "I got invited also, but why I don't know. It might be because of the war also. You see, I contributed in the defense of the embassy, a lot of Grimoire Heart soldiers were attacking it, but one, in particular, was a really skilled assassin who was able to turn herself invisible! But then why did they invite me instead of the one who did all the work?"

Turning toward her butler Esperia watched Sebastian smile kindly at her, the butler raising a hand to his chin as he stroke his beard lightly, seemingly thinking for a bit. "It is only natural that a servant of yours would tend to such a matter Master Esperia. Besides, I would be a poor excuse of a butler if I can't handle a matter like that."

Of course he did have a point, even if Sebastian had acted to protect her, he was, by all means, a servant of Asmodeus, and as a result his deeds reflected on her own. While she was curious about how exactly those people had figured out her involvement in the matter, she decided to disregard the matter for the time being, watching Arisa pour the remains of her glass into a nearby plant pot, a sight that made her remark teasingly. "Are you trying to get the plants drunk?"

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Don't judge me...by my looks nor my actions...
☬I'm quite indifferent. ☬

She was glad that Hyoen has made friends other than her and perhaps his bird, Coda. She still felt quite envious that everyone seemed to have a companion but her. Was she unlikable? She almost felt pity for herself, but all there was for now was the pit of the hole in one called Envy. She liked her lips a little to moisture her beautiful lips that glossed so heavenly. Even with her beautiful goddess-like body and features, she still felt jealous of things - even missed being short like she use to be. Esp continued on talking about the things she said and then was responding to them as well. Arisa heard of some invisible assassin who was a female, but who were they talking about? She didn't notice any assassin.

She chuckled softly and smiled motherly. ''Now, who is this assassin character you were talking about? What have you heard? ... Only asking because I didn't notice any invisible assassin.'' She never usually asks questions like this, but it was perhaps her pride that was in play that she wanted to know about this 'magical' female of an assassin. She shook her head though at the last question. ''No - but if plants could get drunk... that'd be quite the show, yes?'' she playfully spoke back and teased a little. Arisa would question more things, but she was majorly curious about this one thing. ''Shall we find somewhere to sit and talk of the war and what we've heard?'' she wondered. If Esp said yes, Arisa went to grab some shei juice and went with her to find somewhere to sit - ignoring everyone else.

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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Raising a hand to her cheek it seemed Esperia was pondering about Arisa's sudden interest in the assassin she had mentioned. "She was a powerful combatant, one of Grimoire Heart's elite most likely. From what I remember she wielded the ability to manipulate blood, and what was just as curious was her ability to turn entirely invisible, soundless and scentless." It was in that moment that Esperia felt the demon lord within her stir lightly, a vivid image resurfacing as she mused softly. "It might have been associated to her powers as a vampire." Indeed, the image she had experienced just now suggested it, especially seeing the little 'meal' she and Asmodeus enjoyed.

Fortunately, the subject soon turned more entertaining, the possibility of a plant getting drunk making her giggle softly. "Now that might be terrifying~ just imagine a large plant getting drunk and trying to grasp a hold of you with its vines. Although that might lead to a juicy scene that will make this party all the more worthwhile to have visited~"

A little wink followed by the girl as she followed after Arisa, soon explaining a bit further. "But it's understandable you didn't see them, upon her defeat she was taken into custody by a benefactor of mine."

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The girl who Esperia was talking about seemed to be a girl that was most likely apart of or affiliated with the guild/group that took over. Their master took the seat of king recently so it questioned her of who all was apart of that group. The details continued to be told; she was invisible, scentless and soundless supposedly a vampire too which was a guess. Blood magic wasn't very common so for it to be out caused an interest to the angel. 'A vampire perhaps is right...' a voice spoke in her thoughts, causing her to look away.

Esperia made a joke soon after about the plants being drunk, causing havoc of its own kind... ''Hehe... reminds me of when I killed my pretend father... with nature.'' she spat somewhat prideful and psychotically calm. A small smirk appeared on her womanly beautiful lips, but it was soon to disappear with a calm expression. Her eyes once again gazed at the small-like girl who was quite shorter than herself. ''I see. Well... I wonder who else was caught. I was there for two fights and one... one...'' she trailed off lost for a second. ''The first one was so strong... battle hungry and he was quite intriguing. The other lost...'' she spoke with no mere detail.


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A little nod of agreement came when Arisa mentioned the idea that the assassin might had indeed been a vampire. However, it was in response to her joke that Arisa said some troubling words. The way she spoke rather proudly and unnaturally calm about how she murdered her own 'pretend' father with nature. It brought a chill to her body. And this became evident in the more sorrowful look cast upon her. "I don't really think... that killing someone contributes to a joke." No, just the thought of someone killing their own family sounded troubling to her, and yet perhaps Arisa had her reasons? "I'm not certain... I heard the conflict at the castle was quite violent, but then there was some really flashy light inside the city, unfortunately, Sebastian couldn't linger to see what happened... but he said it was a HUGE blast of divine magic."

A hand raised to her chin, seemingly pondering a bit more on the matter. "I wonder what happened. Fia went to that place shortly afterward but she didn't mention what happened there. Then again, I never bothered asking~"

A soft giggle followed as she shook her head. "But the conflict at the embassy was over rather quickly..."

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Her golden eyes shifted towards the juice she was drinking as she walked with Esp towards the sitting area. They didn't feel like chatting with the rich fools who think they live the best lives. With her friends, her lover and those in the future she has yet to meet - she had the best life in her opinion. Sure there were ups and downs, but the had to look at the positives. Her heart felt warmth, passion and gratefulness as she thought of those people she was surrounded by. It was something she needed and the feeling of love and craziness she felt for Noel could never die. Silly, wasn't it?

She gently looked at Esp as she took a drink of her juice. Her ears listened to the girl's voice and then she talked about some divine magic. Was that when she blew up the place with light? That was the last time she saw her gear, her set, the stuff she owned. Arisa wondered of the mystery, but she decided to put it aside. ''Divine magic you say? ... Interesting.'' she spoke and sat down her glass. She licked her lips cheeky-like and chuckled. ''The first battle - the man seemed so overpowered, but he seemed to be fun to fight with. Didn't try to end things fast - unlike myself.'' she began and got comfortable. ''So... then after that fight I saw the door blow up and decided to sit on the window ledge to watch what was happening. I don't know if that was my spell you were talking about, but I do have light magic.'' she explained calmly.

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