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Lay Your Weary Head To Rest [Private:Esperia]

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#1Fiammetta Barone 

Lay Your Weary Head To Rest [Private:Esperia] Empty Sun Feb 11, 2018 8:00 am

Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

After a war had been concluded, all that was left to do was to pick up the wounded and fallen. And following the battles the Rune Knights and allied guilds fought against, they did just that. A large medical centre was set up around one of the parks of the massive city, a sprawling area covered in hastily set up tents and beds, as medics rushed about and tended to all the soldiers coming through the main entrance, a pseudo-reception set up with a pair of tables that would direct those stable enough to walk to the nearest free bed. Those that had to be carried in, however, were taken further into the centre, where quick operations were done, lives saved and lost every minute.

Fiammetta Barone was fortunate enought not to find herself in that area, however. Instead, after a long and grueling battle as she defended embassies from Grimoire Heart forces, Fia found herself recieving only a brief check up from one of the field medics. She sat restlessly for several minutes, only one thing on her mind as she was sown and bandaged up. Where was Esperia!? Fia had lost sight of her at a point, and now that the fighting was over, she had to be there somewhere... Once Fia had been all patched up, leaving her covered in various stitches and bandaging, she began wandering through the medicle centre, past all the groaning soldiers as she searched for her lover.

"Oi, Princess!?" She called out, wincing in pain just as she walked along. Although her Titan form had reduced the severity of many of the blows she'd taken, it hadn't done much to help the quantity. After being pelted by bullets, swords, and a slew of spells in an effort to bring down the Titan, Fia was left covered in small but stinging wounds, to the point where just moving was enough to send waves of pain ebbing through multiple parts of her body. But that did not stop the girl's march, however, as she continued to search through the medical centre for Esperia...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

With the fighting over and control having been returned to her once more Esperia did what had been most natural for her to do: rush into the medical bay in search for her lover. To the others, it must have been odd, how the girl looked entirely unharmed despite having been involved in the war, but she disregarded the curious stares and instead heard a familiar voice calling out to her. "Fia!" Esperia exclaimed with a hint of excitement as she looked around. The medical bay, for all intents and purposes, was quite a mess, all things considered, soldiers were getting their wounds treated, rubble was being moved and people were recovering from the consequences of the war.

"Fia where are-"

Yet in that moment she saw the bandaged lass approach her Esperia darted up to her, her boots grinding lightly to a halt as she stopped right before her lover and tried to gently grasp a hold of her lover's hand, her gaze softening as she tried her best to fight back the tears of joy at seeing her again. "You look like a mummy~" The girl declared with a sheepish grin, hoping to cheer up her lover. Although it had been her first war, she prayed she would never experience one again...

#3Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

There she was, standing only a few meters from her. The moment Fia had finally found her gaze on Esperia, she thanked the heavans and whatever deities might listen for her safe return. And not just safe, but completely unharmed, perhaps thanks to Asmodeus in some way. Whatever, Fia didn't care about that right now, all she cared about was holding Esperia's hand. She clasped it tightly, in spite of her bandages, and brought it up to her own face, putting against her cheek and sighing in relief just at the ability to be in her hand. Fia too fought back tears, but solitary droplets escaped the floodgates, dropping down helplessly onto her lover below.

"Hehe.. Yeah, guess I kinda do look like one..." Fia would chuckle lightly at the joke, enduring the quick waves of pain that laughter induced. In the end, Esperia's intentions on using to cheer Fia up again were pointless. Just seeing Esperia alive and well after all that had transpired was enough to have Fia feel blessed in that moment. She continued holding Esperia's hand, gently and tenderly putting her other arm around the girl in a small embrace. She didn't want to agitate too many of her injuries, after all. Any greater movements would be saved later, in a less public circumstance.

"Princess... I'm so happy yer OK..."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

A tender smile lingered on her lips at the sight of Fia's tears, a hand raising to her cheeks as she used her fingers to wipe away the droplets while she nodded her head in agreement. "I could make some fetish jokes about this, but I'll be a good girl and refrain from doing that for the time being~" A sheepish giggle followed from Esperia as she soon felt Fia's arm gently wrap around her in a light embrace, making the girl return the favor by gently wrapping her arms around Fia's waist while nuzzling her face against her lover's chest.

"I'm glad that everyone is alright... I went to ask around earlier while the doctor was treating you, Lia and the others of Blue Pegasus are all alive, although some of them got seriously injured. I... I just hope we won't have to endure something scary like this again."

It was clear that despite her gentle expression the softness of her tone, the fragileness within her voice made it clear just how terrified she had been, helplessly concealed within the power of the Demon Lord. After all, she was just a helpless little girl who wanted to help her friends and keep her loved ones save, and right now she was reunited with the most precious one among those...

#5Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Another one of those blissful yet painful chuckles escaped Fia's lips. "Yeah, yeah, like ya ain't already made all the jokes in yer head..." She'd joke back, feeling unbelievably blessed that they were still, still able to make such meaningless little comments as they held each other close. And nothing instilled such a sense of familiarity and security as the feeling of her hands against Esperia's back, along with the soft sensations of her lovers breaths against her bosom.

Esperia continued with the good news, letting Fia know that Liana had made it out alright. That was a pretty big relief in itself, Fia not knowing how well 'Greenie' might've handled the war. And yet, in spite of how positive the news seemed, Esperia's tone was nonetheless... Fragile. Like a glass pane pressed against by some great invisible force, but moments away from shattering. Like she was still recovering from the terror of the war. Fia held even more gently, but didn't dare let her go. It made, sense that her Princess had been so scared... The steam punk herself had been much the same, but she had the fuel of adrenaline to push her through it. Esperia, however... Stuck inside Asmodeus, watching and having to trust the demon... It must've been horrible.

"Yeah... I hope we don' ever have to do somethin' like this again. Hell, I won' let us get dragged into somethin' this... Hellish..." Fia stated firmly, her words not at all superficial. Though she knew that trouble would follow them wherever they went, Fia would do the best she could to keep it at bay. That was her promise. Fia continued to hold Esperia as tightly as she held that promise as she posed another important question.

"Hey... The other guys with us... They make it out alright?"


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Oh~ I'm doing much more in my head than just making jokes, let me guarantee you that~" The girl mused playfully yet Fia's firm reassurance made Esperia nod her head lightly. "I hope so also~ I want to just be able to enjoy a peaceful future alongside you," Esperia explained, yet the curious inquiry about the other guys made her wonder for a bit.

"Hmm, Fenrir, the Lycan went to rest with some of Asmodeus' servants after the battle ended. Sage I'm not sure... I think he was unharmed so he's likely with the other Rune Knights. However, I have no idea where the guy in the funny suit disappeared to."

The girl explained the knowledge she had about their whereabouts, but after a moment she nuzzled into the bust of her lover some more and explained with a smile. "Fia, I'm just happy that we can finally enjoy some peace... I'm going to remain at your side, so you better prepare yourself~"

A momentary pause lingered in the air as she whispered softly. "How are your injuries by the way? Do you need me to help tend to your wounds?" Tilting her head slightly to the side it was clear she was worried about the whole matter of Fia's wellbeing.

#7Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia could only nod in affirmation at Esperia's hopes they lived a peaceful future, unable to find the words to express just how dear she held that sentiment, as impossible is it might be. Trouble seemed to follow them wherever they went, but Fia would combat whatever came, in hopes that they would one day find themselves in peace with one another, some happy ever after just for the two of them.

As Fia asked about the others who'd been with them, she'd been unsure about what exactly she expected or hoped for. As far as she knew, she'd never met any of them before, but nonetheless hoped they hadn't fallen victim to same unfair fate. Fortunately, it seemed everyone had more or less made it out OK. Fia breathed a sigh of relief, glad once again at the lack of bad news. "Damn, guess we were a lucky bunch..." Fia muttered to herself softly.

Esperia nuzzled into her more, sending more waves of calm and affection through Fia as she held her tight to her bosom. "I'm gonna hold ya to that Princess... Don' you dare leave me side, no matter what..." She'd state firmly, making clear their feelings were mutual. Whatever it was that came next, they'd get through it together.

After a brief pause, Esperia asked a very fair question about Fia's injuries, which she seemed intent on shrugging off. "Hey, don' worry, t's nothin' too bad... Just a helluva lot of flesh wounds. Plus, goin' Titan like that fer so long means my body has trouble healin' it all, ain't 'nuff energy after pushin' itself like that." Fia lamented, starting to realize maybe her injuries were a bit of a problem.

"So, uh, might be a while 'til I'm back at full function... Ya ready to take care of and spoil me fer a change?" She'd query teasingly, though, was really quite interested in how this short road to recovery might go with Esperia at her side.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia's eyes softened a little while she nodded her head gently at Fia's firm statement that they would never leave each other's side. No matter what would happen, she would ensure that she'd never leave Fia, not even the likes of Asmodeus could prevent that. Still, Esperia was quick to catch the teasing inquery, leaning upwards to softly whisper into her lover's ear. "I'll make sure to take good 'care' of you~"

A gentle smooch on her lover's cheek followed while she took a step backward, a hand gently placed in the palm of Fia's own as she tried to guide her out of the medical bay. "Do you want to get something to eat? Or maybe want me to wash your? I can imagine after all that fighting you're going to want to enjoy a little relaxing, don't you?" The girl mused softly before turning her gaze at Fia. "At least till you get enough rest to recover for that 'celebration' bit~" She raised her free hand upwards and playfully clenched it together. "Let's see what is going to make you cry out first, the injuries of the battle or the fact I'm going to return that favor from last time~"

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

"I'll be countin' on ya then, Princess~." Fia muttered cheekily after the soft whisper in her ear, already looking forward to a few rounds beneath Esperia for a change. That cheeky look became a dopey smile at the kiss on her cheek, before she began to be lead away by Esperia out of the medical bay, giving them a smidge more privacy.

"Heh, relaxin' is exactly what I wanna be doin' right 'bout now... Maybe a bath or somethin'..." Fia scoffed in response to Esperia's questions, though, the offer of a good meal didn't sound too bad either... And neither did being washed by Esperia... Though, she supposed the latter was a rarer occasion and more intimate one too.

Speaking of intimacy, Esperia pointed out that their 'celebration' would be on hold thanks to Fia's injuries, unfortunately, earning a slight groan of disappointment from the Barone girl. That was, until Esperia made it clear the wait would certainly be worth it.

"Oh? Yer gettin' pretty bold there, Princess..." She'd utter with a salacious grin, and a slight blush, eyeing the gesture made by her lover. "But hey, if you wanna try and see how tough I am... I don' think I mind at all..." She pulled in Esperia just a little closer as they walked, intent on having the girl a blushing mess it seemed.

"I dunno what it is, but I kinda wanna see how rough this little Princess can really be, so bring it on!" She'd declare heartily, continuing to be lead by her lover to whatever temporary distraction and relaxation they would choose.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

"Mhmm~ Leave it to me!" Esperia hummed with a sheepish grin as she led Fia into the streets and throughout their conversation had already figured out a good location for their next visit. It was a surprise how little collateral damage this part of the city had endured. After a moment they finally reached what appeared to be, a bathhouse? The owner of the establishment bowed lightly toward them while Esperia waved her free hand at the elderly woman. "Aha~ Miss Esperia, and I see you brought along a guest this time. I can see why you asked to borrow the healing spring, go ahead and take the leftmost one. It's a private spring so you won't need to worry about getting your 'peace' disrupted."

The elderly lady gave the pair a teasing wink while Esperia snickered briefly and thanked the owner for her kindness.

"Oh~ I am? I guess it means your feisty nature is rubbing off on me~ No wonder after all those times you squeezed your pillows against me~" The girl hummed mischievously as she cuddled up against Fia as they walked, her cheeks flushing up lightly as they made their way toward the private spring.

"Those healing springs here possess a unique type of healing magic, like the water is infused with it so just remaining in there for a few hours will make you as good as new." Opening the door into the area the spring was at Esperia was rather eager to continue, closing the door behind them and playfully slipping out of her clothes. "And forget the idea of a towel~ It wouldn't stay on you for long anyway~"

And with those words stated she playfully leaped into the spring, causing the water to bounce onto the edges of the spring before she came above the water surface and waved playfully at her lover. "Get in here~ Doctor Espy has prescribed a good bath for you!"

#11Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

It seemed Esperia had just the thing that Fia was looking for, in the form of a local bathhouse. The Barone girl chuckled as they were greeted upon entry, making it clear this wasn't the first time Esperia had been there. Figured the sociable little trickster had already gotten around the city some.

Fia remained still as the woman pointed out a healing spring for them to use, adding that it would be private. Fia looked away, blushing a little at the realization that this older woman clearly knew just what was happening between her and Esperia, and how much steamier the spring would likely get...

After begrudgingly thanking the woman, Fia continued to follow Esperia as her lover claimed her bolder ways were Fia's own doing. "Oi oi, yer the one squeezin' yerself 'gainst my 'pillows'" She'd tease, eagerly pulling Esperia into the cuddle as they walked, blushing a bit herself.

Esperia explained further the exact properties of the spring, and although Fia didn't quite understand the details of healing magic, it did sound promising. "Huh. Wish I'd known about this place sooner." Fia mused as they entered the spring. She watched with a salacious look, almost licking her lips, as Esperia stripped down, before doing the same. Well, as best she could with all the bandages.

Following Esperia in without a towel, Fia watched as her lover jumped in with childish joy, chuckling at the innocent and playful display. She ushered Fia in, and the Barone girl eagerly followed. She stepped forward and hesitantly got in, feeling the warm soothing water envelop her wounds as breathed a sigh of relief, slipping deeper down.

"Damn... This is amazin', Princess..." Fia muttered, setting her eyes on Esperia now that they were both in the water. Hazel eyes wandered down what was visible of her dainty body, slick and wet from the warm water. At that point, Fia couldn't tell which of the steam around them was from the spring, and which was from herself...

"Yer amazin' too, Princess..." Fia uttered as she slowly and delicately put her arms around Esperia, pulling her in for a light but long kiss. This relaxation, from the spring and her presence, it was something she definitely wanted to savor for as long as she could.


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It appeared her choice of destination had been well-received by Fia, in the end, she did do quite a bit of searching around the town to figure out some of the more entertaining places, albeit this one, in particular, was not discovered by her, but a certain demon lord. "Oh mai~ Are you implying I would do something as lecherous and unbefitting of a princess as squeezing against your pillows?" Of course, as if to amplify her teasing statement she nuzzled even a bit closer than before. Yet as the two of them arrived at the pool itself and Esperia watched with a warm smile as the Barone girl soon followed after her. To say that the spring was pleasant was an understatement, the pleasant temperature of the water and the healing properties of the spells cast upon the area already making her feel more invigorated than moments ago. Speaking of vigor.

Hearing Fia's words her cheeks flushed up lightly at the remark, a soft whisper coming in return. "You're also amazing, in more ways than one~" The girl mused playfully yet soon found the rest of her statement interrupted by the gentle embrace and the long kiss. It caused her eyes to soften their gaze, a familiar warm building up within her body while she tried to keep their kiss connected as long as possible, hands trailing upwards along Fia's hips and... like usually went straight for their favorite target.

Squeeze.... Squeeze...

"That part of yours is also amazing~" She mused teasingly as she leaned a bit closer and looked up at her lover, all the more eager to see how she would react to the gesture.

#13Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia raised a brow and curled her lip up in an amused grin at Esperia's faux scandalized reaction, knowing very well that being 'lecherous' was the biggest and best part of the Eisenberg girl. "Hey now, jus' cause yer a Princess don' mean yer innocent. Yer still real naughty, ya know?" The Barone girl teased, enjoying the closer cuddle as they neared the hot spring.

After entering the warm and soothing springs that sent youthful vigor flowing through the girls, it seemed obvious where that newfound vitality would be directed. Giving in to their mutual desires for one another, the girls sound found themselves locked into a passionate kiss, melting into one another as waters healed and hands searched. Before, as usual, Esperia honed in her favorite target, and Fia's ashamedly biggest weak point.

An embarassing little Ah!" was let out from her lips as she pulled back, face flushed with pleasure and surprise as she laid eyes on her trickster lover, who mused about her more amazing features.

"Told ya you were naughty..." Fia muttered quietly, bringing a hand down to Esperia's and holding it against her own breast. As if to tell her not to let go, just this once. Because right then, after all that happened, Fia wanted nothing more than to know Esperia was there, safe and sound, to feel her lover's touch against her body, that soft hand and those slender fingers. The Barone girl gazed into her lover's mismatched eyes, feeling her touch against her bosom as she held it there, leaning in toward Esperia with her lips ready to press against her neck. But then, a solitary, mocking voice suddenly spoke up, seemingly from atop one of the spring's walls...

"Man, things really are steamy in here..."

And there, staring down at them, grinning smugly, was a black cat with eyes like midnight.

"What the fuck...?"


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

Esperia couldn't help but giggle mischievously at Fia's words, humming playfully. "Oh~ Good thing that you love your princess in her naughty mode, don't you?" Yet the mutter of her lover that followed after the little gasp made her snicker softly, fingers playfully kneading inwardly as she enjoyed the soft feeling. Just being like this, snuggling and teasing Fia truly was a wonderful feeling. Just being there, able to enjoy that peaceful mood was truly all she desired in life. Feeling Fia leaning in she was just about to close her eyes and let one of her hands wander once more when suddenly a voice resounded from nearby.


Blinking in disbelief Esperia looked up at the cat, her eyes sparkled with a childish excitement while exclaiming happily. "I think I saw a pussy-cat! Yes I did~ and it's one that can talk!" Yet after a moment she seemingly got over her bout of excitement. "Wait a moment kitty-cat, I'm busy playing with another pussy right now~"

And without any warning, she tried to pounce onto the distracted Fia to get her partly submerged into the water. "Nyehehe~ I guess your princess might be an exhibistionist~" Teasingly poking out her tongue at the remark she soon continued to inquire about the mysterious cat. "But where did he come from, and why did he talk? Although he certainly is right in assuming things will get more steamy soon~"

Especially with her wandering hands trailing downwards...

#15Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Fia was already asking herself the obvious questions. Why in the hell was there a cat there? And why could it talk? While the Barone girl just stood there, bewildered by what she witnessed, her lover was very quick to simply accept it, wildly exclaiming she saw a cat. "Y-Yeah, I see it too..." Fia groaned confusedly, seemingly having forgotten about the hands still searching her over, until Esperia straight-up mentioned the 'pussy' she was playing with before pouncing her! "W-Wait, Princess, h-hold-"

"Gahaha, guess you're making at least one of these cats purr, but it sure ain't me!" The black cat interjected, earning further blushing from the already madly red Fia as she fell a little under the water. As Esperia casually mentioned being a bit of an exhibitionist, Fia eyed her wildly, about to speak up before the cat interrupted again.

"Please, carry on! I'd be happy to help as this exhibition's attentive audience. Oh, if only I could put these moments on paws!"

"Sh-Shut up!" Fia snapped back. Her lover mused why the cat was there, and could talk, and Fia wondered the same things, and why he was such an asshole. She glared at him, eyes narrowing, until it finally hit her. This wasn't the first time she'd seen this kitty.

"Sonofa... That's right! You were at the fuckin' gates, followin' me 'round. Yer that - Ah!"

A certain wondering hand found its mark, as it were, causing a sudden gasp from Fia that had her cheeks flushing, mind racing, and hands quickly brought to cover her mouth. "Sh-Shit, that slipped out..."

"More like something slipped in... The black cat muttered, earning another glare from Fiammetta as the feline leaped down from the wall, traipsing along but avoiding the water's edge. "Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, shall I introduce myself? Or would you rather me let you two finish things off? Something tells me it's the latter, but I'm not quite sure what... Can't quite put my finger in it... Oops! I mean on it! Gahaha!"


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

The cat's presence certainly would have been enough to make most people wary and confused, but then again Esperia wasn't 'most' people, and was indeed quite quick to exclaim that she saw the black cat. "Mhmm~ but you remain my favorite~" Esperia mused playfully right as she pounced her lover, clearly ignoring any protests that were made by Fia as the two of them tumbled into the water.

"Oh~ I can make her do a lot more than purr~" Esperia mused playfully at the black cat's remark, the hand that was teasingly exploring the ample bosom of her lover continuing its activity while the remaining hand wandered further...

"Oh mai~ I would do the same, if not for the fact it's a daily activity~" Esperia giggled in amusement at the cat's remark of being the exhibition's attentive audience and desiring to put those moments on 'paws'. "Still I have never heard of an ordinary cat sneaking in here, or even being able to speak what must mean he is special~ "

And yet it seemed Fia had confirmed that the cat was indeed special, and even followed her lover around at the gates! And yet, the silliness was about to get even more entertaining when she felt her wandering hand reach a certain spot, and with the way Fia let out that adorable sound the obisidian-haired trickster was sure just where her finger had slipped into...

"Nyehehe~ Feel free to introduce yourself kitty-cat, just please forgive the interruptions because there will be plenty." And indeed, judging from the movements of her hands and the nuzzling against Fia it was clear that even a proper conversation would be hard to have.

"Maybe if I keep going she'll start to purr and mewl~ now that would be an endearing sight to behold~" Poor Fia, it clearly seemed that she was going to be in for quite a steamy situation. "So why were you following Fia around? Or why can you even talk for that matter~ Cats usually don't talk unless they are related to powerful magi~" She did hear before about powerful mages having familiars like talking cats... was this the same? And then suddenly she allowed her gaze to wander back to Fia's face, all too eager to see the flustered reactions of her lover...

#17Fiammetta Barone 

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Indeed, the Barone girl had found herself in quite the sticky situation! Caught between two types of teasing, the verbal kind from the enigmatic black cat, and more physical and pleasurable sort from her own lover. As Esperia conversed with the talkative kitty, Fia grit down her teeth, trying to act tough through the latter form of teasing. And as her cheeks continued to flare up, a single thought ran through her mind: Since when did Esperia get so good at this!?

"D-Do we really have to do this - Ah!" She tried and failed to interject after Esperia posed some questions to the cat, as she suffered another critical hit. Eyes both pleading and desperate looked to Esperia, as Fia was almost drooling by this point.

Fia didn't dare open her mouth again, less more moans slip out, leaving the kitty to talk as he pleased. "Oh my, quite the skillful little minx, I see. A purrfect companion for our dear Titan." The black cat would begin to elucidate, earning a confused look from Fiammetta. So he knew about her magic, did he? She was considering grabbing the cat and getting some answers, when suddenly another shift had her squirming in the water, a hand suddenly grabbed onto Esperia for support.

"Hm? Things getting slippery down there? I mean, in the water, of course!" The black cat snickered, sitting down and getting back to his explanation. [color=slateblue]"But yes, the minx is correct. Most cats can'T, but I'm a bit of an exception. Though, there's no need to get into that right meow."

The cat hesitantly stepped closer to the water's edge, smirking at the pair as the steamy girl continued to squirm a bit under the water, clutching Esperia ever more tightly. "All you need to know is that I'm here to a-mews myself by observing a certain something. And I don't mean the exhibition on right now, as pawsome as it is. I'm just here to watch and see how a certain magus' pet project is turning out."

Fia eyed the cat again, trying to decipher what he was saying as her own thoughts became cloudier and cloudier as pleasure rushed through. It was clear something important was going on, but as to what, well, that wasn't entirely clear...


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

It was rather amusing how opposite the situation was for both. The more she teased her lover, the more Fia found her thoughts clouded as the pleasure ran through the feisty girl's body, and yet in return the longer and more intense her teasing became, the clearer Esperia found her thoughts to become, a certain sharpness to her mind that felt unnatural, but yet at the same time... Considering she was the vessel for the Demon Lord of Lust it made sense that the more eagerly she indulged in her desires, the easier she would be able to deal with its effects due to the closer syncronization between herself and the Demon Lord.

Yet amidst the teasing she did learn something of value, well aside from how to exploit Fia's weak spots as much as possible... A word was said, 'Titan' what seemed to be a reference to the mysterious magic her lover had started to show recently, and the kitten clearly was associated to it, something that was evident when he mentioned a certain magus and a project... There were plenty of questions to be asked, but first...

A mischievous glint in her eyes Esperia took a deep breath and tried to push Fia upward toward the edge of the spring, and considering that as soon as the water had splashed away the cat would find that the obsidian-haired trickster's face had sneaked somewhere it shouldn't have done so at a spring, the actions that would follow were sure to cause a steamy conclusion, one filled with plenty of pleasant sounds and cries, and in the aftermath an end-result would surely have been reached where her lover was a squirming mess while she licked her lips with a smile and clapped her hands together with a playful declaration following. "Thank you for the meal~"

Now that her thoughts had cleared up entirely and she had her fill with entertainment the girl decided to cut Fia some slack, instead snuggling up to her naked body while looking up at the cat from the comfort of the pillows she was nuzzling into.

"So~ While my dear Fia is busy recovering I need you to clarify something for me kitty-cat. The fact that she started to show this peculiar magic after I met her in Baska, and considering it's not her steamy magic... I got plenty of reasons to believe that a 'certain Magus' is involved here. Whatever he did, he better did it with Fia's best interests in mind. If he did so in an attempt to hurt or make Fia sad... I might be inclined to follow Asmodeus' suggestion and allow that 'Certain Magus' to meet the next Demon Lord of Lust... to make his future a hell~"

A playful wink followed as she shifted her gaze away from the cat and toward her lover and whispered in a more tender tone. "I won't allow anyone to take away Fia... We made a promise to each other~"

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Fiammetta Barone

Fiammetta Barone

Though her lover was a fair bit smaller than her, Fia found herself quite easily pushed up against the edge of the spring, her trembling body and clouded mind unable and unwilling to put up any resistance to the devious little minx. Of course, the black cat watched with a smirk as Esperia dove right into her finishing move. Cries of pleasure would have people in the next spring over blushing, as Fia fell victim to a near flawless combo, full of well-aimed critical hits, mix-ups, surprises and special-moves that left her no chance to defend, only accept her fate. As she evidently did, judging by the hand that found itself on Esperia's hair, seemingly desperate to keep the girl's head right where it was, up until the grand finale.

One last cry was let out by Fia, who was practically drooling and quivering by then as electricity seemed to surge through her body. Defeated and contented, the Barone girl slumped back against the spring, panting in recovery as she basked in the afterglow.

Now that Esperia had had her fill of that steamed meal of hers, Salem awaited patiently to see how she might take his answers. As Fia tenderly held her now content lover, the cat would receive the response he might've expected from this deceptively clever trickster. He listened and responded promptly, all while Fia 'rebooted' as Esperia nuzzled into her.

"Guess the claws are out, huh Miss 'Princess'?" The cat teased, grinning flatly at the threats. "But don't worry, I'm sure pawsitive that he wants Fia to grow and learn just like her father does. After all, she's that certain Magus' most vital little project. Seriously, I'm not kitten around."

Fiammetta started to get back down to Earth, hearing the cat's words closely and starting to grasp just what was going on here. She grit her teeth down, as a thought of just who this 'certain Magus' might be came to her mind. "You... Yer that asshole with the cane's little pet, ain't ya furball?" She growled lowly.

"Hey hey, don't give me that cat-itude! I have a name you know!" The cat protested in faux offense. "And now that Miss Princess is done licking you like I drink my milk, I should probably give it. You can call me Salem, Salem Saberhagen."


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Esperia V. Eisenberg

If there was one thing Esperia enjoyed a lot, then it was without a doubt the current situation she was in. There was something about just being able to snuggle up to her lover that made her feel at ease, even with the serious subject that was cleverly concealed behind the playful tone of the conversation. "Mhmm~ I'm a kitten who you better don't try to grasp without gloves~" Esperia mused teasingly at the remark of the black cat while listening further at his explanation. It seemed a certain Magus had been responsible for the peculiar magic her lover now wielded, and after a moment Esperia quickly corrected the man. "She is not his~" Hands playfully trailed along the sides of Fia's body as she was still recovering from the earlier bliss and soon the trickster mused softly. "Every part of her belongs to me~ Just like I belong to her. So it would be purrfect if you speak the truth about your master's intentions~"

Yet it was shortly afterward that a familiar voice called out, making Esperia look up at her with a sheepish grin on her lips. "Already recovered? Hehe~ your stamina is as impressive as usual~" She remarked slyly as she nuzzled back into the soft embrace of those pillows. "So Sal~ Why exactly Fia? And you mentioned her father?"

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Fiammetta Barone
There was a certain tenseness in the air that Fiammetta took note of, that made clear that in spite of the joking and playful tone of the conversation, there some serious and heavy talk going, with either side seemingly wary and watchful of the other. Fiammetta seemed caught in the middle, thanks to Esperia taking a lead in talking to the enigmatic cat. The Barone girl paid close attention though, fully aware of just how relevant everything they spoke it was, particularly in regards to the ‘certain magus’ Fia had encounters, and who’d bestowed this magic upon her...

While still ‘recovering’, but barely aware of what was occurring around her, Fia did hear her lovers words about how they belonged to each other, finding the words as sweet as they were concerning. Not that she had much chance or strength to tell Esperia off. Salem, meanwhile, seemed to simply find the words, well... Amusing. He chuckled, grinning smugly at the black hated trickster.

”Huehuehue, a bit of a catty one, aren’t you? But don’t worry, I won’t lie. I just won’t tell you more than you need to know either.” Salem said slyly, a soft yet unreadable look making clear he wasn’t about to give in to any demands or expectations. A moment later Fia joined the conversation, blushing slightly at the comment on her Stamina. She would’ve suggested a round two, had things not taken a serious turn.

As Esperia nuzzled into Fia, the Barone girl put an arm around her, holding her almost protectively as she glared at Salem. If this cat really was related to the certain magus, then it was going to be hard for Fia to believe he was on their side. Esperia, meanwhile pondered another couple of questions to Salem, who yawned almost boredly in response.

”Well, it’s not like she was special or anything. It’s more of a case of... ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’...” Salem explained flatly, his speech a bit more serious as he too took note of the atmosphere. ”Fia here was simple a purrfect vessel. The only vessel, really.” Things only got more cryptic, leaving Fia to wonder what the hell the cat was taking about. She was a vessel? For the magic? Why was she the only one to use it? Maybe... Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she still produced steam during her Titan transformation... Was her previous magic linked somehow?

”As for Papa Barone, that’s a way simpler story.” Salem suddenly spoke up again, grinning cheekily. ”He and this certain magus are old pals, you see! Old chums, former comrades, all that business.”


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It must have been odd how despite the tenseness that lingered in the air, there was not a single bit noticed of it in the demeanor of the obsidian-haired trickster. Her adorable yet perverted actions toward her lover that were accompanied by the joking and playful tone of the conversation she had with the cat made it clear that the silver-laced threats were to be taken quite seriously. Then again, little Esperia did have her way with words and innunedos.

Nuzzling against Fia Esperia silently tried to reassure herself alongside the words she had spoken that nothing could break their promise, nothing could tear Fia away from her side or destroy their relationship. No, not even the schemes of a mysterious unknown Magus could do that. Yet at the same time Esperia found herself wondering: Since when did Fia start to occupy her thoughts so strongly? She had always been fond of her lover ever since they met in Baska and started dating after the good doctor Gerard's 'aid', but lately she found herself even more focused on Fia. Was it because of the war? Did the sight of Fia covered in her injuries cause her to become even more protective and caring over her lover than usual?

"Catty is one a good way to describe me~ I'm as flexible and nimble as a Neko~ Just ask Fia~" A playful hum followed while she silently wondered just how much of Salem's words they truly could believe...

She doubted the cat was on their side, at most he might had served as a deuter-antagonist that worked to advance the mysterious Magus his schemes. Yet hearing Salem describe Fia as a 'vessel' reminded her awkwardly much of her own situation and Asmodeus, something that kind of terrified the girl, even if she didn't show that fear openly. "How rude~ Fia is special in a lot of ways~"

Yet when the subject turned toward Fia's father it seemed an idea formed into the girl's mind, sliding her body a bit upwards, not only giving Fia a pleasant case of skinship sensations but also allowed the girl to whisper into her lover's ear. "When we leave Crocus we can seek out your father and confirm Sal's story."

Yet despite the tender whisper a small shadow of fear was still growing in her heart: what in the world was that Magus planning for Fia?

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Fiammetta Barone
The mention of Fia’s father had the Barone girl tensing up immediately. Of course, she’d already considered the possibility of some connection between Baldo Barone and this certain Magus , but to hear it confirmed was only more concerning. After all, Fiammetta very well knew that Salem could be lying, or even worse, telling half-truths. Because she was fully aware that their was a far greater possibility that Salem and Baldo were not old friends, but rather, old enemies...

Her tension was fortunately relieved by the sensation of Esperia’s slick body sliding up hers, before her lover whispered a recommendation into her ear. Fia nodded in agreement, knowing that it was best to receive that assurance from a not reliable source before they began trusting the words of this enigmatic feline. Yet it still frustrated her a little, that they knew so very little about what this Magus had planned for her...

”I’m just gonna ask it... Fia suddenly declares, staring daggers into the black cat. ”...What the hell does this magus want with me?

For a moment, Salem sat perfectly still, as a devious grin formed on his expression. ”All he wants... Is everything that the Titan stands for.” The feline answered enigmatically, before casually strolling toward the exit of the healing springs. ”I’ll be waiting outside for you ladies. You don’t have to get out right meow, please, take your time! Was the last thing Salem announces before he made his proper exit.

Fia kept her eyes on the kitty as it left, and not until the animal was out of her sight did she breath a sigh of relief, her body relaxing a little. Gods, that encounter had her so tense, but fortunately, she’d already thought of one way to cool off before she and Esperia left the springs.

”We should probably get out soon too...” Fia groaned. Her eyes, however, crept downward at the girl against her, on her slick, wet and uncovered body as a hand subtly crept across Esperia’s waist. ”But first...”

With a strong and swift movement, Fia grabbed one of Esperia’s hands and grasped her waist more tightly, pivoting her around as she stood up to pin her hand against one of he spring’s walls, as she gently bent her lover over in front of her, Fia standing right behind her lover with a perfect view and opening, as a hand crept up her lovers thigh...

”Ya made me feel really damn good earlier... Don’t think Ill waist any time returnin’ the favor...”

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