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Magnolia to Crocus [Foot travel]

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#1Akira Shimada 

Magnolia to Crocus [Foot travel] Empty Tue Jan 30, 2018 3:10 pm

Akira Shimada
'It is easier to just walk it...' she muttered, to her herself, while throwing in all her things into the backpack and almost subconsciously planning her journey. Maybe the girl was still just stalling, as she unpacked and repacked everything. With Tsuru already having gone ahead, she had a chance to just bolt for it, maybe she'd never had to face him again... Or anyone. But could she really live with herself for being the one who fled at the sign of danger?

It was tough to face her inner demon, the fear of true confrontation. If the rumors she'd heard from that Captain they'd helped. She was bound to take them seriously, which silly Rune Knight would actually attempt recruiting in Magnolia, they must be desperate. She wondered if the crown would seek help from the guilds too... She'd never been talkative but all the contemplation and the battles inside her head had accentuated her usual demeanor as a loner. Maybe that's why Tsuru was happy to have gotten rid of her solemn company. The walk would take about three days, her partner had about a six-hour lead. The girl would be passing through another town.

From the outskirts of Magnolia, she traced her path towards the Capital, every step instilling a sense of dread in her heart. It turned out there was a path through the mountains that circumvented the town of Era, so she didn't actually have to cross it at all. It would mean she'd be camping by herself outside, but ironically, such risks never scared her as much as the prospect of war and violence for control and power.  Perhaps going through Era would have been faster, but obviously, Aki didn't want that.

She wondered if Tsuru had caught on to her tactics and speculated about whether he'd judge her or give her the benefit of doubt. In all their work together, she couldn't say the guy didn't intrigue her at all, she often found herself wondering what the hell made him the way he was, maybe once this whole Crocus rumor was put to rest, or dealt with, she'd have the chance to ask him.

Having crossed the mountain terrain, another day and she was approaching the grandiose Capitol. Just the possibility of a grim future stole so much from the town's beauty, granting it a creepy and eerie atmosphere. 'Well, here I am... best get to finding Tsuru or something.' she muttered as the pair ambled in through the large doors.


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