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Mindless Steps.(Foot Travel to Crocus)

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#1Regis Karlinius 

Mindless Steps.(Foot Travel to Crocus) Empty Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:48 pm

Regis Karlinius
This was most like a step forward towards nothing but being lost again this area was the first spot he seemed to have an idea slowly of what was around him or even at least decently safe in the area, anyone who had been able to realize what was going on could have easily contained and kept Regis safe and away from other and him as well safe and able to be kept out of trouble but now the situation would be changed since Regis' pointless lost walking was leading him out of Magnolia and else were slowly but surely.

The only sounds Regis' mind kept track of where the one he remembered and heard often. the movement of his armor it was of a clanking noise that it was the only thing he realize that was coming from him for the moment, but felt like some else was slowing him down one of his leg felt in pain and thus he dragged it slowly forward making the dragging noise he would have to adjust too, making his mind paranoid slightly to the clank of his armor because the focus of it was gone.

He trail an animal on his walk at one point it was small and a fluffy only thing Regis could make out is the its death cry and he caught it and ate it raw, it tasted horrible for at least his sane mind if it was there would think its horrible tasting but it kept him going and alive.

While at one point in his walk he started hearing voices, voices he once felt like he knew like it was his family. These voices were in his head because he looked around quickly and even completely backwards, slopply enough to spin himself and fall over on the ground pick himself up and continue his way too Cocus....eventually.

Wordcount: 314/300


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