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Who Am I?{Magnolia to Crocus (foot travel)}

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Who Am I?{Magnolia to Crocus (foot travel)} Empty Sat Jan 27, 2018 8:15 pm

The man rolled around on the floor, groaning. Looking up his version blurred momentarily. When it came into focus the man sat on the floor in some kind of hotel room, he had no idea who he was. He knew where he was, Fiore, that was simple. All he had was blankness. When he looked for something inside what was his head, but all he had was space. Scrambling for something all he had was feelings, sadness, happiness, love, anger. Groaning in anger he rolled back over on the floor. Who was he!

Standing up he looked at what surrounded him. There was a clean room, a small backpack lay on the floor, it was full of stuff, maybe he should take it. Looking at the mirror he inspected who he was. He was tall, at least he thought so. He was muscular than the average person, at least that's what the tiny bit of knowledge that he had explained to him. Sighing he pulled out things from the backpack that might be his, it was beyond his knowledge, at least from what he could decipher.

The white leather book he pulled out of the back pack was in hundreds of different language and he could decipher none of them. Flipping through the pages he finally settled on something in english. It was some story of a strong man who went on to be a great protector and warrior. The nameless man liked that. Reading on the man turned out to be a great magician.

The nameless man put away the book in the bag and threw it on his shoulder for now he would travel to crocus, one city he could remember. He'd obviously need some kind of name, maybe the name of the man in the book. Varian Chevalier

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Who Am I?{Magnolia to Crocus (foot travel)} ULuOEQW
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