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Relaxing is good

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#1Theo Kaguya 

Relaxing is good  Empty Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:19 pm

Theo Kaguya
Having looked under every signal rock in Baska T.K sat in the middle of the town square completely exhausted and slightly stressed out Isabella when I find you will have to answer to me. he thought pulled out his notebook and started to write down just how much time he spent looking for her and the things that had happened to him while doing so. Time flew by as he wrote in his book even though some of the people just looked at him as if he was a madman or inspiring writer that had a brainstorm. T.K stopped writing as he burnt himself out after two hour's of writing non-stop I should explore around some more before I have to head back home. he told himself putting his book back in his bag.

T.K walked around the Square in hopes of finding something or someone to pass the time with. Even though the time he spent here in town was rather short the young knight found that things may go better by just relaxing and having time for himself. "So this is what's it's like to destress." T.K sat and did some cloud watching to pass the time.

#2Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Perhaps she was just getting bitter, the thing that she had lost the ability to control her magic, the stupid cynical voice in her voice.. it was sometimes enough for the former-fire mage. She stood in Baska, by mistake she had arrived here; she had fallen asleep in the train and instead of getting out in her home town Orchidia she had ended up in Baska. Definitely not her plan of action but it did happen and because of a lot of reasons which she couldn't name in her mind: she didn't leave yet.

She took a deep breath and stared at a sign indication to see where she should go to kill time. One pointed out the barracks of the Rune Knight and her mind quickly wondered about Alice, about Regis, and Sekiya before she looked back at the signs. Perhaps she should try and work out on a job? She was sure she would get lost though in finding the quest board. Since she didn't immediately see it here on the square, she finally walked towards the one person that she noticed that looked nice and calm, "Hi, excuse me. Are you from around? I'm looking for the quest board." She hoped he had any idea about what she meant with that.

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#3Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
T.K had started to fall asleep when he a woman with long black hair walked over to him Isabella? Is that you? he asked himself sitting up to see that the women was just another traveler Everyone with black hair is starting to look like her now, he thought rubbing his right eye. "Sorry about that I thought you were my sister but yes the Task Wall is in the town square next to the salon shop." he smiled as he stood up and did a small stretch "Allow me to take you there. I couldn't call my self a Rune Knight if I didn't help someone that asked for it." he smiled dusting himself off. Relaxing would have to wait just until helped the young women find the task wall and get her situated around Baska even though he only been there for close to a week, Guess I should make sure she's not on the watch list when I get the chance. the one thing that he had been forgetting to do when he has come in contact with people but he's a good judge of character so it's never been a problem before.

#4Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
Phoebe tilted her head a bit to the left as the person she had asked, who seemed quite young, looked a bit surprised to see her, perhaps enthusiastic but that disappeared soon. He apologized, saying that he thought for a second that he was her sister. "You lost your sister?" she asked, lost in the word of not being able to find, not in the meaning of forever unreachable. She turned over her shoulder though when he explained that the task wall, that must mean the quest board, was in the town square and she had just left that, how stupid. She had not seen it at all. "Oh a Rune Knight how cool. You are the second one I talk to face to face. The first one being Alice, perhaps you heard of her?" There must be many knights afterall considering the size of Fiore.

She would wait for the stranger to be ready, which made her realize that she had not even asked his name or introduced herself, "I'm Phoebe by the way. Phoebe Rainsworth, thanks for helping me." She could use to do something if she would stay in Baska for a while, instead of doing what she originally planned; going home. Mary, she wondered how her sister was doing.

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#5Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
T.K picked up his bad and turned to the young women "In a way yes. We decided to travel apart for a while but I haven't heard anything from her." tell the women about his sister made him feel somewhat uncomfortable but he couldn't not tell her. He listened to her as she spoke to him about meeting other Rune Knights "You know Captian Alice how has she been!?" it had be some time since he had last seen Alice or any of his team members for that matter, Pull it back T.K your a Knight don't get too excited he told himself. Once he had collected his belongings the young knight began to walk "It's nice to meet you, Ms. Phoebe, you can call me T.K. If you don't mind telling me but what kind of work are you looking for?" it was a fair question to ask as she didn't have to answer if she did not want to. T.K pulled out the photo of him and Isabella and let out a small sigh I will find you Bell don't worry just don't do anything crazy until then, he wanted to stay positive but as the days went by it became harder to do but his smile never faded as he walked down the path.

#6Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
She didn't want to pry but the whole idea that people lost each other, well she felt a bit lost herself, "Well Fiore is a big country, I'm sure you will find her soon." How was she sure, no idea, it was just an idea to stay positive. Or so you hope. She simply ignored the other voice, this wasn't going to work out anyway. Why ruin a person his day while he was being friendly to her?

When she told him that she met Alice, he seemed to get very excited... captain hmm interesting. "Well I met her months ago in Orchidia. She came to pick up a book in the store of my father." She wasn't sure what more she knew about Alice, she didn't talk to her for a very long time, they shared a cup of tea, talked about Mary and that was about it, "She seems to be a very busy person." She said with a soft chuckle.

T.K. it was nice to meet him, he asked her what job she was looking for and she frowned, something adventurous, "Something to keep me busy, something not too difficult. I'm trying to save some money to go back home to Orchidia." She gave him a smile, "To see my sister." She couldn't help but say, she didn't know why, she certainly couldn't wait to see Mary again but still, also her dad. If she had not fallen asleep an had been so weak willed, coward, yeah yeah; she would have been there already. She didn't even need money, she had enough.

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#7Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
As they started to walk T.K listened to what Phoebe was saying, he didn't want to say anything that would make him look silly in front of someone that he was helping "Captain Alice is always like that at times." he blushed little as he quickly turned away from her. Why does talking of Captian make my heart beat so fast? he asked himself as he couldn't ever fully explain his feelings when this happened, "I see, then I'm sure your sister will be happy to see you. Oh ya what kind of books does your store have" the young knight's face lit up with joy as the mear thoughts the types of books filled his mind but he loved fantasy adventure books due to his mother reading them to him when he was very small. He looked around to see that he had gone the wrong way while they talked Did I take a left or right when getting here? for some reason, it felt like he had forgotten the way to get back to town. T.K had started to see that he went down the left path instead of the right one as they walked and quickly turned back around.

#8Phoebe Rainsworth 

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Phoebe Rainsworth
It seemed that T.K. knew enough about Alice and she had only met her once, "Oh well I bet you will meet her again. She seems to be everywhere." Phoeb gave a short smile again and followed the Knight along on their way towards the quest board. The conversation was turned to her sister and the books. "Oh yeah I bet Mary is thrilled to take my clothes again." she said with a chuckle. "Oh we have all kind of books. Fantasy, thriller." She said trying to figure out what more genres she should say.

Suddenly she looked up at T.K. for he had started to turn around and she followed him, noticing the board. "Oh there it is. Thank you. It was nice talking to you. I hope you meet Alice soon again." She said after thanking T.K. again and she walked towards the board to pick out a quest that was on there. She wondered shortly if she would meet up with Alice ever again, but it was sure interesting to meet another knight. For now. She would figure out what to do, daydreaming wouldn't help her get any money into her pocket.


Relaxing is good  VZmj2zD
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#9Theo Kaguya 

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Theo Kaguya
"I hope so she always has good advice when I need it." Which was true as he really wanted to have another talk with her but after he found his own sister. With all the talk about books, he thought about buying some new books before heading to the next town, he thought of what books he would get when the task board was in site which meant that his job had been completed so. Even though it was supposed to be a day of relaxing found just have something else to do was exactly what he needed and just like his first day in Baska he has managed to meet another kind-hearted person that he could hopefully cal a friend if they saw each other again. "I'll be sure to stop by your store when I'm in Orchidia." he waved goodbye with the hope that they will meet again and maybe he could meet her sister and talk about their favorite books. As they parted ways the young knight made his way back to the inn and wrote the days events in his notepad 'Today was yet another eventful day.' after writing down the days events he placed a bookmark in it and went to bed.


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