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Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie]

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#1Lacie Eventide 

Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:30 am

Lacie Eventide
Lacie didn't had the easiest week going on in Baska and it was actually better if she would leave but that idea had basically not crossed her mind yet because nothing had happened yet. She had avoided the Knights as the plague and the idea that two strong mages were looking for her was a bit nervous but she didn't say anything. She got a letter that morning in the inn where she was living for now. She had stayed one in the centre of town but changed after bumping into Kon and Alice and attack Kon. She had not expected that it would work but that didn't matter over the feeling that it did. She took the letter and smelled the parfume that came off and she coughed because it was quite a strong smell. There was in a fancy handwritting the name: Fernando, on it.

This could only mean that it was for the two of them, Judina and Lacie, to do another job for the fashion designer. The letter didn't mention anything about finding Judina and she seriously hoped that Judina got a letter herself because she couldn't go and waltz into the barracks to find her friend, that would basically be suicide. She sighed and got up from the chair where she sat on and take her belongs and coat before she headed out towards the boutique in the middle of town. Hopefully there was no knight looking out for her.

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#2Judina † 

Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:29 am

Judina †
The cycle continued again, the looped started over for the clueless woman, Most people would most likely point out or try to get Judina to realize that slight changes in this friends behavior and that she should look into it but has yet to hit her mind, She was working and nothing else seemed to be what she needed unless mentioned to ordered otherwise of her.

Stretching out for her normal morning habits being done she checked and had a letter. Not shocking she seemed to expect it now, a day with out it would be rather almost unsettling slightly to her then again change was weird with her, did not like it overly and just dealt with it otherwise.

But she got a letter, opening to read it was from whom she expected it to be from it was time to do another mission. So just continued already on her way to head out and do the mission.

Like clock work, it was a relief if anything because it saved from problems in her thoughts and settled her mind for now to save her energy and will for other things.

She would hum a peaceful tune, one that she always hum, one Lacie would know it was her from humming while she walked outside of the building and towards were they were going to meet to start working, it was kind of like she felt content for letting the peace and work lay where it was for the moment.

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#3Lacie Eventide 

Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:10 pm

Lacie Eventide
Going carefully through the streets, Lacie kept her eyes open for any person that might look like a knight and that might look like he or she was looking for someone. But she had gone through Baska with relatively ease and would arrive at the Boutique of Fernando not much later. She was the first to arrive and she noticed the designer looking happily at his fabrics, some she recognized as the ones she had found with Judina, who she had not spotted yet. "Hello." She simply greeted the designer, who greeted her back and said they would wait for Judina to show up, which didn't take that much longer and Lacie smiled at her friend.

"Good, good you are both here now, I can explain the task I have for you two." Fernando started and Lacie nodded, no time to ask Judina how she was doing but than again they had seen each other recently. She was afraid though, deadly afraid that Judina had spoken to her sister. But since she wasn't arrested immediately on sight, it would probably be fine. She turned her gaze back to the designer and listen to him go on about a pair of golden scissors. She wouldn't really care about such legends but alright, if it would pay her than why would she deny it? Fernando told them that there was a rumour that a merchant had arrived with such a golden scissor and they would have to find it.


#4Judina † 

Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:09 am

Judina †
It like the past few days were gone for Judina and she had left her worries behind, the walk helped too and so did the time alone for the moment, Work was find and she had nothing else to worry about."I wonder what is arising this day." She seemed to mention to herself exactly to where Lacie and the assumed person whom they would be working for.

Which Judina realized it was the same person as yesterday since made her wonder what was else was needed to be done? that or if this man was too lazy to pick up his own things, Either way work was work and not much else would be done at this point side from maybe going to drink by herself at the the local pub, Which she could try later if she really wanted something to do or felt lonely.

"Good morning, What is the task for today?"
Even if anything else the time would tell why it was important for the both of them to get it, If anything if Judina was the type to Judina would have mentioned how silly she felt story was to her but it was behind business that Judina and Lacie would have to do for him because He could not leave story, It was more money for the both of them in the end until Judina if ever had anything else pop up on her to deal with. "Sounds simple enough it won't take long."Judina said with a smile.

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#5Lacie Eventide 

Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:15 pm

Lacie Eventide
Just like Judina, Lacie had guessed that this job wasn't that difficult and that the two of them would be back before you know it but Fernando warned the two of them that it wasn't that easy. There were a lot of buyers for this legendary golden pair of scissors, so he handed quite a bag of jewels to Lacie and asked the two of them to be as persuasive as they could be to get the merchant to let them buy the golden scissors. She simply nodded, waited for Fernando to say more before turning her back on him and waiting for Judina to follow her out of the shop. When she heard the door close behind her, she turned to her friend. "Please tell me that you find this ridiculous as well?" Not only the legend but the fact that there were so many buyers for such a stupid thing and the idea that the man couldn't try and buy the thing himself. He seemed to know far more about it than they and how would that help them be persuasive as well as convince a merchant. If she was the merchant, she wouldn't want to discuss a good price for a legendary item if the person wasn't willing to come himself and send people that had no idea about the worth of such an item. "Let's head to the market before more people show up, how are you by the way?" Lacie said immediately after suggesting to take the walk towards the place where they had to be, the sooner they would be able to talk with the merchant and get the item: the better.


#6Judina † 

Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sat Jan 20, 2018 3:31 pm

Judina †
It seemed like Lacie had the same idea as her, But Judina has been a little more quiet about it even with the leaving the person whom gave them the job behind and not able to hear them at all."I do agree this is quite, silly almost to the manner of stupid."Judina said rather still in the manner polite which could be normal of her."That of him making sure his store is open on time and want to be there for the start we will never know."But what else was really to happen? was this persons reputation also on the line as well for him being in his shop all of the time as well?

It just seemed it normal going to the market trip with Lacie at this point, Just before anything else was open or anyone else but a small group of people around. She almost forgot about the polite starting of how she was doing because she never thought she would experience a place so dead and early in the day."I feel pretty normal today, got all the sleep and rest i needed to catch up on and seem to have needed." seeing the spot they needed to arrive at Judina looked upon the group of people and started to think what was next.

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#7Lacie Eventide 

Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 3:27 pm

Lacie Eventide
They were on their way to the market and Lacie was actually glad to know that Judina agreed in her way of thinking albeit much more polite, that this was a weird job. Why convince a merchant to buy something if you were better at it yourself. She sighed, well it didn't matter for now she would just do the job and enjoy her time with her friend. Which lead her to asking Judina how she was doing, remembering that last time she was struggling with sleep and perhaps stress. She had not had the courage to ask if she had seen Waylon or her sister this time around. "Oh that's good to hear. Now keep it up." she said with a short giggle as she entered the still empty market place and stared at the little group of people, "And here I thought we were already early. The market isn't even open yet." she muttered slightly annoyed. But she spotted the seller immediately, a short plump man that looked a bit stressed out by all the people already there for him. Pipping up in a too high speech that he wasn't open yet. She narrowed her eyes, "Let's walk around the crowd and knock on the back of the stall, we need to convince this man that we need to buy that pair of scissors." She said to Judina and with a short look at her friend, she took a walk around the closest stands so people won't spot them and knocked on the back of the market stand from the merchant. "H-Hello?" ugh timid person.

"Hi, I'm Lacie and this is my friend Judina. We know you are not open for business yet, but I see these wolves wondering for a special item and I just want to say that it would be a shame to sell it to them as they would only put it up on display. I believe you are familiar with the legend? Wouldn't it be wonderful to make special clothing for people? Being able to make them, pretty dresses for girls just looking for the right one for their date, or little kids just wanting to look good at school for the first day and the school pictures don't forget. I can come up with a lot more examples but yeah I just.. I'm here for mister Fernando, a famous designer but that's not why I came here to immediately bargain for it, I just came to warn." She gave him a polite smile, looked at Judina, gave a quick almost invisible wink and turned around. Counting to three in her mind. "Wait miss Lacie, miss Judina. That sounds like a good idea, let me sell it to you, that takes my hands of this troubled thing and give it to a good person with a good cause." So she turned around, smiled politely, asked his price and gave the jewels. With that she walked away from the man and smiled at Judina, "Now that went well." and without much further ado she walked to Fernando to hand him the scissor and grab her reward. "Sorry I can't stay Judina, I have a lot to do. But we catch up soon okay?" she said indeed in a hurry. She heard the gossip that Lucifer was here.


#8Judina † 

Golden Scissor [Quest: Judina & Lacie] Empty Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:02 pm

Judina †
It seemed pretty simple but as well as slightly rude for them both to walk forward past the line of people, this was an odd feeling but since no one protested when they did Judina would just be complacent and continue on her way, work was work and no actual laws have been broken yet, Nor have they broken as well so it would be on their way like normal, But Lacie did have a point with going around the way of the market is who get their to buy it first or who sells what is better then another, has been for many years  no sense of changing it now.

But it seemed like it was a different for the moment mostly from Lacie her actions and the way she acted would be the reverse of what Judina was use to for felt like she was normally it could easily make her worried and unsure about who Lacie was or if this is how Lacie normally acted but most likely would keep it to herself, After all maybe it was temporary maybe it was something else different Judina could not judge or know 100% for sure. Listening to the story Lacie spoke Judina did start to wonder what was different or going on after all to make a story like that how could she know of that was fully the case Judina could have swore she heard a few people talking about what clothing they would make with what they were picking up.

But before her mind would make up to speak up about it the deal was done, it was all over paid for and they where already leaving. "Well, It was good to see you when I have been, I shall hopefully see you another time."Polite as always it was slightly sad how Judina felt odd about what happen but got the job done.

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