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Troublesome Transactions [quest|Rishi]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

Troublesome Transactions [quest|Rishi] Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:48 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Tonight Rishi was going on her first quest in the town of Era. This town seemed a lot more lively than Hargeon, and there wasn't a beach in sight. She sort of missed the ocean breeze that would flow in and let her hair gently flow behind her, but she can't mourn over the past, it was still there and it wasn't ever going to go anywhere. She would just have to go back later to visit her new favorite town sometime later on in her life. For now though she was going to have to do a quest for a man named Gaud, and her task wasn't too hard. all she had to do was buy something from someone down an alley. That's the easy way to put it. She still had to find the person that she was going to buy this thing from, in the middle of the night, with many dark alleys that run through the town. Gaud had already given her a map that was to locate the alley, but it was very hard to read in the dark. She wasn't going to use magic, as that might draw attention from anyone who might be out at such a late hour like herself.

She walked down the alleyways looking for a dim streetlight or something that she could stop under but she couldn't seem to find anything. Her last resort was to use just a few small embers that could help her see the map. She really couldn't understand why there weren't any lights right now but then again she didn't really have too much of a problem with it. She had her magic that would work just as well, and it's not like she was using a lot of it, she was only using it like she had a lit match.

After a while she had finally found the alley and it seemed the person selling it had already been there, which seemed a little suspicious to be honest, but then again, this was a shady quest in the first place so it couldn't get much worse than this. She walked up to the person who was fully cloaked and very shady. She just stood there for a second before saying, "Gaud sent me with the money, you got your end of the deal?"

The cloaked figure stood there and looked at her as well, unsure about what to say. He probably wasn't expecting such a young girl to approach him, especially at this time of night for this kind of thing. To be honest, she never thought she would have ended up out here either, but hey, a job is a job, and as long as she was getting paid, she didn't care what she had to do.

The air was chilling her arms, she had come dressed in darker colors but no jacket of any kind for some reason, she just hadn't been thinking ahead. She warmed her hands up while she waited for the man and rubbed them against her arms, feeling the warmth making her a little more relaxed. A few moments later the man pulled out a large tooth from a beast of some kind, one she wasn't able to identify, which was unusual. She was normally able to identify tracks, smells, fur, and other things of the sort but this tooth just seemed... odd. She wasn't going to go into much more thought with this small detail that really didn't involve her, so she just put it into the back of her mind and would ponder it later. Just as she finished her thought, the man took the tooth and put it back into his cloak for a second and then turned around. She wondered what he could possibly be doing and was going to take a step forward, but right in the middle of the thought he turned back around with the tooth in a neatly wrapped bag. She had wondered why he had turned around if it had been something as harmless as that, but she was doing to much thinking right now and sometimes thinking gets you killed. She just needed to be on guard and ready for something to happen.

She pulled out the pouch full of jewels and they had made a fair trade, and then turned around and walked back to where they had came from. That may have sounded easy, but again, she wandered around in the dark due to her lack of vision. Then she had remembered something. She was a vampire and could just use her night vision. She had now felt really dumb for not thinking of that before and smashed her head into a wall. It made the building shake a bit and she started to bleed only a bit, but she didn't find that much of a concern, as it didn't really hurt her and she didn't hurt anyone else.

Now that she could see she walked all the way back to where Gaud was staying, handed him the took, and he had payed her for her services. The only question she had for him was why he didn't go and get the tooth himself, but she wasn't even going to attempt to ask, as that would be rude and that just isn't the kind of person she was planning to be at that moment. That one saying that goes "think before you speak" really came in handy there, otherwise she was sure that she wouldn't have gotten the money and probably would have gotten her ass thrown out of there as well. She walked out and back down the dark streets back to her hotel room. This quest wasn't the absolute best quest she had been on, nor the most logical one, but she got payed, and getting payed keeps her alive, so she shouldn't really be complaining. Now she just had to go to sleep to see what tomorrow was planning on bringing her.

Tags: @Quest
Word Count: 1000/1000
Notes: Let's all be friends, ne?

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