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Right Way to Wonder.(Open)

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Right Way to Wonder.(Open) Empty on Thu Dec 21, 2017 1:26 pm

Thinking his travels had stopped for the moment, But mostly because he wanted to see what all places of the world, Maybe if Waylon would think his plans out better he wouldn't end up in places like he did not now. But for the most part it was just an uneasy for being in a new area he had yet to be in.

This area was quite different, was the first word Waylon had in mind when he realized in was in a town. It's mood was really different then most this place was much more creepy and slightly spooky feeling. Almost like he thought he went some where he was not allow or should not be around or even in area all from this feeling in the air around him. But he felt the need to stick around, even with the looming sense of danger around it was still a town and people still lived in this place maybe there was a new friend to be had.

He would just hop for the best while he walked around, He had a feeling he would have to becareful of where he went and what streets he turned into around here, If anything try and find the place that seemed to have the most kind of friendly people in it first and go from their it seemed like the better idea to do, So just quietly keeping to himself Waylon would continue walking in Dahlia hoping in his mind for the best to come out of this situation for him.


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■ 219 WORDS ■ "Aren't you interesting?"

Life was tangible. Everyone was expendable. Someone's life was always worth more than yours. . . and of course everyone has a price. In death, and in life.

Caitlyn lingered onto thoughts like these throughout her normal day. Her mind was cynical and corrupt in just about every possible way. But even so, she had a job to do. Everyone had a job to do.

She was the remaining Manji within Dahlia as per their law. As per, she would remain until another would take her place and allow her to move freely. But even so, she didn't mind. This city, this town, this village, this collective of buildings. This was her home. To wander these infested streets past the local murderers and thieves was just her life. To care to the sick and dying within her home that smelled of decay; that was her calling. It was her life to live. And as much as she hated the smells, it was something that would always remind her of home. She found comfort in her discomfort.

And to walk these streets in the midst of the afternoon through this muggy town was just another pastime. Few new faces arrived and often when they did, it was a race to see who could get them first.

After all, even murderers need some fresh entertainment.


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Waylon started to wonder how people lived here, maybe it was the grimness of it, These kind of places he would be yelled at by almost anyone he knew for going here simply because this was a spot considered almost a bit too dangerous for some one like Waylon to walk around in. He thought anyway, Waylon's mind like always was on the thought of what he could learn of this place of what the people if any friendly ones were like.

What were the were the positives of living in this area? if any, what are the people like? do people here exists that just won't stab and or murder you for no reason. Why do people live here? Waylon seemed mostly to have childish like questions and thoughts, maybe because he wanted to see the good in all places, But then again whom did he have to ask he was still avoiding the areas that might get him harmed so he would just seem to look.

But Waylon's clueless child like mind would speak aloud, this was normal of him."I wonder if there is anyone friendly here." It was a feeling of a need to socialize and maybe need a new person. Waylon did not think it would be much trouble to him, such things would lead to a shock to Waylon's thoughts,mind and system he was dumb to how dangerous to the world could be, naive and clueless there was something about that could be interesting about it, but also easily seen as really stupid of him at the same time, this kind of thinking and view of life is something that Waylon did not think could get him trouble or harmed in this area, In time he would learn what would happen here if everything went as it normally did.


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■ 219 WORDS ■ "Aren't you interesting?"

"Friendly, yes. Deadly, yes as well." She said it in reply, instinctively without thinking. She had no idea what man was before her, nor if she should have been so loose with her words.

She would continue to walk through the streets to see the man not far from her. His back was turned to her, and the silence of the city would echo making the scene quite errie. But even Caitlyn wasn't that dumb. He could have been anybody, just as she could have been.

"I hope you don't plan to stay here long." she would say again to the man. ". . . On the streets I mean. It's dangerous at night." Her tone would shift to be more curious and more . . . well girly. She was holding onto curiosity. She would serve her god well, but she couldn't help but wonder who the man was. He was no doubt an outsider.

"it's safe in the Temple. It's where most of the refugees live now." She almost regretted her words, almost. Something about the man drew her to him. Was it just a new face that intrigued her, or was it something more?

It didn't matter. She would leave this city soon enough. There was matters to tend to.

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Right Way to Wonder.(Open) Empty on Thu Dec 28, 2017 11:15 pm

Hiroshi Ikatana

"Dangerous you say?" Hiroshi said jumping down from a rooftop and barging into their conversation. This wasn't normal of Hiroshi to do but he hasn't spoken to very many people here, seeing how long he's been here that might be bad for his health. "I think you may be a little off on that statement. If you can make your way around town silently at night, then there should be no problem. I've been doing that for quite a long time and I haven't seen not one vampyre, lycan, or anything else of the sort come near me," he said bluntly. It was true, he hadn't had many encounters with any monsters, but there could be people who didn't have the stealth skills that he had, so there would be a problem there. If you think about it though, if you can't make your way around town like a ninja at night, why even go outside? There would be no point in even trying if you knew that you wouldn't be able to outsmart the beasts that lurk outside. He adjusted his shirt and stepped into the circle that they had been chatting in, trying to weasel his way in. "Oh yeah, sorry to barge into your conversation, I just haven't talked to anyone in a while, I normally stay in the shadows. I'm Hiroshi," he said waiting for a reply.

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Right Way to Wonder.(Open) Empty on Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:37 pm

oh how such situations has changed rather quickly, It was interesting one seemed to be warn confirming how he was feeling on edge was the good feeling to have side from not knowing either of these two just striking his mind and Waylon not being good at being social and also not being really good with new people over all that hitting his mind right now made him nervous and realized maybe this idea was his should have been better planned by Waylon for this very situation, But he would manage himself well for a moment just keeping a peaceful slightly smile on his face he would do his best to just keep his mind in the straight and normal about meeting new people, he had no one else to help him.

It is safe in the temple? what was this temple for? is it a pretty temple? He would at least answer the  he wouldn't be staying long."No, I do not plan to stay long, I am traveling mage normally so I spend my time until I need or feel like i should move."It was how he normally did it, with this odd feeling maybe Waylon would seek safety of this temple,So far it seemed pretty nice and turned around to face this lady which she seemed interesting nonetheless Waylon did not judge looks or tried not too, mostly he was trying to cover up his fear of now people.

Then some one else spoke up, A male he seemed out of nowhere, He was unsure what else to say but thought hiding in the shadows seemed pretty cool and useful if he could that. but he mentioned something that Waylon did not know."vampyres and werewolfs?" Waylon said slightly worried in his tone of voice but it was light and almost mixed well with how he spoke, He travel but did not know that at all, But this is what Waylon set out to learn, That and learn about what he could of himself,gain some friends and maybe anything else he could, he was just winging life at this point.


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■ 202 WORDS ■ "Aren't you interesting?"

Anyone foolish enough to jump from a rooftop at risk of self harm was far too foolish for her liking. Her simple encounter was taking a turn down a path she dared not to allow herself to travel.

With the man's response she would nod and hum in reply. His answer was quick and orderly, and as such she found no need to stay any more than needed. If that man wished to follow her, than so be it.

The second man however was a liability. She was not going to allow herself to be drawn out by someone who claimed to hide within the shadows, only to make the most abrupt entrance in a conversation. She never enjoyed the company of people like him.

She would take a soft step backwards, watching the both of them. If she was no longer needed, she would no longer remain. There was a million things to do. To turn a wanderer to an ally was one of those possibilities. However at the risk of attracting any of Santos's men was not worth the risk. She would rather have a few in secret than to have a small army to that man's knowledge.


she had mouths to feed.

#8Hiroshi Ikatana 

Right Way to Wonder.(Open) Empty on Sun Dec 31, 2017 7:40 pm

Hiroshi Ikatana

The first man seemed a bit clueless, like he had no idea why he was even there and the dangers that awaited him. "Well yes, there are many monsters that lurk around here, and vampyres and lycans are only a few." He couldn't believe he had to explain this, but there were a lot more than many people who don't come around the strange town of Dahlia, so he could convince himself to understand that he was going to have to do this one time or the next, so it's better now then later, otherwise his mood most likely would have been terrible, and even he wouldn't want to deal with himself at that point.

He then saw the woman step back from the two of them, as if something had gone wrong and she was like a hawk making sure no one made a move that would threaten her in any way. He wasn't sure why this had happened, and what had caused her to do such and thing so fast, but it had happened. It could be because of something else though, and he really wasn't going to put any more thought into it than that. "So where you planning on going? You did say that you were just traveling, and traveling is really the only reason for most if they pass through here," he said to the man. He was very curious, as he hasn't seen very many people in town lately and this temple the lady had mentioned he had never heard of before.

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It was an odd situation for Waylon to be in two new people, one always walking away and Waylon was interested in following the lady walking away, what was this temple? why was it here? was it pretty? are the people friendly there? Or at least not going to stab Waylon like these two have so far. The guy was interesting and seemed interested in speaking with Waylon.

He would at least answer the man before he followed."I travel everywhere actually, I just moved out from my mother and fathers and just traveled to learn about myself,life and things around it." Waylon mentioned. "I like to see the sieghts of the world, the beauty in places, Learn what i can just by myself alone really." It was stated how Waylon liked enjoy and live his life for the moment.

He seemed to leave it at that for his curious mind lead him to want to follow the lady that walked away, he was interested of this temple it seemed, Learning about people as well as the lady herself and what she was like just to learn what he could he had no ill-will then that is mostly because he was to simple minded to do anything else really he just wanted to see and why how people were happy and such, his mind was innocent to anything else that people could do, innocent to anything that could get him hurt really, over time people would learn that most likely would not do much anything he could learn then just keep it to himself.

That and Waylon wanted a place to sit down for a bit maybe rest for the night at least, he did not want much he had his own food and water at least just needed a place to lay down. In the end of his thought he made up his mind and slowly walked his way to follow the lady.


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■ 206 WORDS ■ "Aren't you interesting?"

With the strange man still with them, she was uneasy and reluctantly went with the man. No normal person would do that, would they? Caitlyn sure wouldn't, not even with some innate power. It wouldn't matter how kind or sweet the man was. He made her sick, the thought of the possibilities made her nauseous.

"If it means anything," she began, "I've traveled to most of the cities and towns of Fiore." She'd smile to Waylon, the man she met before this confusion.

In a city full of beast and monsters, she felt more and more like prey with the second man. She felt cornered, and even rats fight back when they're cornered.

"Name's Caitlyn." she would tell him.

She wanted nothing more than to reach out to followers of her temple. It was her purpose. That would be the only redemption for this strange man. She had no interest in him other than that possibility. As for the first man, she held onto curiosity and stories of his adventure. He would ease her boredom, if even for just a bit.

It was all she wanted from this. She just wanted to find enjoyment. But rather, she found herself stressed thinking of the worst possible outcomes.


Right Way to Wonder.(Open) Empty on Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:19 am

it was interesting to hear that form Caitlyn, It left Waylon with his slight smile it would be interesting to see what it was like for her."My name is Waylon." He started off by mentioning that. "Waylon Cornelius Karlinius." his full name? was hie foolish or just too honest in his belief in people he has never met,both were logical thoughts to keep in mind, but Waylon was an honest and clueless man to how people could be and it was easily picked up about him.

"It means quite a lot, I hope to eventually explore this whole area one day one year, it seems to just be the only goal i have in life right now, rest i need to figure out really."
Waylon just started showing either how friendly he was and or how clueless he was, Waylon would not blame anyone if they felt uncomfortable around him for how he was acting, but he just wanted company and to stop for a break for a while."So, I am interested to learning what areas you have seen and what you know of them, I do not know what else i could do in return but I am sure i can figure out something in return."He said with a what would be normal of him a peaceful, relaxed and rather at ease smile on his face, like he was just happy with how the moment was above all else, enjoying the simple things in life.


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■ 222 WORDS ■ "Aren't you interesting?"

There wasn't much to share with the man than the memories she held of other places. Darkness ensued over here, but it was no time to let the gates open. For now, she would enjoy the little things.

"I've been as far as Oak in my travels, but recently I returned from the country of Sin." It was nothing more than a tale of samurai and culture, one that practically raised her. It was her home away from this world. It was the fortune of their home that allowed her to build such a temple.

But even so, time and age had shown it's power against the locked doors of her Fiore Home.

"An ear to tell my stories and a body to share the day with would suffice." She'd blush. "Just the company of talking to another soul is enough to pay me back for my tales."

And her mind begun to flow back into the old world that wasn't any time ago. It was lost to death and chaos, but the stories lived on in Fiore. She would never dare forget the families that raised her.

She owed them in more ways than she would ever allow herself to admit. But she would give them the world in return if they could.

If they could take it . . .


Right Way to Wonder.(Open) Empty on Sun Jan 28, 2018 5:41 pm

So far it was a good conversation to follow her and talk then again, Waylon was too simple still. Oak was a place he had not been too yet so this already got his attention and interested it was the part of the area Waylon would make his way to eventually, he just got sidetracked."The country of sin, That would be something i have not heard while traveling, I have at least heard of Oak but have yet to go there." Waylon mentioned, Rumor or talks are areas helped Waylon in many ways after all the more information in an area the better ."Should it be an area I avoid with such a name?"Waylon continued the conversation curiously.

Then again being carried away with the conversation he was not realizing that he was just walking forward cluelessly and being guided by her if anything but he was fixed on wanting to know, That and maybe the clueless mind of him not understanding the feeling of others unless it was explained him bluntly could be another factor too."Here I just enjoy the story and talking, My mother after use to just let me listen to her stories and singing, Then again it was stories that seemed more like fairy tales and make belief but I was younger then."He mentioned but still kept the tea making in mind as well since it was a useful skill much like learning to cook for himself.


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■ 202 WORDS ■ "Aren't you interesting?"

She would smile, recalling all of the good times. "It's like any place. Some people take advantage of the weak. But in Sin, there was order, not like here. It was different. Everyone was happy. Everyone gave to each other their excess, and received bountiful life in return." They would continue their conversation, walking along a long and wide road. It would be only them, and the odd looking buildings. Caitlyn knew the way around the city enough to get to where she wanted, but this time, she enjoyed the sights.

"I was once a traveling merchant. I used to collect and sell all kinds of old relics from villages in Sin and brought them to Fiore, and vice versa. All was peaceful. Everything had a price. .. but sometimes greed gets the best of people." She'd stop her story to turn to the man, "The greed of mankind will destroy countries. It's the love of each other that allows communities to grow."

She spoke from the heart, without meaning to. She had lost so much of her own life. There was so much to never forever.

So much to remember. She would never allow the memories to fade. That was her promise.


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It made him wonder how different places were even if they did not seem all that different in the end in the terms from what he heard from Caitlyn. Traveling life was different from his, Waylon personally did not sell stuff."I would say how could you tell what has order or not. But I think I am better off not asking for this area currently."after all this place had a more, murderous vibe that Waylon was slowly picking up on makes him wonder how he ended up here, But for now himself and Caitlyn seemed to safe and had no problems so Waylon did not worry about it.

It reminded him how he considered well almost such a life, plus and minus a few details that would be different. He chose to travel over becoming it."Sounds kind of nice, I might have to stop to by that area if I remember along my travels." it was before the slightly heartfelt situation happen it seemed still almost like he did not pick up on it but he did."From what my father told me, humans in nature and desire will always be flawed and harm others."It was one of the few things his father did teach him but often never saw it him otherwise it seemed like the better of lessons from him. "It seems in the end greedy corrupts and changes people in many manners."He knew, it was dissappointing to learn and realize but true.


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■ 206 WORDS ■ "Aren't you interesting?"

He had some good questions. Anyone who was willing to pick at her brains would serve of some entertainment, even for just a while.

"When you go somewhere away from home, you find someplace to stay. It was in their village that I found my home. I stayed in Sin more than I did Fiore when I was a child. Eventually I used my profits to make a temple in their honor here, in Dahlia." It was a true story, and for a child who had received a fortune using their relics, it was only right. She didn't build the temple, she paid people to do it. And to sell golden artifacts and other rare gems from Sin in Fiore, she sat on quite a fortune.

But Caitlyn was a minimalist. She didn't need the money. For what was left, was taken back to the family. She gave them her life, and would serve them until her dying breath. Buth he seemed to have his fears about Dahlia, though he was right about it mostly.

"Greed is everywhere, but as long as hope exists, there's a chance for redemption," They would speak for as long as he would allow. For now, she would enjoy the bliss.


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Waylon took a moment to think over what all places he had been."Well guess I can say I am still looking for home or someone willing to offer as well could work."Waylon laughed about it slightly like he was partly serious but was not forcing or asking anyone about it. "Sure being home in Marigold and my mother wished for me to stay, But I haven learned a lot by going too: Worth Wood Sea, Hargeon, Orchida, Era, Magnolia and Crocus." Waylon mention only just remembering now all the spots he had been.

"Most of them have been lovely, unsure if i would settle in any of them yet, I guess I would have to think about it."
Waylon mention to start with, he could do with out sleeping on the grass for once, But for now would keep that thought to himself until he thought about it in the end. "Maybe if I had some one to settle with, That and it would be nice to not sleep on the grass for once or maybe for a while." He said laughing about it but he still did have a backpack and everything he normally had."I know I have some places to go still and maybe a few hopes with it as well." Waylon did not have many hopes. "Comes I can admit i am lonely on the road a lot, don't eat much but I always have hope and positivity most of the time."It was just how he was by nature odd to see be be negative and rare."I could due with not hitting my head and tripping on things too but that is just me needing to pay attention more."Which was something he could work on one day eventually maybe he guessed.


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"Aren't you interesting?"

So he was a wanderer. He was what she used to be before all of this. Before the relgion. Before the offerings. Before she found any salvation and was fixated on finding a fortune and a place to call home. She found her home, and with it, the fortune of a family.

"Anything is possible." she would tell the man, "Wherever you go, just know that you'll always be welcome to the Manji Temple in Dahlia."

Part of her wished to join the man, but she had her own duties. She was sworn to never abandon the temple, not again. She would take her task to her grave, until the day Mikiko would take her place.

There was a lot to this world that she would never fully grasp, but that was not for her to decide. It was all set in stone of her actions and desires. But for this life, she would serve, and perhaps one day, she would be redeemed for her freedom and given her true wishes in the realm of her god.


Right Way to Wonder.(Open) Empty on Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:51 pm

He would lead him with another thought about such an offer, Waylon viewed it good and positive after all he had places to go that weren't the grass,sand floor,dirt floor, trees. the normal he was use too. With his normal friendly smile, he had grown comfortable with Caitlyn."I might not have the single of clues what the temples of the Manji, But I will keep an look out for them." but seemingly as either teasing or hopefully taken as a compliment Waylon just said."Maybe as long as you are around I will try and show up as often as I can."Waylon mentioned hopefully it was taken well and positive.

Also keeping in his mind since he was here anyway."Could you teach me of such temple? allow me to stay for as long as you would allow?"Maybe Waylon just wanted company and not be be alone on his travels, to stick as well to his wonder for the temple and what it looked like, what it was about it was all of interest to him it was a site to behold in his eyes, it was a wonder and thing to learn that he wanted to for a while and in his travels most of the time were slightly interesting this was the most interesting for the longest time. He just hoped she would say yes to his request when he did ask.

So far even if she said no, he would try and stick around he wanted to be in the company of Caitlyn for a bit until he felt like he needed to depart and leave again, For now travels were off his mind and enjoyed talking it was long over due.


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"Aren't you interesting?"

"Imagine a church, but built without gold or other lavish decorations. It is used only for worship, not a display of wealth." She spoke, and it was true. The church, every last one of them was corrupt. They collected donations to fund their own gain. The Manji temple did no such thing. The offerings were made directly to their god. The temples housed those that offered themselves to the god. That was the price everyone paid, willingly. Their own funding was always just enough, never excess.

"For such an interesting company, I would allow you to stay for as long as you desired." she would say, "Only at the cost that you bring me something either new or interesting for us to converse and learn from." She would smile. It was a small cost to pay, to listen to stories, truth or made up. She did not ask for money, nor a body guard. She only asked for someone to ease her mind. After all, she was bound to this city, and thus was left with few options to entertain herself. The sick were never interesting.

As they would continue their venture. she would find it fit and timely to then find their way to the temple. It would look no more than a wooden building of worship, like an old cheap church, without the crosses. The paint faded and peeled and several sickly people would linger outside. Within, the only decorations were the polished benches within, and the crimson run that led the door to the shrine within. The run was faded and torn from the door, but at the other end it was new, and well maintained.


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It seemed like it never bugged him really more like his follow was content and a bit more that he found enjoyment he wanted for a while, the slight peace for a while he slightly looked for and to do for either the smallest of times or longer. "Hopefully my words of promise will work for that cost."He had no idea what else to mention but his word he had no objects to give but a promise hopefully would be good.

But he wouldn't judge the building, why would he? since his home in Marigold that his mother and father lived weren't anything special nor did he have one for himself any space for him was peaceful enough, he would only be slightly unsure of the sickly people around but felt it was around but as long as none of them tried anything with him he was fine. But Waylon assumed he was fine.

This must be normal for having around a temple or he could assume for the moment, but none of them would be judge by Waylon everyone had their problems and how everyone lived is how they live which how is he was currently. Waylon could see how he could enjoy here but to him any spot was peaceful if you made it, so far it seemed it would be with Caitlyn around he assumed order was kept with her around, then again for just meeting her Waylon normally the nervous type when meeting new people and often avoided it kinds of enjoyed this moment.

"So, the slightly sickly people are peaceful as well i assume?"Waylon asked her while they came to the temple kind to double check he sounded just simply curious about them much like everything else around him, it was the child like wonder.


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"Aren't you interesting?"

She would smile at the thought of returning to her home once again. Her temple was her estate, and for as long as it stood, she would remain a Manji Shrinemaiden, the first of many in Fiore. She had brought much of the culture here, without having any of her own. After all, it's hard to honor a history you don't have. The Manji were her family.

"They stand in your way at most. A simple request for the them to disperse is enough to get them moving."

She had toyed with him for far too long. It was time for her to reveal the temple. At the end of their walk, a barren temple could be seen. It stood proud, but strange, as if it didn't belong. But that much was true, it didn't belong here.

It was symmetrical in structure, but not in material. Wood and stone built this temple, with pieces of it being newer than the other. It was repaired as necessary, and never in advance. They lived and stood as donations came in. They never really held onto anything more than they needed. Anything extra, was given right back to the people.

Here, Caitlyn would show this man what would lay within. . . but that is a story for another time.



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It seemed like he was just more being polite and being sure."I see, just making sure they weren't the type to hurt people for the things they own."Waylon was being overly polite trying not to call them muggers or thieves he treated them like normal ash e normally did unless a cause came to it but Waylon was the friendly type until something like that had arrived in his path to deal with. So far since he has been lucky he has not needed to deal with fighting anyone.

It seemed like Waylon did not mind the reveal when it had happen. Waylon really wasn't a hard person to please or hard to fine anything that he couldn't find interest in while he explored around. This temple being in the shape it was just seemed to bring a smile of joy and interest for him.

"I can see why you wouldn't want to leave here, this place is well kept and wonderful to gaze upon."It seemed like he had a good spot to relax and rest for his long travels, maybe would even help around while he was here, Caitlyn seemed like a person he was getting a long with so he wondered more of her or just sticking around with some one he could consider a friend. In the end Waylon had a feeling there was much more to learn and see here which would take more time for it to happen but time is what he had to spare.


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