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Travel to Dahlia(Foot travel.)

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 Travel to Dahlia(Foot travel.) Empty Thu Dec 14, 2017 9:00 am

Yet again on the good like the clueless mind he is to the world but he was happy to be on the move again he being at least decently settle with good food and enough sleep he could just be on his way, even if he felt like he was forgetting something or he had wanted to do something before leaving this town but he could not put his finger on it for the life of him, but he had a feeling he would remember later at a time that would most likely be far away from the objective or whatever he wanted to do for sure.

As he started talking out of town he figured he would travel some where not too far away just to be sure if he needed to return to Hargeon quickly for any reason he could just walk not too far away . With that peaceful smile on the road to Dahlia Waylon just seemed to feel slightly excited be on the move again to see what would be next for him. Having that break and large meal made him feel better about going places. Since he does not remember if he had been to Dahlia yet or not he would to see what would was there for him.


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