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Runway Drama [LeeAnn/Mission]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Runway Drama [LeeAnn/Mission] Empty Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:52 pm

Lee Nakamura
The young redhead simply took another request of a slightly greater challenge. Reading it, it was from a previous client named Fernando. This was when she was still known as Leon or when she was male. Now that she was back to her real self, she would have no need to explain everything to him. It was just too complex of a situation. Lee and Abraxas walked to the boutque that belonged to the client. She knew the way by now after three previous requests from him. Opening the door, the bell rang the familiar sound causing her to perk up once again.

Off in to her right, there was the client and his models. It looked like they were practicing their catwalks for an upcoming fashion show. Really, fashion was never in the redhead's taste or caught her eye. Normally, she just threw on clothes and went about her day. Clothes were meant to be worn and cover up parts of the body for warmth or for society's standards. Fernando was coaching the girls on how to walk. He picked out little things such as the posture or the way one of them walked. It was either too much confidence or not enough. Lee felt like she was in training with her parents all over again. It brought back a few new memories at that moment remembering her mother coaching her like a racehorse on aiming her magic. Some of the others girlswere also trying on their outfits, looking into the mirror to get the clothing and fabric adjusted. Trying on jewelry and makeup that matched the fashions, the colors really did not clash from her point of view. Though, what did Lee known about colors and the lasteest trends. Give her a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a long sleeved shirt then Lee was done. She was a simple woman at that.

Fernando looked back and noticed her right away. He looked a bit distressed and worried. Something was clearly not going according to his mental plan. Pulling LeeAnn to the side, away from the girl's prying ears. He talked in a whisper. "Thanks for coming upon short notice, sorry again about this. i know Leon said he would be back but you were the next one I could call according to the listing. Things have been going wrong left and right today. Rehersals are not what I suspected or even expected from these girls. I wanted you to figure out who is behind all of this or if it is more than one person" he asked. LeeAnn looked around already taking mental notes one each and every one of the girls. It was a good skill to especially in her line of work with being in the Rune Knights and all. Sitting in the corner of the bar and people watching was more than just wasting her time. A small nod came from her. "You got it. I will see what we both can do. Abraxas, scout" she said. The Umbreon leaped and casually walked around seeing if anything was out of the ordinary/


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#2Lee Nakamura 

Runway Drama [LeeAnn/Mission] Empty Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:22 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn could see there was a huge problem on their hands already. The redheaded knight pursed to follow through with this mission. Day after day, she as trained her mind and eyes to follow then tell small clues in which would lead of a accurate hypothesis. She would sit back in a chair and watch the girls interact. Abraxas was well trained and knew what Lee was talking about. She swore that Umbreon had a mind of a smart human being. It was as if she could understand what Lee was talking about. Quite impressive in you asked Lee. A smile crept onto the redhead's face. Fernando looked a bit confused giving her a glance of confusion. The redhead look up. "My pet is engaging into the activity. I do better sitting back and oberserving. I people watch in my spare time. This will be a walk in the park, trust me" she said.

Fernando nodded trusting she knew what she was doing. Looking at these girls, they had a silver spoon in thier mouths just by staring at them. Not that she never had one, but her parents made sure she knew what hard work was. They trained her to the tee and home schooled her teaching even more than what regular school. It was tedious process growing up and LeeAnn held a grudge against her parents for the longest time until when she grew older. It was not a blessing that they did. She was stronger and faster growing than most people her age in magic. Hikaru motivated her even more. To become a Rune Knight, to rise in the ranks and soon start her own team. The young Nakamura had to follow family traditions even it was not a force option. She felt the need and want to perform her families duties. The new responsilbiity of being a Fire Gurdian gave her a new outlook on life. Things were starting to get better for her.

What her fiancee had done gave her a new light. Something to look upon the world and tackle it. Though, as she was thinking about these things and philosophies and theories. She heard a commotion break her trance sounding like a holler or two. They were fighting over something. Lee looked a bit closer into the situation. It appeared they were already fighting over something. Though, it seemed to start something. It was either one of these girls. Perhaps, the taller one? No. Maybe the shorter one. Lee sighed a bit frazzled trying to figure this out for herself. She got up and walked over to the girls. "Whats all the commotion about ladies" she asked. They babbled at the same time say stuff "She started it" crap again. She rolled her eye and pinched the bridge of her nose. Pages in training were more mature than this and they complain a lot. Lee saw that only one of them were about to blow. The redhead grit her teeth regretting this.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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