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Shopping Trip [Baron]

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#1Payden Flavus 

Shopping Trip [Baron] Empty on Tue Dec 05, 2017 3:25 am

Payden Flavus
Oak town, not the kind of place Jayden would normally find herself, but an interesting place nonetheless. The violet haired woman had many opinions about the place as she wandered through its main streets, most of them surprisingly positive. Due to being home of a dark guild, Jayden had expected it to be a dirty, disgusting place full only of evil people, but it was nothing like that. She had been pleasantly surprised by the kindness of some of the people in the town, who had helped guide her to where she was now. Of course, there were many people who looked less friendly, and were no doubt either members of the guild, or just bad people that flocked to this town. The simple townfolk were the ones that interested Jayden the most, and they were often the kindest. She was curious as to how they felt, with Phantom Lord looming over the town, but many of them felt safe, as the town was protected by an influential family: the Phantasms, who sat in their castle overlooking the town as well. They had made deals with the guild, and protected the town.

All of this was very strange to Jayden, as it was completely unlike any preconceptions she had once held about Oak town, but that didn't matter, because she was here for one reason, and one reason only: shopping. The main streets in Oak was full of stalls, selling all sorts of curiosities, and Jayden made a point of going between each one, browsing all the wares that were on offer, but not currently buying anything. The wind moved through her hair, something Jayden paid no notice too, but many others. As her hair parted, her guild mark was seen on the back of her neck, but the young woman didn't see any reason to concern herself with that, not while she was shopping that was.


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“Miso, miso Ramen, I love me ramen because you’re thin.” his voice chirped on, forks digging into a thin layer of noodles and pooling them together and raising them up to blow on them. He pulled the strings into his mouth and began to slurp them down, “I can never get tired of you oh delicious miso ramen my one true love.” he repeated the process of obtaining noodles and eating them like the little, swol piggy he was. With a twist down the street he walked with a bit of a limp for no reason in particular other than the fact that he was carrying a sprained ankle from training today, damn near shot himself in the foot too. Being a responsible gun owner was tough work, no wonder he needed his miso to gain strength. He raised the cup to his mouth and began to rake noodles into his mouth now, not worrying if they were hot or not.

Just as he turned another corner, it happened, tragedy struck. He saw a blur come out of nowhere and smack the noodles out of his hand, as he stumbled into a mail drop box. He collected himself and looked down at his downed noodles letting out a gasp. “No, no, no! MIso!” he got on his knees and leaned over the spilled cup, the brown broth spilling onto the concrete in a horrific scene, Please don’t leave me.” he tried to scoop the noodles back into the cup but it just wasn’t the same, they belonged to the ground now. Through gritted teeth and furious eyes he looked up at who made him spill his snack. Who could do such a thing.

#3Payden Flavus 

Shopping Trip [Baron] Empty on Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:22 am

Payden Flavus
As Jayden walked through Oak's streets, her mind wandered to the strangest of things. For one, despite still being surprised that the town itself was nicer than she had always been told, she noted the surprisingly lack of anything... beautiful. Sure, in the market stalls, there were people selling jewellery and flowers of all shapes, sizes and colours, but if one looked beyond those stalls, they saw the hard truth: something that Jayden now saw. This town wasn't as evil as she had been led to believe, but it was still ugly. Not just on the outside, but the people. Mercenaries, dark mages, people that prided themselves on the number of murders they had committed, they were the villains in stories, and it made Jayden sick. The innocent smile stayed plain on her face, but inside her stomach was churning as her eyes glanced at everything around her. As someone who had read a great many books in her time, Jayden's eyes were more attuned to analysing things than others, and she could pick up a lot of information from just a glance. With a single, manicured finger, she pushed the bridge of her glasses further up onto her face for comfort, as she turned a corner.

Now, while it was true that Jayden wasn't extremely materialistic about anything beyond flowers and books, she hated it when she got anything on her. And that included ramen from a stranger turning the same corner as her but from the opposite direction. Luckily, most of the contents of the man's bowl fell to the ground, but a few stray noodles landed on Jayden's dress, causing her to twitch for just a second as anger came, and passed. She took a deep breath, pulled a napkin out from under her sleeve, and picked the extra noodles off her dress, throwing them onto the ground but taking care not to get any more juice on her clothes or, heaven forbid, her skin.

As she discarded the napkin, folded over so the residue would not touch her skin, back up her sleeve, Jayden realised how upset the man had looked. She had not noticed before because she had been too busy caring about her dress. Mentally scolding herself for her inconsideration, she frantically apologised to the distraught man. "Oh my goodness, I am so sorry for bumping into you and ruining your meal. Please, let me buy you another one to make it up to you, it's the least I can do. Oh, I'm so sorry" Her tone was sincere, and she was serious about buying the man another bowl, no matter the price. Her words flowed like honey from her mouth, as the slightly higher-than-average class upbringing poked through for just a moment.


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His knees were slightly wet from the essence of his good friend slipping around them, the noodles… They were unsaveable, his hands full of what was now disgusting, useless pasta. What kind of monster could do this? Who could be so cold hearted as to make him spill the contents of his beloved noodle cup on the cold suburban side walk of the criminal city known as Oak. This was a dark day in his life, it was surely going to be, nothing could make up for his loss and now he had to merely face the monster who did this to him and make them pay! Pay with interest! Baron’s eyes looked up at the culprit, a woman of lavender hair and moderate dress, flaxen glasses and devilish expression. She said sorry but Baron only heard ridicule in her voice as he let what was left his noodles slide out of his hands back to the ground. Who would have thought a woman could be capable of such evil, such vileness and cruelty. If it was a fight she wanted, she had found one and the glare he gave her dared her to strike him where he sat.

The ultimate insult to injury was when she plucked the still salvageable noodles off of her dress and threw them coldly to the ground. Baron could feel his eyes well with messy, hot tears as he reached out for the noodles as they fell only to retract his hands immediately with a light gasp. How evil could one woman be? Pain made his heart ache, his eyes closed tightly at the grizzly scene, he wondered, pondered why she would do this, maybe it was an accident he wanted to believe it as such but his heart ached so much for his fallen meal that ignorance and assertion had taken over, she was at fault but so was he, though now there was nothing he could do to save them, he had failed the food entrusted to him so much so that they now belonged to the vermin of Oak town… What was he to do?

For a moment he wouldn’t speak, he’d instead look up at her like a child coursed with the pain of losing their favorite toy. There was nothing left but juice on his knees, it was all useless now. He heard her apology, he didn’t care his lower lip withdrew into his mouth as he bit on it to hold his tongue from slipping. She did seem mortified for hurting him deeply, thus she would be forgiven. Normally he’d talk to her with a sultry tone telling her that she’d have to give him back out of what he paid for his noodles out of her ass, but no, he was not in a mood to fight, plus she looked pretty strong and uh… Baron didn’t hit girls so instead he nodded his head and wiped his eyes.

“It’s fine… It was an accident… Wasn’t it?” he glanced at her with sore eyes, hoping she’d tell the truth. “You can be my next meal in any case.” he’d shrug, “I need more velvet in my diet in fact... You're coming with me lady! We're going to Baska!"

and with that he'd attempt to take her by her hand and run down the street to uh, Baska.


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