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Wings on the grass (social: Tsubaki)

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Wings on the grass (social: Tsubaki) Empty Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:14 am

Elk walked down the hillside, away from the bustling parts of Baska and into the less bustling hillsides of Baska. They supposedly had unmatched beauty. Sliding down a steep part Elk came to rest at a stream bed. He sat under an overhanging cliff that was held together by a tree’s roots. Laying back in the cool shade, he closed his eyes. Out of all the places he’d been, this was by far the best place he’d seen and been. Grabbing a handful of dirt he let it crumble through his fingers, it was cool and damp compared to the dry, dusty dirt of the residential area.

Sitting back up he propped himself against the side of a rock. He sat calmly and watched the beautiful river flow by, there was something soothing about it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like Fiorw, but he himself wanted to return to his home world Elphesia, where his grandmother grew up. Fiore was safe now and he needed to return their bloodline back to Elohesia, it was his goal in life. But at the moment, his current goal was relaxing

#2Tsubaki Blossom 

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Tsubaki Blossom

"Just how confident are you?"

Tsubaki thought she could have a little bit of fun today instead of going to her normal thinking place up in the quiet mountains. She was going to take the spot and turn it into a really fun place, but only for that day. She was planning to make an awesome slide down the mountain that would stop in the stream bed, as that seemed the safest place to stop. She had been planning this for quite a while now, maybe since she had first arrived, seeing as when she explored she had found the place and had come up with the idea in the first place. She already had her inflatable raft-like boat that she was going to use to slide down, and she had already been smoothing out a mountain for the last few weeks so she had everything ready.

She walked up to the top of the mountain, her shadow stretching far across the grassy terrain. She slowly blew up the boat, laughing at the same time just thinking about how many times she could slide down and have so much fun. Luckily she got a boat that had handles so she could hold on instead of flying off when she started sliding.

Once she had finished, she put all of her stuff at the top of the mountain and stepped inside, then pushing herself down. As soon as she felt herself going down, she grabbed onto the handles and her hair flew back behind her. She was going so fast, and as she went down she realized how far the drop really was. "Woohoooo!" she yelled, echoing throughout the mountains. As she reached the bottom she could see someone sitting in her thinking place. She pulled up on the handles, taking her off track and falling straight down on the stream bed, popping her boat. Luckily, she hadn't gotten hurt and her cosplay wings had slowed the fall down just a bit. "Who are you?" she asked the kid, looking a lot younger than herself. He looked different, like no one she's ever seen before. "Another odd one out I see...." she thought to herself as the boy spoke.



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Elk was sitting down, enjoying his relaxing shade, until a girl with pink haired appeared and asked who he was? Elk wasn't particularly glad that someone had been rude and interrupted him, but he was going to be the bigger person and be polite, "I'm Elk, since you asked, I'm a member of Blue Pegasus, because you're obviously going to ask more questions, and my question is,
who are you?"
He said, only the slightest tint of saltiness in his voice. Elk had no idea how old this girl was, and he wasn't much of a fan of people over the age of 35, she obviously didn't look 35, but he had met many a person who had been tainted by the judginess of the elderly. Picking some dirt up he crumbled more of its soothing feel in his hands. He made sure to watch the girl's eyes, not in a creepy way, but eye-contact was a way to understand people better.

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Tsubaki Blossom

"Just how confident are you?"

"Well... my name Is Tsubaki, Tsubaki Blossom, and I'm from Blue Pegasus as well. Seems you've found my thinking place. Actually, what brings you around here? I don't see many people come close to here," she said in the nicest tone she could. This guy seemed a little on edge and she couldn't quite figure out why. She had then realized she was really loud coming down that mountain, and probably shouldn't have been. There was always a chance that someone could be around, just doing whatever they were doing all the way back here. "I'm really sorry I disturbed whatever you were doing here..." she said trailing off, looking down. She wasn't very social of course, and she's never messed up around people before, so she didn't know what to do. She just twirled her pink hair around her fingers and hoped that everything was going to turn out okay. This guy seemed like he had a thin layer of saltiness on him, and salty was never good. She honestly wanted to just throw him into the riverbed to wash some of the salt off (metaphorically of course) and make everything good again, but then getting him all wet probably wasn't the best way to go. She would just have to wait it out and see what comes next.



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Tsubaki Blossom, as the girl was known, was also a member of blue Pegasus, she quickly apologized for disturbing him, he waved his hand, it was no big deal ”don’t worry about disturbing me, I was just tired and took a rest. I was exploring and I took a break here. But. As odd as It seems I haven’t met that many members from my own guild, so it’s be great to talk to you. But I’m here in Baska for money.” He answered. He sat up a little straigter.

The wind blew ominously through the silence in the air. He picked up a pebble on the ground and ran it along his palm, though suddenly, he had a question. ”This might be abrupt, but other than the obvious reasons for joining, what caused you to joint the one and only Blue Pegasus. I mean mine was it felt right and it was a way to make money, so I didn’t have the family ties or foster family effect, and I just wondered if I should feel bad about that. “ Elk asked. It was a question he had always asked.

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