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♡ BASKA - SURGERY [SAYAKA/SOLO] ♡ Empty Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:21 am

Sayaka yawned as she held the picture frame close to her chest, where her heart was located. It was a picture of her, Elena and Esperia. Two of her closet friends that have been lost. She had yet to see them in a while, and since she had been in Baska town for such a long duration of time, she had decided that maybe it was in fact time to move on. She had settled on the fact that today would be her final day in Baska, long term anyways. She could always come back to visit, she would sure miss this place though. It felt like almost a second home to her, and Sayaka was deeply attached to the apartment that she had rented. She'll miss all the small things, from the sheer, lace curtains to the large bath tub, and the nearby restaurants surrounding the town. It was always hard for her to part with things, as everything little had held an immense value to her. This is perhaps from the fact she has such an optimistic nature, and outlook on life. However, lately she had not been feeling as positive and cheerful as her usual self. Perhaps it was due to the fact she had started to miss her friends, family, home...deeply.

She circled around the apartment multiple times, ensuring that she had not forgotten to pack any important belongings of hers into her suit case. She was not leaving until later tonight, however she wanted to make sure that she was prepared, and did not want to leave it last minute, causing her to be frantic about it. For the first time, she was not procrastinating, and actually doing something prior before. She would have to say her goodbyes to her friendly neighbors, and the birds that shared shelter on her rented property. Instead of simply relaxing, Sayaka decided to make the best out of her final day in Baska town, she wanted to leave with a crescendo - her final mission here.

But before actually meeting her client for the mission, she would want to visit her favorite places in Baska. The local library, to say goodbye to the lovely librarian who shared the same hobby and interest in reading romance novels as Sayaka does. Also...to return her super duper overdue library books from a month ago, as mentioned before...Sayaka always had an issue..with having a hard time parting with things. Perhaps one day she will learn the essential life skill of letting it go sometimes, however based on observations, it might take a while longer for her to get the grasp of it.

The next location was her favorite tea shop, where she bought her fresh tea leaves from. While the tea leaves the store offer is rather leaning towards the expensive side of the scale, they guarantee the highest of quality among tea leaves, which the price indicates. The owner was even nice enough to gift Sayaka a bundle of tea leaves for her travelling journey to her next location.



♡ BASKA - SURGERY [SAYAKA/SOLO] ♡ Empty Sat Nov 25, 2017 2:40 am

She smiled at the tea store owner, and thanked him as she carefully sniffed the earthly scent of the fresh tea leaves. Her final location was the cafe, where she spent most of her time, looking out the window beside the corner table, admiring the small beauties of life, the average person tends to ignore. From the tiniest growth of a plant, to the nest building of the birds. After having some small talk with the owner, the owner said that she would miss Sayaka and her bright smile deeply, and even offered a piece of cake on the house, to which she gladly, thankfully complied to. Sayaka had always been a fan of sweets, even though it was not the healthiest choice, she could not stand the alluring temptation of delicious desserts.

After she finished her afternoon tea, she thanked the owner and started to walk towards the hospital once again. The client she would be assisting with today, was not a stranger. In fact, Sayaka had previously helped him with his request about a week ago or so. He needed help with delivering medication to patients who urgently needed them, and unfortunately he was too busy with the hospital itself, he had no time to even have a slight break in between. In the new request from the board, it stated that because most of Gerard's assistants have either gone home ill or are too busy with patients of their own to assist him, and he is about to perform a very technical surgery on a patient that he can't do alone, so he is in need of assistance. Sayaka finally arrived at the door steps of the hospital, and could already hear the rising commotion, and how frantic the hospital was. Gerard was running around looking stressed out. Gerard seemed to of spotted Sayaka, as he halted briefly and started walking towards her direction. Apparently he recognized her from her previous assistance in his request, and plead for help again.

Gerard started explaining the procedures and help needed to Sayaka. He explained that he needed Sayaka's help to assist him in a very important heart transplant. The famous doctor lead Sayaka to his operating theatre, and handed her the necessary garments to ensure sanitary within the hospital and patients. Throughout the procedure, Gerard asked Sayaka to fetch various, certain utensils and asked her to clean already used ones so that he can do his part with relative ease. However, towards the end of the procedure, Gerard accidentally cut himself and he began to bleed. Due to sanitary reasons, Gerard was forced to rest, and no longer capable of dealing with the patient. Sayaka was forced to help remove the patient's diseased heart, as well as insert the new, healthy heart, and stitch the body back up, all by herself.

After the surgery was completed, the lights went out, and Gerard came back in to congratulate Sayaka on her first, yet sucessful procedure in the surgery room. Even complimenting her on how she was a natural at this, and that she should consider a surgeon as a potential life career. He rewarded Sayaka handsomely, and wished her a safe departure from Baska.



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