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East Coast Remix [Solo | Private | Plot]

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Another dead night set itself upon Oak Town, and Urion found himself alone in a dimly-lit tavern once again with a bottle of vodka in hand. He decided that tonight would be the night he would drink himself into an inebriated deep sleep and would make sure that no one would be able to stop him on his conquest. He was on his fourth bottle and at the point, he was at, he could not afford to stand up and head to the room he had rented for the night. Drinking himself away to what would seem an alcoholic's death, Urion's thoughts took him back to the last time he had decided to drink himself into such a reckless stupor. His heart ached with something dreaded and painful, the mix of wild thoughts and alcohol began to jog old memories into his head, thoughts of violence, betrayal, sex, and ruin. Urion wondered why his thoughts took him to the images of his ex-wife, Saera, making him wonder if he was truly rid of her influence. He remembered what she looked like in all detail, although he would have felt better off had he not remembered.

Saera's body jiggled in all the right places as she walked, due to her well-endowed physical form and lithe physique. She had long pink hair that reached past her shoulders, featuring a pair of bunny ears. She always dressed scantily-clad, wearing only a very small pink transparent jacket that only covered her shoulders featuring eye-like pauldrons and a collar bound by a heart-shaped emblem with wings and a pink dress. She wore an equally revealing blouse of the same color and density and wore a pair of pink shoes with a pair of eyes. The bangs of her hair that framed her face formed into a pair of hands that covered her otherwise fully exposed chest. Her skin appeared to have a slightly pink hue, due to the strange magics she practiced.

The Blue Pegasus mage was content with the number of drinks he had to drink so far and decided that it would be best to retire to his room for the night and catch some rest. Although not outright drunk, Urion was definitely not sober anymore, and he sought for his bed to give him the loving, warm comfort that no woman was willing to give to him. Walking through the door of his room and having slammed his door shut and locked, he fell face first on the bed he had and closed his eyes. In that brief moment, he had his peace of mind. The room has a smell of peppermint and orange that was inescapable, and it had a calming effect on Urion. He did not question what could have been the source of such a calming aura, but a part of him realized what could have been the cause. The smell became more and more familiar as the minutes passed, but when Urion turned to lay down on his back on the bed the answer popped into his head. As he made a motion to answer his own question aloud, a pink-hued mist formed around the man's feet and flowed up his body and rose over him, forming into the shape of a woman. And, unfortunately, it was not just any woman.

"Saera," said Urion as the mist solidified into the form of his ex-wife. She placed her hands on her hips as the lower parts of her body formed, straddling the Blue Pegasus mage with deviant intentions. She giggled and leaned closer to the man's face and smiled.

"Did you really think there was getting rid of me, my sweet husband?"


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"Last time we spoke we finalized our divorce. So what's with calling me husband now?"

"You know divorces can't keep me away from you forever, right~ ?"

The woman got off of her ex-husband and stood before him as he sat upright on the edge of the bed. She seemed giddier and more personal than usual, although she still possessed an air of malice to her. Urion had known the woman merely by monikers she gained throughout her years; she was known by some as the Hormone Wizard, a dangerous underground criminal who ran sex trafficking and prostitution rings across Fiore. Many men knew her as the Rose Succubus, as she drew in men to bed to sleep with them and steal their youth. She always told people she was only twenty-nine, which was not the case to Urion, who knew her real age. Although recently beginning with stealing the youth of men, she was actually around thirty-eight years old.

It was no surprise in earnest that Saera had found her ex-husband on such a surprise notice, considering her connections to the people who hung around Oak-town. The Blue Pegasus mage wondered even how she was able to discern him from his new appearance; perhaps she was making her rounds around town doing her usual thing and tracked him. She did have a knack for picking out the smells of familiar people, and of all familiar people, she has known in recent years Urion's scent would be the most overpowering. She bit her bottom lip as she looked at the new form of her ex-husband with insatiable lust and wanting. She never truly cared for the man in the past, but now was different to her.

"That doesn't answer the question Saera," Urion spoke as he took a half-full bottle of vodka from the floor and downed the remaining contents of the bottle. He thought he was hallucinating, but this was the real deal, unfortunately. The Blue Pegasus mage considered attacking her on the spot, rage swelling inside of him slowly but surely from her mere presence. Saera put forth a calming mist into the room that kept the man at bay, for the time being, giving herself enough time to talk to her ex-husband. She had some thoughts and dreams recently that she felt the immediate need to relay to him, despite their shared poor history together. Saera did what she usually did when she wanted to talk intimately with Urion: straddling him and looking at him face to face. Urion reached for another bottle of vodka as Saera pursed her lips and looked down at her ex-husband. He wore only a red t-shirt that clung to his now defined chest, and the black basketball shorts he wore for staying at the Inn the entire day.

"Baby, look, I know we've had our differences but I've come to ask you to take me back." Urion stopped drinking immediately and gave the woman a look of concern before putting the bottle away. If he was inebriated, he was beginning to sober up from the statement.

"Come again now? You want to do what now?"

"Like I said before, I know we have had our differences-"

"Oh really? That's what we're calling it now?"

"Dammit Urion, just listen to me. That's not all I wanted to tell you." For the very first time in his life, Urion saw Saera show the one emotion that he was more than sure that she never had: embarrassment. She blushed and looked away from Urion's gaze, twiddling her fingers as she began to muster the next words to tell him. "I stopped running trafficking rings and I've remained single and abstained for the past year. Certain things happened that.. that... made me realize that you were the one for me." Urion fixed himself in his forced calm stupor and stood up more erect, prompting Saera to fix herself to sit more comfortably on his lap.

"Alright. I'll bite. What happened?"

"I got burned out by some 'business partners' two years ago that quite literally left me for dead when the Rune Knights raided our base of operations. My connections were either arrested, killed, or went missing during or immediately after the raid. Urion... I'm alone."

"And I'm failing to see where I came in that thought process."

"You were the only person who was ever really there for me when things got bad and seeing how I got the bad end of the stick highlighted how I used to treat you. I want you badly, baby. Take me back, please~ !" Urion thought about the proposition ash Saera rubbed her crotch against Urion's own, face flushed with obscene terror and lust and arms around his neck. Her breathing intensified as he looked up at her and smiled, wrapping his hands around her waist and grabbing her lightly before saying his next words.

"You're a shit liar, you know that?" The woman giggled a devious laugh, her smile twisting into a crooked and wicked smirk as she was forcibly slammed into the wall opposite the bed by Urion. He still held her by the waist, albeit with a stronger grip and with more ferocity. As dark lightning began to envelop his body, Saera's grin became a frown of concern and shock at the new display of power from her ex-husband. Surely, he was stronger since their last encounter.

"My my, Urion. You've definitely shown me. I guess you want the real answers now, I assume?"


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"I think I'm entitled to having the rest of my life not dealing with your shit Saera, so yes, do me this one favor and tell me the truth." Urion relinquished his grip on his ex-wife and gave a sigh of discomfort for having to deal with her nonsense so late at night. He saw past her appearance and saw the malice that still lingered about her being; some people could never change, and Saera was one of those persons. Urion wondered that, at any other point in his life prior to his current situation, if he could have ever taken her back after the divorce. Saera dusted herself off and clasped her hands together as she skipped up towards Urion with a devious smile on her lips and malice in her blue eyes.

"Alright sweetie. Only because you asked oh so nicely. I really did get burned out, but I'm not coming back to you because I want you back. No, never. You've outgrown me and I honestly would hate to see you mess up with me again." Taking a deep breath, the woman would continue with her statement by providing information crucial to Urion on a personal level he thought non-existent. With a smile, she said, "I found some information about your parents, my love." Urion took a second to compose himself before fighting the urge to choke Saera to death on the spot. Of all of the things she could have said to irritate the man, it would be bringing up his parents. He made a motion to grab Saera by the neck but she turned her own neck into a pink-colored gas, winking at Urion's visible attitude. Messing with him still seemed like the usual agenda, but Urion felt more... angry... than he ever was before. It felt enticing to the woman, but it also made her all the warier.

"Don't fuck with me Saera. What do you know, and how do I know you're not just lying to me?"


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The pink-haired woman gave a sultry smirk before she lightly tapped her temple, winking all the while to her ex-husband before giving a response that was more than obvious after stated. She took her right index finger and made a "pop" noise as she lightly tapped Urion's nose in an attempt to make him smile. When his eyes became sharper out of frustration, Saera's own smile became that of someone who was more nervous and undecided in their actions. "I do have my underground connections, remember sweetie? There's a lot about your family, your surname, that has a lot of weight to it. Urion, you have no idea of your true destiny." Urion himself seemed to be caught off guard by Saera's blunt statement about his family's importance in the grand scheme of things. He was never informed about anything of his family's lineage from his parents and was more or less left to assume that his family was ordinary. Urion got up and placed his hands on Saera's shoulders and closed his face in on hers, staring into her eyes as he began to speak.

"I need you to tell me everything you know Saera. Now. Please." She began to blush at the way he held her, her face flushing from blatant arousal from being handled so roughly. However, her smile quivered as she began to speak, understanding at the least how sensitive the information she was imparting to Urion was. However, she felt that there would be a sense of disappointment in her answer, and gave it anyhow.

"To tell you the truth, there's not much information that I could get myself. But one thing was made clear is that your surname, Blackfyre, goes a while back. And by back... I mean centuries. Much of the info has been lost to time, but some people in certain guilds house the answers you might really want to hear. I'm sorry but that's all I really know." She pulled herself in closer to Urion and hugged his chest in hoping there would be no strong backlash for her shortcoming of relaying poor information. However, she was more surprised to feel his arms wrapped around her torso, reciprocating her own hug. Flushed with embarrassment, she looked up to see him looking down at her as well. Relief overwhelmed Urion, but he was still skeptical to a fault. Saera was a known liar, but she seemed genuine in her relaying of information.

"Thank you, Saera. I never thought I'd ever say that, but thank you. Do you know what guilds have the information that I need?" The woman hummed while keeping eye contact with her ex-husband, staring into his eyes as she came to form her memories back into shape. When it came to her she jumped in her spot, purposefully pressing her near-bare chest against Urion's chest.

"Phantom Lord. I'm sure of it. If you want, I can contact the person who you'd need to speak with. However, it's late. We can get to that first thing in the morning, no?" Separating himself from the woman, Urion sat back on the bed behind him and removed his shirt, head pulsating from a more than annoying migraine that was beginning to take form. Although Urion would have wanted to get it over with then and there, Saera was right. It was late in the night and rest would be appropriate to have for such a momentous occasion. With a sigh, the Blue Pegasus mage nodded to his ex-wife before laying back on the bed, legs hanging off. Saera walked up to him and looked at his form as he closed his eyes for a short rest. Saera sat herself down beside him and made a move to run her hands across his chest, her blatant desire driving her conscious.

"Dont. Even. Think about it."


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Saera's desire over Urion's new form prompted something in her mind to make her bring up their failed marriage and the good that happened in the very beginning. She thought about how the two of them got along very well, having known each other for two years before they tied the knot. Urion had no magic at the time being, and Saera herself was beginning to discover her own latent abilities. He was supportive of her discoveries and she was supportive of his apparent stoicism regarding his past. She admired that he kept his cool when things got bad and proceeded with caution and care when it deserved it. He was perfect, but Saera understood in herself retrospectively that she was not mature enough for him, in certain aspects. She maintained a proper job while Urion worked for clandestine groups performing grueling and morally questionable feats. Looking at Urion's chest, she saw very visible scars that made twisting, spiral-like scars at odd locations that showed the randomness of his injuries. Saera was surprised that she never noticed them, until now, and frowned slightly.

"Hey... Urion... can we talk?" He raised his hand to her to signal for her to lay back with him, the rush of a hangover finally hitting his brain with sheer ferocity. As Saera laid back next to Urion, the candle that kept the room lit dimmed and died, leaving only moonlight from the adjacent window to give lighting to the room. The hands made of hair that clasped over her breasts slid from their position, showing that even Seara herself was exhausted. The two of them laid down topless and hot from the heat of the Inn, mutual sighs escaping their mouths as cool breezes would hit them every now and then. They laid down in silence for quite some time, both of their eyes closed but never quite falling asleep. "Tell me, baby, why did our marriage come to ruin?"

"If memory serves me right, you mentally abused me, cheated on me multiple times, and tried to have me murdered. If you thought I wanted to keep the union going through all of that, you must have been on drugs."

"To be fair I was on drugs, kiddo. Cocaine is a hell of a drug and I was keeping my face buried in that shit."

"Bet you were. Just tell me, why did you do all of those things? I know you have your reasonings, and while I'm still drunk and sedated from your magic, I might as well hear you out without having to blow up on you."

"I wouldn't mind you blowing up on-"

"Don't! Don't even think about it." Saera giggled to herself before turning over to lay on her stomach, propping her head on her hands and pressing her elbows into the bed for elevation. Looking over at Urion on her left, she gave a sigh of relief as the man gave a slight chuckle at the banter.

"Guess I'll start in order, if you'd like. I wasn't exactly mature to own up to when I did you wrong. I felt that... if I did fess up to my wrongdoings you would leave me, and I didn't want you to leave me. I guess it was better to confuse you into believing you were doing wrong and needing to appease me to keep the relationship going." Urion turned his head to face her, his face twisting into confusion and skepticism.

"Really now? No, that makes sense, somewhat. And the wrongdoings?"

"Cheating on you. Now you can blame the cocaine and experimental drugs I was taking for that one. The company I worked for just let me roam about after intaking the combination of drugs to see what would happen. Ten out of ten times, it led to sex. No one really made it a point to stop me, so, yeah."

"I thought you were going to stop lying."

"I am not lying you jerk! I'm so fuckin' serious!"

"Uh huh, sure. And why didn't you tell me if it bothered you?"

"First of all, it was no bother. It felt amazing to have had sex. Maybe if we had had sex I would have felt more guilt, hmm?"

"You're really bold, you know that?"


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The two exes spoke at length for another two hours before falling asleep, finally clearing the air between their indifferences that lingered for several years since their divorce. It was not to say that they had finally overcome the animosity brought upon by the actions caused by both parties. They caught up on the years that they were apart and discussed at length the things they never spoke about while they were married. Saera explained how she got into drug and human trafficking, and Urion explained how he ended up performing contract murders for money. Neither of them were very proud of their past actions, but they understood that it was possible to move forward with their lives on new terms. Saera woke up, her hair-made hands going back to covering her breasts as she usually kept them in public. Urion woke up immediately after and proceeded to take a shower and cool off.

Saera waited for him, and when Urion returned freshly washed and dressed the two made their way to the rendezvous point with the intent to find out some missing information that would be vital for Urion advancing forward with his personal development. Oak was busy during the day, but that was to be expected for a castle town, Castle Phantasm looming forebodingly in the distance. Urion and Saera walked side by side discussing at length more about the time since they divorced, laughing at some parts and mourning at others. If anyone who saw did not know any better, it could be assumed they were a married couple. Urion only began to tolerate Saera's presence, even with her sedative mist deactivated for the time being. Saera herself was very fond of having time to talk with her ex-husband, with a part of her yearning to rekindle their relationship that kept on swelling as the minutes passed. As the Blue Pegasus mage spoke, the pink-haired woman only looked at him with longing and comfort in her eyes. She admired him but knew that anything with him would never happen.

"The woman we are meeting is very secretive about her identity, so this will be as discreet as possible. She knows we are on our way, so we will get to her at one of the underground pub locations."

"Alright, and what will you do after all this has been said and done?"

"We'll see when it's all said and done. How's that for an answer?"

"Fair enough." Saera led the man through a side street and down the stairs to a basement pub that was housed underneath a mom-and-pop restaurant. Passing through the doors, they made an immediate left and proceeded to take more steps leading further downstairs than the pub. What they walked into could be described as a speakeasy, with very few patrons being present. Within a corner sat a woman dressed in ragged clothing and a cape made of a wolf's fur. She wore a distinctively red mask with ears and white wavy lines and three yellow holes for a mouth and eyes. The mask itself had a mane of wolf's hair, making it appear as if the fur was the woman's hair itself. She was barefoot and other than that she donned a medium necklace with three fangs tied across her neck. Urion and Saera saw the mystery woman in a booth and sat opposite of her, straightening themselves before Saera herself began to speak.

"Urion, this is Visenya of Phantom Lord. She runs reconnaissance missions for her guild team and is an expert tracker." As Saera began to speak more, Visenya raised her hand to signal for the pink-haired woman to cease with her introduction, the Phantom Lord mage wanting to speak for herself.

"And that is all that will be said," she spoke as she turned her face towards Urion. "I have been informed that you are a Blackfyre, Urion. I do not have much to say, but what I can impart to you will be very important, so listen up and remember. As soon as I'm done talking I will not say another word. No questions, no follow-up comments. Nothing. Ready?" Urion and Saera looked at each other and gave an affirmative nod before they looked back at Visenya and nodded.

"I'm ready. Go."


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"Your parents... their names were Joanna and Daemon, correct?"

"Yes, yes, how did you know that?"

"I have my sources. If that does not validate my credibility, then I have nothing else to say to you. I will request of you once more about your willingness to hear the information I have for you. Are you prepared?" Urion saw the mask's eyeholes and saw nothing that would signify that anything remotely human was behind the mask itself. Could this Visenya person be anything but human? Guilds housed all walks of life if they served the guild's mission statement. Something in Urion's gut told him that he would not have to interact with this individual once everything was settled after their current interaction. Going with his instinct he nodded to the woman, who then clasped her hands, setting time to an utter and complete halt. The woman secured time and space itself for the sensitive bit of information to be relayed. Not even Saera was exempt from the spell, providing Urion some relief.

"Tell me what you know about my family."

"Your mother was a noble, from lands and territories that are unclear from my research. She was not Fiorian by birth, but your father was. He was meek and humble while your mother was robust and prideful of her heritage. But she fell in love with your father. For this, she was banished from her ancestral lands and severed from her family and inheritance. She was further poisoned, resulting in her long battle with cervical cancer and a brain tumor." She produced from within her clothes a note wrapped in a black and gold fabric and handed it to the Blue Pegasus mage, instructing him to keep it hidden and to read it when alone. As he nodded, time itself came to be once more as it originally was, and everything effected resumed as if nothing obscure happened. Saera blinked once and realized that Visenya had vanished. She did not seem to understand what happened as she looked around frantically for Visenya.

"Fuck, what happened? Did you get the needed info?"

"Yeah, I did. Now, where will you be heading off to?"

"To be fair, I'm not too sure. But there's still something I want to talk to you about..."


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The two walked out from the speakeasy and back into the public streets, making their way back to the small inn that Saera had met Urion at the previous night. Nothing was said after Saera spoke about what she wanted to talk about, the matter being very sensitive to her feelings. Urion disagreed with her statement, and it drove her into an emotional frenzy of anger, sorrow, pride, and hurt that only proved the Blue Pegasus mage's own affirmations. The bickering on the pink-haired woman's end became more and more downtrodden, ultimately ending in tears and heartbreak. Urion felt nothing emotionally from the interaction, other than understanding what Saera wanted. The most he was willing to do was to buy her lunch and impart to her several hundred thousand jewels to hold herself over before she would leave Oak-Town. Sitting back in the original inn and seating themselves down, Saera ordered what would be the last meal she would ever eat with Urion ever again.

"You know, I've really changed Urion. I'm willing to take another shot at marriage."

"I'm sure you have, but you know we can never go back to that stage in our lives again. We've moved on from each other, too far gone Saera." She laughed nervously as a plate of macaroni and cheese was brought to her and a plate of curried chicken was brought to Urion. They continued to eat in silence until Urion spoke again, attempting to get to the point of Saera's insisting. "Why? Why now?"

"I felt that... if I had shown you that I could be trusted... you'd take me back. I guess I reached too far on that one, huh?" The man nodded as he continued to eat, Saera following suit until they were finished. Paying for the food, Urion got up and signaled for Saera to follow him. They walked a long ways to the entrance of Oak Town, keeping the silence between each other maintained. When they got to the entrance Saera looked up to Urion as he produced the funds she would need to make it on her own heading out into the world. She began to tear up and then cried her eyes out as she put the lent money away.

"Thank you, Saera. You've helped me start something important, and I won't be able to forget this one act of kindness."

"It's more of a thank you for allowing me to talk to you about it. I felt that you would have found some good use out of the information." Without another word she jumped into Urion's arms and gave him a warm hug, to which the Blue Pegasus responded by hugging back, patting her head with a sign of minimal approval. She broke the embrace and smiled, bowing to Urion before skipping on out of town.

"Fuckin' wacko," Urion said to himself before he turned around and made his way back to the inn to get some shut-eye. Unbeknownst to the Blue Pegasus mage, Saera took out a cellphone and called a very important number, a decision that would cement the next opportunity to see Urion. However, it would not be as civil as the first exchange was.

"Hello~ ! He's been told about this past and he's going to make his rounds to the next location."

"Good work Saera. We will let you know when to intercept Urion next. And this time, destroy him. Do you think you can handle that?" The woman made a devious grin, bloodlust making her face flush with intense passion and wanting.

"Of course! I wouldn't waste an opportunity like that~ !"


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