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Noble Reconstruction (Name)

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#1Namé Les 

Noble Reconstruction (Name) Empty Sat Nov 11, 2017 12:32 am

Namé Les


Quest: Noble Reconstruction

Reign Valystasia: Reign is the young lord in charge of Hargeon Town. Despite most nobles not truly accepting Reign due to his age, he is loved by the citizens of Hargeon Town. He did not wish for the position at such a young age, but had no choice when his father passed away unexpectedly. He does his best to keep the town in proper shape.

Summary: Reign Valystasia is looking for people to help out in rebuilding some of the parts of Hargeon that are in dire need of repairs. Join in the effort in whatever manner you'd feel would help to receive a reward.



She wondered what it was like outside of Hargeon. She wanted to leave this town for good. She felt so lost and outcasted. Chi Lau was out there somewhere and Namé Les had done nothing to advance her search. Her own task was falling behind and she was failing her own duty to her god.

She felt worthless and expendable. Her own life felt meaningless as she went on. The only thing that would bring her joy in this moment would be a purpose. She ventured Hargeon. With Baron on the back of her mind, she thought only of what else she could do in this town before the both of them left. Chi was missing, safe, but missing. It may have not been an emergency, but she was still needing to be found. Her own feet were wrapped in cloth. Her armor remained on her shoulders and her sword on her back. She wanted to help, and if needed, she was going to help.

She knew where she had to go. If she was anything like she imagined, she too must have decided to light the shrines. It was their duty to remember the world they left behind. Even if she knew very little of this world, she knew that some of them originated from this land. Their god was eternal and he was sure to expand to every country. She just had to find a place to start.

She continued to take in deep breaths as she walked down the dock. The sound of hammering and construction faint, but in a reachable distance.

She had begun to walk towards it, only to find common towns folk working together to repair a dock and rebuild a large ship yard. Or was it called a ship house? Whatever the case, the name didn't matter. There was people working hard and they needed help.

But one man sood out from the rest of them. He seemed to dress in nobility garbs and wardrobe that was worn under a common apron and jacket. The man hoisted stone, brick and wood for the others to help build and repair the dock to what it used to be. The idea of it was curious to her.

"Hey!" she called out to the man. If anyone was in charge, it was him. "Do you guys need help!"

The man would turn around to face her as she would run to them, trying to offer whatever assistance she could. She wasn't strong, nor was she wise. She would be no more useful than what they would teach her in that moment.

"Sure!" the man called out. She didn't know his name but he seemed to be very familiar. Maybe he worked at the sandwich shop she went to every morning, who was to say.

"Help out however you can, it'll be appreciated!" he told her, yelling out as she drew near.

She smiled and happily made her way to the others who seemed to move around all kinds of wheel barrows and other equipment. She would pick up the stone and brick and work just as they had. It was a simple and easy job.

The others seemed to make haste, of which she took as a challenge. She would begin to work a bit faster, making her way back and around the others as faster and faster as she could. The more ground she covered, the more she could find. She was careful to not push herself to exhaustion. If she did so, her own purpose would be useless. She was going to make sure her aid was more than usefull for all of them.

She was beginning to feel herself slow down bit by bit by bit as she worked. She was getting tired and would need to rest. She didn't want to, but it was the only option for her success. She would set her lost stone down and take a seat against the wall as she caught her breath.

"Need some help miss?" a man would tell her, offering her a drink from his canteen. She would take a sip, only to be filled with energy right back up again. "My family make a few potions. This should help you get your energy back." Happily, she would make her way to where the first man was and would help him layer the foundation for the building. Perhaps delivering materials was too much for her.

She begun to hoist large panels of wood, lifting them and holding them for the other workers to hammer them down. She would do this over and over, her body growing sore, but with each instance it grew easier and easier for her. People would give her room, allowing her to do her job by herself, men on standby hammering her planks to the support beams as she did so.

When it was done she would assist the men with standing up large metal beams to be set in concrete.

The day would work smoothly as everyone came together. She looked at the sun's direction. It had crossed the sky and was starting its path downwards. It must have been later in the afternoon. She was probably there no more than a few hours since she saw them in need of help. There was much daylight left. They could finish it all today if they worked hard enough.

It was how Hargeon was. Everyone worked together. Everyone pitched in and gave it their all. It was the benefit of a community. She hoped the rest of Fiore would be just like this. She hoped it would be.

She wondered how the next city would be, and how the people there would treat each other. There was just a chance of a city just like this, as there was one that was opposite in every way. She feared a corrupted city, sickened with crime and death and murder.

"Miss?" it was the man from before. Namé Les  stared at her hands, trying to set the concrete. "It's almost sundown, I think we've done our part."

She would smile. She remembered the man, It was the young man in charge of this place.

And here he worked just like anyone else.


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