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All For You (Baron/Name)

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#1Namé Les 

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Namé Les


She sat on a bench outside of the restaurant, waiting, wondering what she was to make of it all. That night seemed to be all of a blur. She had gone around Hargeon, helping out the locals to just clear her mind and to try to piece what was real and what existed in her mind. What did she really tell him that night?

She would let out a light burp, tasting the alcohol on her breath. She hoped she didn't screw up that bad. Maybe Baron would forgive her, and maybe she could find the truth of what went on in that tent. She felt lost, but she trusted him. She wanted to journey as they planned. Would he allow it? Could he stand her or was she just too much?

She hoped he would find the note left behind for him. It was a good half hour before she said to arrive. She had to busy herself with her thoughts until he arrived.

"What was I thinking?" she thought to herself nervously, "I'm not his type at all. He could never have anything serious with me." She sighed in her own sorrow. She deeply wished her life was different.

But maybe it could be.



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What a day it was to be alive, sure he was a little jumpy and energetic but this new found energy had helped him get along well in work, social confrontations and even lessening his desire to drink. He had managed to put down the bottle for a few hours now and was feeling quite good about himself, so good that he had a smile plastered on his lips that was almost permanent.

He whistled as he walked down the strip, he was set to get back to another job before the night was through, though on his way he had found himself awestruck by the sight of the moon over the still, calmed ocean that rested against Hargeon’s shores. The sight of the moon’s illuminated glow sent chills down his spine, it was so beautiful, like nothing he had ever seen before.

There was a moment of silence that brushed over the adventurer as he looked at the sky, the stars were bright, as was his future, but there were still a few loose ends he had to tie before he could fulfil his destiny.

Golden hues broke their gaze from the moon and continued to walk on the path. Baron had his hands in his pockets, his lips curled into a relaxed smile as he sauntered down the road. His clothes were oddly enough, a step above what he usually wore out: His black tank top was replaced by a collared white shirt, in place of his favorite sweat pants a pair shorts took their place and on his feet were no rundown sandals, no, instead he wore… Shoes? Loafers maybe? He didn’t catch the name but he was certainly more casual than foolish tonight, almost as if he had a date…

His path would soon come across a restaurant, in front of it a familiar young woman. “Les?” he arched a brow and proceed towards her benched form. When she came into view a smile cracked his lips and he laughed heartily, “Les! Hey!” he greeted her.

“You alright? Seems like you have somethin’ on your mind.” he took the seat next to her.

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Namé Les


She would brush her hair past her ear and let out a light laugh as he took the seat next to her. Maybe it wasn't as bad as she thought.

"Just thinking about what other places are out there." she would tell him, "And besides I thought we could get a meal and get to know each other a little more, but I guess a little more formally." She would smile, not sure how much of her self, was already shared with him. How much of her own heart was offered to the man?

She so desperately wanted to tell him everything about her family, her god, their religion, their power and maybe even the the fact that the girl she wanted to find wasn't even her sister, but a cousin. Would it matter? Would he call her a liar? She had to give it all she had. There was no room to second guess herself.

"You ever eat here before? Oh, and it's on me." she'd lift up a small bag of money, pleased with herself.

She was going to do well.


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He crossed his arms and looked back at the moon, he would listen to her words, he’d catch everyone with his full attention despite where his eyes had locked.

“There are a lot of places out there, all kinds of people to meet, fights to have.” he spoke softly, “It’s a big country, lots of people to meet indeed.” his gaze shifted from the white ball in the sky back to her, “It’s all quite exciting.” it was true, the possibility of meeting new people was always fun, there would be danger but nothing to be too cautious of. Danger was part of adventure after all!

“Instead of dinner, how about we go for a walk first? Build up an appetite.” there was more to his words than simply wanting to build up a desire to eat, he wished to get to know her more but with fewer eyes and ears lingering about. Much was still to be found out about her, who she was and all, though given the information he had already given there was a tasks they could perform to get them on the right track.

Standing up he put his hands back in his pockets and looked down at her, “I want to see some one of those shrines your family builds, maybe we can put another one up?”

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Namé Les


"I would be honored to take you to one." she would tell him. "However, putting up a new shrine in a city where one already stands is shameful to the builder." She would answer him, getting up from her seat to walk with the man. If he wanted to talk and walk, then she would do it. In the end, she would save money.

She smiled. Even just the slight interest was enough to fill her with joy. Maybe her god would be willing to accept this man.

It had been so long it felt, since she last spoke to the Nameless God. How much had changed since she was busy? Would she be granted a new role? Where would she go to? It was her duty to find the shrines as any others to make sure they were all lit and tended to.

For all she knew, Chi had already completed the task for the both of them. Maybe they would find another thing to do in this world of Fiore. Perhaps a temple would be in place. She needed to know.

The sooner she did her job, the sooner she could be devoted to this man, mind, body, and soul.


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She would agree to walk with him, a smile etched its way back onto his maw as he began to walk with her back down the road. There were a few questions he wanted to asks, mostly about this bloodline of hers, but given how personal it may have been he’d opt for more subtle questions. They were to be partners, though with developments he was unsure what he’d be doing.

To start he’d look over at her and speak, “I still haven’t heard much about this family of yours, seems you all are very devout to your religion.” a statement that was no doubt true, though the follow up may have been tacky, “I take it you’re faith is very strong as well?”

It was simple enough, “Second question, when you find a town you like, do you plan on living there and starting a family? Children? Pets?” he dug a bit more into her personal life but kept a distance from inserting himself in any of these queries. Questions seemed a good way to start the walk, hopefully she’d enjoy it as well.

He did indeed make her a promise, but he would eventually have to tell her of his other engagements and similar promises he had made. He was a man who liked to help, but sometime shis help went a tad too far stretched and he would end up having to help many.

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Namé Les


She would take a moment to reflect on the thought, wondering how to word it correctly.

"Back home, depending which house you were born you, you were told a different side to the story." She was a Fuma by blood, but a Manji in heart and name

"My parents told me that our god was the elder son of our great ancestor and his spirit protects us. He's the one that knows of all of our secrets and protects us from evils we cannot see." She would laugh thinking about the other houses and their versions. "Some say he's a god of death, but he was human just like we were, the only difference is he chose to stay behind when he died to protect his descendants."

It wasn't a direct answer, but it was her view. Her faith was deep and born into her, as all Manji were. Everyone was devoted to this deity. Some hailed him as great god, others as a great protective spirit. Whatever they chose, he was still someone who allowed them to live the way they wanted. he could give them all what they wanted, at a cost of serving him.

The dead still have duties to take care of.

"Wherever I call home, I hope I'll have people to call my family too." she would answer. "I just want to be happy."

But she would not dare insult the mages of Fiore. To her, they were all foolish. The great Manji Samurai had slain millions of people with a single weak spell that did nothing more than ease his pain. It never even closed his wounds, for he wanted his injuries to be a lesson.


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He put his hands on his hips and nodded, she was something else… She knew the history of the religion and everything and as Baron thought it over… It wasn’t for him. Maybe she wasn’t the one for him, he couldn’t know. But if she was so loyal to this religion based on… Whatever she retorted here was no use in him sticking around for more than friendship. “I appreciate that you would tell me these things.” he smiled at her, he stopped in his tracks and looked her up and down once again. Maybe he could try that religion… Only time would tell. He clenched his fist and sighed, “Name…”

He placed a hand on her shoulder and turned her around to look at him, “You’re beautiful.” he leaned over and placed a kiss on her cheek, close to the side of her rosy, full lips as he backed away from her. “You’ve proven to be a good friend.” he rubbed his hands together and continued to back away from her with a teasing smile. “We’re still supposed to keep that blood line going, next time we meet maybe we can get it done.” he chuckled, with that he’d back into the shadows. He would be leaving his tent for her if she wanted it, the only things he’d take are his armor and axe.


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Namé Les


"Step once, uninvited." the voice echoed in her mind. No one could forget his voice, his teachings. "We do not chase after those that wish not to be caught."

She would turn to face him slightly, only for his lips to catch the side of her face. Disappointment fell onto her, wondering if it was all wasted time. Perhaps it was not her path to take. She would finish her task in Hargeon and make her way to the next city. Perhaps there she would find someone to aid her, or perhaps some direction for her god to guide her.

She was free, for now.

But a free bird was not free if its wings were broken.

"I will wait for you." she would say in his direction, bowing towards his leave. Wherever he went, she would eventually catch up. She wanted their paths to cross again, but only time would tell.

But first, she would answer to her master and leader. She had to take care of family, that was her priority.

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