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Red Hades Cult[Caius]

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Red Hades Cult[Caius] Empty on Sat Nov 04, 2017 12:21 am

Caius was back in the town of darkness that was Dahila Town. A city that was run by vampires, lycans, and demons was a town that he was destined to be in. A group of dark and evil entities was a group that he could relate with. Caius would resume his campaign with Adrian the Heretic and help him take control of the whole town with all his dark heretics and help his mission so he would help increase his guilds influence which was grimoire heart. Caius currently was at the bar and was chilling and drinking some rum while he waited. Usually in this Dahila Town the men who gave him the quests would find him like they did in the past. The bartender would see that his drink was empty and then the would reach out to Caius and then they would fill up his drink and he would take the drink and then the would take the drink and then he would go and he would take it and drink it. After he finished it he would go and he would slam it down and then he was done with it and would shove it forward and the bartender would take it back. Adrian the Heretic would then sit down next to him in a robe that was covering his face and would talk to Caius. He would recolonize that voice anywhere and would listen to his mission request.

Adrian the Heretic was really angry and was not being careful or cool like he normally was. He pissed of and angry and was very blunt about what he wanted. He that they had a group of initiates that were very loyal and that he needed the group of initiates that went rogue. There was one in particular that needed to die because he was the leader of the traitors. There was a zero tolerance policy so they would have to get their hp to zero and kill them. IT was a mission Caius did very easy and would be glad to help out Adrian the Heretic and finish this mission so he would help clear out Dahila Town and help him out to complete the missions. Adrian the Heretic would tell him that he could kill him but to make sure that nobody saw it. There would be no trace to him or no trace to the church so he would make sure that nobody would find out. Kill the renegade cultist and make sure he is never found again. The 2nd part of the quest would involve removing his head after killing the renegade cultist because Adrian the Heretic would need proof that the quest was done and he was taken out. This mission was one that was very sensitive and he had to make sure that all the loose ends were taking care of. Adrian the Heretic would go and then the would get up off the chair and would head out and leave Caius some of the directions. He would go and start the quest.



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Caius would begin the request for Adarian the Heretic by going to a bar in Dahila Town where they knew of the rumors. If he mentioned he was with the church then most people would crack and tell them what they knew because the church ruled most of the city. Caius would grab a drink and then he would start to mingle with the locals and then shake them down for the information. They would say that he was in luck as the man that Adarian the Heretic wanted dead was a frequent visitor of the bar that they were currently at. Caius would go and he would take his drink to the corner of the bar and then he would sit down and then he would take a drink of the bear and then he would wait for the man to come in. Adarian the Heretic gave him a picture so he would wait. After a few minutes, he would see that the man walk in and only get a quick drink before he would get up and then he would leave. Caius would go and he would follow the man and then he would wait for a spot to strike and then he would kill him when the time was right. The cultist only had one drink so he wasn't drunk and he seemed that he was paranoid as he was looking around all the time so he must know that Adarian the Heretic would want him taken out or at least roughed up a bit. Caius would let more distance in between them.

Caius would continue until finally the man would turn down a dark alley that was contently located near the church so the quest turn in would be a short walk away. At the end of the alleyway was a fence and once he hit the fence he would go and turn around and Caius would be standing there. Caius told the man he was here to kill which at that point the cultist rushed him. He would throw a punch and then Caius would reach up and he would catch it with his hand. Caius then would twist the mans arm and throw him to the ground. At that point the stupid cultist man would know that he had no chance of winning against a mage of that caliber so he resorted to just begging for his life like a lil bitch. Caius would have non of it and would kick the man in the face and would knock him out in the blow. Caius then would get a trash can and it was one that had sharp edges and he would go and he would smash it against the man's neck over and over until finally the head would slice off. he took off the mans shirt and wrapped the head and would go to the church. After he was at the curch, he turned it in to Adarian the Heretic and let him know he would need him for some higher rank missions soon. Caius took the reward and headed out.


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