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Medicare [Urion | Quest]

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It did not take too long after examining the payment from Urion's last mission to come to the conclusion that there was going to be more work into acquiring money for future items to use while traveling. The lands of Fiore were treacherous and unforgiving, and there could be no room for procrastination. Urion had seen the after-effects of not preparing oneself for the harshness the world had to offer, remembering what had happened to the guard making a distress beacon over in Oak Town. The world was full of terrors and Urion was too busy wondering if he should fight fire with fire rather than coming to conclusions. Considering that there were not too many missions left to do in the town, the Blue Pegasus mage decided to take them on before deciding that he would need to travel to the next town. Before Urion had the opportunity to go back to the public mission board to scour for the last remaining assignments for Light Guild members, he was taken aside by a large man with a nearly obscene amount of needed facial hair to a medical office that looked too packed to be real. The man seemed distressed at the fact that he had to take care of so many people at a given time that, he found it best to simply take on the patients in one at a time.

The man appeared to be a doctor, and thus began to give the Blue Pegasus mage a quick yet thorough examination. His face was checked for flushed colors that may signify some sort of bacterial infection, a stethoscope was placed on the heart side of his chest to check for an irregular heartbeat, and a more mage-inclined special medical instrument was applied for a very special reason. The instrument would check to see if the patient's mana reserves are in stable check and not polluted with anti-magic particles. Certain diseases could also infect the mana reserves to not allow for the human body to properly cast spells; such a blockage could make a mage a living time bomb if given the right circumstances. Once the inspection was complete to the doctor's standards, he gave a formal introduction of himself, something that Urion was hoping he was going to do before there would have been an unnecessary altercation brought upon by a misunderstanding and lack of communication between the two.

"Sorry for the mixup there, I just wanted to know if I was going to deal with one more patient for the day. As you can tell, my office is quite packed for the time being." The man made a gesture to the rest of his office, to demonstrate what he meant. "My name is Doctor Gerard, and I need your help. Surely, you will be up for the task, no?" Urion sighed slightly, looked around at the patients and realized that the only thing he could do was to lend some assistance, considering Doctor Gerard was already preoccupied and busy. With a simple nod, Doctor Gerard nodded back in the affirmative and continued his narrative. The two went on to the doctor's office where he could relay the details in a private setting. Two white bags with only what could be described as medicine as the contents.

"These two white bags are filled with the prescription medicines for two of my patients. You see, my patients were not able to come on their own today to acquire their own medicines, for their own specific reasons. I would have sent one of my many staff members here at the clinic but they are too preoccupied with helping me attend to the large influx of patients. The weather is getting awfully cold as we approach winter and the last thing needed would be for one of my staff members to catch a cold. They, unlike you, are not as privileged to have quick means of healing." How Doctor Gerard came to such a conclusion Urion found odd but found it best not to speak against it. Obviously, the doctor was too busy to keep his head together.

"Uh, yea..." Urion said calmly as he grabbed for the white prescription bags from the desk and began to make his way out of the office. The addresses were printed on the bags, for ease of accessing the patients. They were familiar; Urion had passed them previously when he was running around for Fernando Milano just the other day, so coming across them would not be too difficult. The Blue Pegasus mage found the first person's address with little difficulty, coming across what had appeared to be nothing more than a shack on the corner of the street. It did have an address, and the person answering the door did match the description that Doctor Gerard gave back at his office at the clinic. The next patient lived near Fernando Milano's establishment, in an upstairs apartment that was above a local convenience store. The person, in particular, was waiting for Urion's arrival, an action probably spurred by a call from Doctor Gerard himself to the patient. The person was more than elated to have taken on the assistance of Urion in the Blue Pegasus mage delivering her medications. Urion returned back to Doctor Gerard's clinic to inform him that the deliveries were made. The doctor produced the reward from a safe and thanked Urion once more before heading to attend to his patients. Urion understood the man's busy nature and left to handle his own business.


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