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Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Nora]

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#1Nora Deston 

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Nora] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:21 am

Nora Deston

The gusts of wind blew gently across the sea swarmed town as the waves of the water rustled against the ships that gently swayed over it. Her crimson gaze wandered around again and again, scanning through the similar men clad in white shirts accompanied by black pants as they held guns and strolled around leisurely, looking for any suspicious people to hunt down. She bit her bottom lip as a small smile spread across it before sighing, "The things I do for money." Using her hand, she pushed aside the long black strands of ebony hair that were unable to frame her face as the rubber band refrained them from running wild.

Pulling the short burgundy dress that adorned her body, she lowered the cloth that fell over chest and tightened the belt that cinched her waist. The hem of the dress reached mid-thigh, exposing her long pale legs from there as a pair of similar burgundy heels sat on her feet. Running a finger over her lips, she checked to see if the red lipstick that she applied still remained loyal and once she had obtained the perfect look she desired, a smirk fell onto her face. It was time for some action.

tap. tap. tap. The sounds of her heels clashing against the floor drowned within the ruckus caused by workers loading and unloading goods off the ships but her eyes scanned the area, landing upon one light haired young man, clad in the same attire as others as he roamed over the concrete ground. A smile stretched onto her lips as Freya had found her victim.

The mere thought of the fun that she could have was enough to allow a rush of adrenaline to blaze through her body. Her hair swayed along with her hips as she sauntered towards the man. Halting before him, she flashed him the best smile that she noticed, was enough to leave plenty men weak in the knees. It appeared that he was no different as his eyes widened before scanning her scarcely clad body from head to toe and landing upon her lips, before he gulped, "Excuse me, would you be a gentleman and help me out a bit?"

Clearing his throat, "Of course mam." He said with a smirk on his face. Alas, she was right yet again. It is often the more good-looking ones that tend to be the most gullible and naive. "I have some luggage left at the back and it's too heavy for me to lift by myself. I need the help of someone strong."

Looking around, she pretend to let her gaze wander before landing it upon him, "And you seem to be the most reliable." It's safe to say that these sweet words, laced with seductivity were enough to leave him thoughtless and foolish enough to follow her away from the other guards. Acknowledging his presence behind her, she could feel his gaze explicitly explore her body but that gave her nothing more than pleasure. Once she had decided that she was far enough from the sight of others, she swirled around, fast enough so that he wouldn't be able to halt his steps and pretended to stumble over him, tripping the two over.

Word Count: 541/1000
Total Word Count: 541/1000
Quest Description

 Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Nora] AODcS62
#2Nora Deston 

Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Nora] Empty Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:22 am

Nora Deston

"Oh my, I'm so sorry." She whispered as she lay over him. A blush ran across his cheeks as she caressed it, "You're quite attractive now that I look at you." Freya was leaving the man flustered but that was exactly what she wanted as she gently pressed her lips against the unknown mans. He immediately reacted, kissing her back before gently pushing her away after a few minutes of making out, "I should get back to work." He stated with a smirk as she smiled back, waving at him as he left. It was time for her to complete her mission.

The female stood there, leaning against the trunk of the tree, hidden away from the sun's gaze and everyone else's as well as time ticked past. Once she had estimated that the clock had ticked far enough, she made her move. Walking out of the shadows, she scrunched her face as rage molded her expression. strolling over to the man she had so passionately kissed only a while ago, she let her palm forcefully collide against his cheek, producing a sound loud enough to attract the attention of his colleagues, "How could you do this to me?!", she exclaimed, letting her angry expression morph into one brimming with sadness as tears spilled from her eyes. "I thought we had something special, but you just used me." Using her hands to hug her own body, she clearly displayed the claim she was making, earning a gasp from everyone around. The man looked confused as he looked at her before his eyes widened upon realization. As he opened his mouth to speak, she proceeded to punch him straight in the face.

Now, now. She couldn't possibly let him ruin her little performance by opening his mouth. Grabbing him by the collar, she proceeded to hit him yet again, as she screamed and yelled and internally thanked Zeke for the strength he had provided to that body. "You bastard, you told me you loved me but you only wanted my body!" Tears stained her cheeks as they rolled down before she decided to make it a little more dramatic, hitting his everywhere possible and yanking him by the hair, enough to have made the other guards decide that whatever she had done would suffice as they tried to stop her, grabbing her arms and waist as she wailed and let out a cry.

"How dare you touch me like that?" I'm so disgusted." She had to admit, pretending to be the victim did give her entertainment as so did his horrified expression as she frantically attempted to hit him, requiring most, if not all, of the guards to have to grab her. In fact, some passionate ones ever decided to beat up her own victim for her. It took her everything she had to not burst out laughing but she had to keep the act going, even if it was for a little while longer. Her gaze flickered towards the movement behind the vicinity where she had caused a commotion as a small smirk played on her lips before disappearing. Her mission was completed as the ship sailed away from the port and entered the sea from where it would escape.

Calming down, she noticed the grip on her arms loosen as she let out a sob before slamming her fist into the man's face once again before making heaving an angry sigh and strolling off. A few attempted to chase her, for causing so much trouble but stopped upon the sight of her tear stained face. After all, she was simply a young woman exploited by the man in their eyes. With her back facing them, her smile widened as she wiped the crocodile tears off her face. Passing the fisherman seated on the wooden bench, she bent down a little to grab the bag next to him without halting her steps. Glancing inside, a small laugh escaped her lips, "A good job should reward a good drink."

Word Count: 668/1000
Total Word Count: 1209/1000
Quest Description

 Smuggler's Schemes [Quest | Nora] AODcS62

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