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A Troublesome Transaction[Request]

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

A Troublesome Transaction[Request] Empty on Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:39 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Another crumby day, another crumby request or so Uchida's saying goes. Sighing, Uchida strolled to the message board to see if he could take on another request and earn himself a quick buck. While browsing through the menial tasks at hand, one particular request stood out to him. "Gaud, gaud, gaud. Where have a heard that name before. Hm? OH!! That shifty merchant i saw the other day selling stolen goods, neat. Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all or i could be wrong. Oh well, i'll take this one. This should be rather amusing to take if only to intimidate him some.by only showing up." Snatching the request off the board and putting it in his pocket, Shichiro sneered as he made way towards his destination of where he last saw this "Gaud".  Making his way to the town square, he spotted the jovial man selling his wares as usual. Upon entering his line of sight, Gaud's facial expression changed from cheerful to scorn. "Oh, it's you. What do you want?!?! You've nearly ruined my reputation before, what more could you possibly want now?" he said scornfully. "Now, now is that anyway to treat a potential customer?" goaded Uchida. "Listen, hurry up and conduct your business. I have real customers to attend too. Your no customer of mine." said Gaud coldly. "Ouch, and here i thought maybe i could help you out with something, maybe a request you happened to leave behind somewhere?" Uchida said, reaching into his pockets and dangling the piece of paper with Gaud's signature on it. The man had sighed in defeat, knowing this was probably the last person he had wanted to find his request form and conceded.

"You want the job. Just take it and go. Here are the coordinates. And please, no rough stuff, it's my name on the line here." he called out. Uchida once again, waved him off and headed in the direction he was suppose to meet this supplier. It seems a little shady that Gaud wanted other people to perform this transaction other than himself. A little shifty if you asked Shichiro. Oh well, it wasn't his job to ask questions. He just did what the request told him to do. Worst case scenario being he tells the authorities that he was on a request and din't know what was in the contents of the request. He began to start whistling, which was a bit uncharacteristic of him but found himself in wanting to do so. Odd. Either way, Uchida had arrived to his destination. A dank little alley of Era, not too uncommon but rarely traversed. He strolled into the alley, hands in his pockets and looked around for anything out of the ordinary. If he was being sent to perform transactions in such a place, he assumed it was dangerous. Nothing of note happened other than a figured he hadn't noticed before. He was dressed in a strange black cloth and was kind of creepily standing there. Yup, no doubt about it. He must be the supplier that Gaud was suppose to meet.

"Oi, you the guy i was sent here to meet? A "Gaud" sent me with the money to get the item in question." The clothed man in black simply looked Uchida up and down before deciding whether to trust him to make this delivery or not. Eventually, the man just shrugged and reached into his clothing and took out a peculiar, large tooth before placing it in a bag and tossing it to Uchida. Uchida walked over and handed over the jewel purse he was carrying and waited there for him to count to see if it was all there. The silent man nodded towards Uchida and Uchida nodded back before turning around and walking off. Strange guy but he was glad and somewhat disappointed he didn't get in any conflict. Maybe this Gaud guy might be legitimate after all. Who knows? Well, that didn't matter, all that mattered to him was his payment. Upon returning, he saw that Gaud was busy tending to a customer. He decided it would be best if he waited until after he was done assisting this person and decided to wait. After he was done, Uchida casually walked up to him and shoved the bag into his face. Remembering what happened the last time, Gaud quickly ducked, granted the bag was nowhere near his face at the time. After a brief moment, he stood back up and slowly took the bag from his hand.

Uchida sighed then shrugged and decided he might as well get this question off his chest. "Oi, that wasn't so hard or bad at all. Why'd you hire somebody to do this kind of thing for you. Seemed easy enough and cheaper to just do it yourself. Not that i really care. I made a quick buck from it." he said a little disappointed. Gaud then looked at him curiously and sighed, replying "I've never been to this town before. I'm a TRAVELLING merchant. I don't know what kind of dangers could be lurking with every turn of the corner. That's why i'd rather hire somebody else to take the risk for me and even earn themselves a profit, if they manage to come back alive..." Uchida then shrugged again and in turn said "Well, i guess that's true. Especially since you seem to be an easy target for bandits and thieves. Here i thought you were shady too after the whole family crest fiasco. If you need me to take on more fetch errands like that, i'd be glad to take your money. Although, i'd rather have some eventful things thrown my way occasionally if you know what i mean. Well it was nice speaking to you, i guess." With that Uchida took his payment and began to stroll back to the message board wondering if there is anything better to do or as simple as that previous one he just completed. Only time will tell, he assumed.


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