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Restless Souls: Kung-Fu Fighting {Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Restless Souls: Kung-Fu Fighting {Lucian} Empty Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:43 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Mmm, I wonder what today has in store for me. The last few days have been relatively quiet around here. And I can't tell if that is a good or extremely bad thing for the city. Considering that crime never sleeps or really stops to breath for that matter, the surprising lack of wrongful actions were welcoming but it was just strange.

"HA! "HIYA!"

Is that a dojo? I remember when I wanted to get into the martial arts as a child. Mom didn't like the idea of me learning how to fight and to be certain she thought that I would turn out to be a hard-headed stubborn bloodthirsty kid that wanted to test out his skills on every person that crossed his path. Though sadly, in the end, I am now serving as the charge of a primordial god of war so I guess there really was no changing my destiny per say. Granted, at least I'm not the hard-headed fighter that she thought I would be.

The young students continued to perform in their sequences. Following the direction of their master as he repeated his instructions with a rather hollow sense of authority. Actually, the master does not look that much older than me. Seems kind of young to be teaching and he seems to be out of his element slightly in the leadership role. But hey at least he is trying to do something constructive for the children of Oak like keeping them off of these streets where monsters are.

That to me was the one thing that my mother didn't seem to understand as well about martial arts. It's not about learning how to fight. It's about mastering the elegant and powerful machine that is the human mind, body, and spirit. To always be evolving as a person and a warrior that just so happens to also partake in the beautiful art that is martial arts. Because that is what it is. Martial art is an art form and a way of artistic expression that is performed with the human body.

Well, I've sat here long enough. I have things to do... There is that feeling again. It's like that time with the young boy from before except that was a spirit crossing over from the other side to seek my help. Is this happening again? And in the middle of the day? I thought that the veil between our world and the spiritual world was only thin enough for the deceased to pass through if they wanted. Unless you were a god who didn't abide by those common rules, but this isn't the energy of anyone on the scale of Krotodamus, unless they were hiding their clear power.

"Who is there?"

The street remained quiet but there was someone here, I can feel it. It was a calm spirit but there was a sense of doubt. I can't put my finger on it but there is someone here I know it.

"Please. I mean no harm. "

The spirit came into focus, though unlike Billy from before this spirit actually walked the earth. His form was solid save for his eyes who weren't there at all. His skin was healthy and he seemed to radiate a sense of peace and a rather strong aura. He was in control of his form even in this state of existence.

"I am the former master of that Dojo. And I seek the help of the living."

His voice was stern but yet it flowed like a simple river, he was one of the more complete spirits I have seen. He was in control of his corporeal form like it was still his living body. He was visible but not completely transparent like that of other spirits and their bodies. Truly a master of his spirit.

"What can I do for you? "

The spirit sat on the barrel nearby, the wood not creaking under his weight, though his appearance would almost attest to otherwise.

"I fear my pupil has not continued my school in good spirit. I fear that in my absence he has become soft and I desire to have him retrained if necessary. Please. I will not be able to move on and exist at true peace in death until I am assured my student will thrive. "

The emotions radiated further from him as if in a wave of influence. It was stifling how much power he had even in death. No god but definitely a finely in tune mortal soul.

"I will see to it that it is done. "

The master looked up...even devoid of iris, his eyes could tell a story. One of relief for the most part

"Thank you. Live long and well. Warrior. "

The master rose and departed from the world, watching him disappear into the alley was something to behold. He was probably returning to his place of peace. Now for the student.

Ahh, the children are leaving out from the Dojo, which means that it is going to be empty save for the young master. Which is going to serve well for the task.

Hmmm, the dojo seems rather oriental and speaks to a traditional. The young master seemed to be deep in thought. He was shaking his head and talking to himself.


Can't say that it is appreciated that he didn't even turn around to acknowledge me. Shame.

"Classes are done for today. Come back tomorrow. "

"I am not here for class, I am here with a message from your master. "

The other man turned around in haste. There was a fire in those eyes of his. He's upset at the mention of his late mentor.

"You have a message for me? From a dead man. Go, before there is trouble. "

The bamboo mat feels like it has some nice give to it as not to be extremely harmful to anyone who found themselves getting thrown to it and the air from the afternoon fall was beginning to blow bringing in a cool breeze.

"He told me that he wanted to see if you've gotten soft in his absence. If you've lost your way. And if necessary to remind you of his lessons. "

The indignation was evident on his face. He was upset... And rightfully so. I just walked into his home and talked about his dead master, that I just met a few minutes ago.

"Is this some kind of sick joke? Did Moroki send you as a jest to mock me even further? "

There it was...he wasn't feeling adequate. He was being teased. The others knew he was not his master. Like sharks in the water when there was blood, they knew that this man was weak.

"No. And quite frankly. I just want to help a soul rest peacefully in the afterlife. And honestly. Your lack of spine is annoying. Fight for your life. You didn't train to be this weak. "

Now, let's see what skills he has. Hmm, he seems quick. He managed to dodge. Why is he on the defensive? He's just dodging and taking my punches. If he thinks that I'll tire of him then he will be severely disappointed. Let's see.

"Hit me. Give me your best shot. "

"What? "

"I said hit me. Show me your strength. Hit me. Or forever remain weak. "

"Shut up! "


"Stop calling me weak!"

There is the strength that his master was trying to see. I can't lie and say that this punch isn't going to make my cheek a little sore.

"That is what your master wanted you to remember. Fight. When your honor is on the line you must fight. And to remember that you are his legacy. He trained you for reason. You know your worth. Don't let those fools let you forget it. "

Whatever his rebuttal was, it didn't matter, I could see the fire in his eyes and that was all I needed.


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Restless Souls: Kung-Fu Fighting {Lucian} Qhre37u


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