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Magical Bait [Quest: Fleur]

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The park. Red, orange and yellow, in various different shades. All of them floating gracefully on the soft breeze. It was as if a friendly hand was gently lowering them to the ground. Whispers between these leaves filled the air, whispers and mutters. The air was cool and crisp, like a refreshing drink of cool water after hours in a desert. The breeze fluttered around, gently caressing everything it touched with fingers that had been a comfort to so many over their long, lonely years. The intermittent rain and the sunshine with its residue of summer intensity swells the apples in the orchard. As the green crop tinges red we know that fall has arrived. One can almost taste the pies and crumbles as a stride between the trees in rubber boots and raincoats. The apples are so much sweeter fresh off the tree, like biting into a dew drop, albeit a crunchy one. Blackbird with jet plumage and beak of polished amber, hopping through longer shaggy grass, tugging at worms. There was one place, however, that wasn't subjected to the same scenery.

Below the ruffled water surface was a fish: small, barely a dart of silver, yet fast. Without visible effort it moved from plain sight, glimmering in the early morning sun, into the reeds before Fleur could cry out that she'd seen it. A smile grew on her pale wintered face - fall had arrived.

With scales like the most delicate of armor plating, the fish made its way upstream, choosing the slower water of the shallows. Jacob Fisher moved his hand in the same way as it flexed its body, as if he wanted feel the same motion. As he stood there, feet in the mud, his eyes wandered too, taking in the pinkness of the belly and the stillness of the eye. And for that string of moments he tried to think like a fish, to immerse himself in the cold autumn waters and experience life from an entirely new perspective. His weathered face was always on the look out. He would sit in the local diner with a plate of fish and chips, a surely glance directed at anyone who walked in. His left eye closed due to a criss crossing of white scars which had been caused by a hook to the eye and his calloused hands often playing with a spool of fishing line. If you looked into his eyes, the cloudy grey would tell stories of raging storms and a love of fishing which had been cultivated through his father. Jacob Fisher was a handsome prime individual, but his experience showed.

Under the gentle sun of early October the sea was an unbroken calm, speckled by a million fragments of light - each one so tiny but together were intense in a way that was utterly beautiful . Fleur laid on her belly, feeling the rough wood of the jetty under her light cotton clothing and dangled a hand into the ocean. The water was soothing, cool. She splashed for a moment and then squealed with her eyes but without a sound. Where moments ago there was just briny water was now a shiny grey head observing her with such intelligent eyes she began to talk to it. The dolphin started to nod her head as if she understood every word and looked so much like she's returning the smile that Fleur bursts out giggling. Though the day was cool Fleur felt more warmed by this mammal of the sea than the brilliant rays above. It was perfection - sweet gentle perfection.

It was indeed a strangely equipped craft. A three-master, with an auxiliary motor for bad weather, the Sea Nymph had been built for island trade. Since the bottom had dropped out of the sugar market, she had been lying idle in the harbor. Without making many changes, the elderly professor had equipped her for his purpose, whatever that might be. Jacob Fisher had not yet been told. There had been a hold at the boat's center, for sugar and other freight. This had been transformed into a tank--or swimming pool. Jacob could not tell which.

Time for a job.

Fleur spotted him; the blue-haired man known as Jacob Fisher. His features were evident. They both boarded the boat known as the Sea Nymph, but even then, no words were shared between the two. Partially because of Fleur's horrible personality to approach, but his wasn't something to be proud of either. The magical lure spread out from the girl, Jacob Fisher reeled in a monster of a fish. Fleur wanted to help but wasn't sure how. She swung her sword into the water like an idiot, but eventually it worked. The fish stopped moving and Jacob reeled it in without a problem. "Thanks." Jacob finally stated, the first word uttered between the two individuals.

Word Count: 809

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