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Sign me up [Quest: Elena/baron]

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Baron had finally done a quests and managed to get paid well for doing it! He enjoyed the company he had managed as well, having taken the young lady to lunch successfully he began to grow fond of her. Maybe she could be like a little sister to him, heck she could probably be a better sister to him than his real one, at least she seemed appreciative of his efforts no matter how foolish he came off as. Today he made sure to get another quests with her, though he had to get her consent the night before to sign her up with him. It was another early morning, he decided to change his attire up a bit, instead of wearing his cloak he left it off and instead wore form fitting jeans and dark boots. As far as a shirt he wore a black tank top a size small. He thought he looked nice but it was far from dressy, so he may not impress Elena all that much, or as much as he hoped. Though he kept in mind that she was still pretty young.

Waiting for his partner at the gym portion of the beach he decided to try his luck with a pair of dumbbells, both 25 pounds each as he curled them up to his shoulders and slowly let them down. He would do this until his partner came and they would help today’s client. His mind shifted to the thought of what she may have been wearing… Maybe a bikini? That’d be grand! That or he’d be slapped for thinking that.

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Elena had a wonderful lunch with Baron, they also went to the library to search for "true ice", however nothing could be found under the term. Baron had assured her that there were a lot more libraries in Fiore. Before she went home, Baron had offered to do another quest with her tomorrow, she agreed happily. Elena was super excited, she wanted to make sure that she was definitely not late tomorrow, and set twelve alarms. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned, just like yesterday, Elena slept through the alarms, and when she woke up, she bolted for the door.

I didn't even get to change out of my pajamas, she thought, as she grabbed her bag and request form. She was wearing a pink, unicorn onesie. Oh no, what if he thinks I am super immature? She shook her head and continued running until she made it to the beach gym. Her hands were rested on her knees as she was panting, trying to recover her breath. When she looked up, she realized her partner was well dressed compared to yesterday. She was about to greet him but she realized he had a disappointed blank stare.

"Are you okay? Did you expect something else?" She blushed slightly, remembering that she was in a childish onesie. "Anywho, I actually have my paper with me this ti...or not. I think I forgot it...do you happen to have yours?" She scratched her head and forced an awkward laugh.


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Now that he thought about the hunt for ‘true ice’ hadn’t been going well, he did remind her that Fiore was a big place with a lot of different libraries that covered a lot of different places, but not even from his home in Bosco had he heard of such a thing. He couldn’t get much out of her during their lunch together, but from what he knew this ice of hers was important and if it was important to his new friend it was important to him, even if he didn’t have a clue what it was or what it did. They could probably ask around as well, plenty of folks were magical in Fiore thus someone much have known something right?

While he worked out something soon caught his attention, something clad in pink and sprinting toward him. It was her alright, but why was she dressed like that? He wouldn’t question it considering how terribly he dressed regularly, instead he would drop his dumbells and approach his partner with open arms yet again mimicking yesterday. When he got his arms around he’d pick her up and squeeze her tight earning a few glances from people around the gym. “So soft.” he murmured burying his face int the onesie. He had never seen such a costume before, maybe she thought it was halloween today? Interesting.

“Im great, and today we actually have to hurry and get to the other end to the beach to uh, sign someone up for a competition.” he huffed at the end of that, putting her down and petting her head, “What is that you have on? I could hug you all day.


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"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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"Hello to you too, can you put me down now? A lot of people are looking!' Elena whispered, flushing red. Before Baron put her down and started patting her on the head. "Were you working out just then?" Elena pointed towards the dumbells. "Uh, sorry for the attire, I could of, well you know, overslept again..." she smiled brightly. Oh god, I can die of embarassment right now.

"Well if we have to hurry, we better get going!" Elena pulled on his sleeve, and dragged him with her. "Well, i'd rather you not hug me, it's already super hot in this thing, it especially does not help when we are at the beach, where the sun is blazing and there are sweaty bodies everywhere." Both Elena and Baron hurried to the end of the beach to sign up, but Elena halted when she almost bumped into an elderly lady.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Elena quickly walked past her, still dragging Baron with her. "Hey, aren't those the teenagers we stopped from spray painting the tree?" Elena pointed at a bunch of teenagers drinking. When the teenagers noticed Baron, the three of them dropped their beers and fled the scenery like a scared animal, however Elena thought they were afraid of her. What was that about? "Am I that frightening, Baron?" Elena asked genuinely, confused.

They continued running and made another brief stop when they saw an adult mage, practicing ice magic. "Sorry, I want to ask them something," Elena looked at Baron before turning to go ask the ice mage. "Excuse me sir, are you practicing ice magic?" She said in a high pitched voice.

"Yes, I am. Did you need something, hun?" The mage winked at Elena, and Elena blushed slightly, as she is not used to being flirted with. "I was wondering if you have potentially, ever heard of something called "true-ice"? Elena asked with high hopes. "I'm afraid not, but I can cool you down, babe." The man licked his lips. Elena sighed, as she genuinely thought that the person may of had some clues.


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That was a pretty good hug, she was plush soft in that thing, he might just steal it from her for himself before the job is done. “Yeah, waiting for you.” he flexed his arms before putting them in their pockets. He didn’t expect her to take charge, small hand gripping his collar and tugging him along in a light jog. It felt like he was a dog being dragged on like this, but he didn’t mind that considering who was doing the pulling.

In the midst of their run she bumped into an old woman and Baron almost tripped up on his own left foot, just barely managing to keep his footing as he went careening into the sand, palms keeping him up as he managed to get up. He would have kept running but he stopped himself and looked down at Elena who was chatting with an old woman. Great a small distraction and it felt like they were already later than they actually were.

While she apologized Baron shook his feet and got the sand off of his palms as he waited for his partner to get moving. Seemed like the kids remembered him from yesterday how sweet of them.  Or were they scared of her? Maybe because she almost did impale one of them, it wasn’t like it mattered! But they were little jerks anyway so did it really matter?

The kept on moving but then came another distraction and Baron once again almost suffered from her random stop on a dime. He tripped up yet again and almost slid into the sand. He rubbed his palms once again to rid them of sand as his partner stopped to make conversation. With his hands on his hips he panted as he listened in and out of the conversation.

Seemed like the guy was in more of a mood to flirt then help, but Baron wouldn’t show his ire for the mage, instead he cracked his knuckles and waited yet again. “Seems like you make friends everywhere you go.” he chuckled, “I might not know Ice magic, but I can cool you down too.” with those words he broke free and began sprinting down the beach at full speed. "TAKE OFF THAT SUIT FIRST." He called behind him as he ran as hard as he could.


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"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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Elena was surprised by Baron's sudden outburst, did I do something to annoy him? She wondered to herself. Didn't he say he liked this suit? I can't take it off because I'm only wearing my under garments underneath She pondered some more. She also wondered what Baron meant by that he can also cool her down? Anyways, she had to catch up to him quickly. "Hey! Wait for me Baron!" She quickly tagged along.

Along the way Elena noticed more kids playing around, families having a lovely picnic, couples making out, and people tanning in the sun. The sunlight was getting brighter as the day dragged on, Elena was very worried about taking this quest. She had always avoided beaches and areas with a lot of sunlight for a reason, her eyes are very sensitive, and such direct exposure can cause her severe irritation.

"Wait...wait" Elena started to speak as the sunlight pierced her eyes, running out of breath before tripping over a rock and falling down into the warm, beach sand. "Baron, I'm really, really sorry!" She tried to stand up, but she quickly fell down to the sand with a loud "thump". "I think I sprained my ankle, Baron." Elena started to tear up, she didn't want to cause someone so much inconvenience. She didn't want to drag him down, I bet he thinks I am super annoying now, she wiped her tears away, covering her wincing eyes with her arm from the sunlight.


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Like his life depended on it her ran. He was having flashbacks of his baseball career jetting it for home plate. As fast as he could, he saw the sign up location close but then he heard a thump and Elena cry out. Stopping on a dime Baron slid in the sand and looked back at his partner, did he make her fall? “Shit, Elena i’m sorry!” he ran back to her just as fast as he took off the first time, shit he shouldn’t have been so selfish in wanting to get the job done.

Kneeling beside her he looked her over, “You think you sprained it? I should be the one apologizing, I saw the sign up sheet and thought you were going to keep talking to that mage so I wanted to hurry up and get the job done so I could uh… Pull you away from him…” he mumbled to himself scratching the back of his head. It was extremely immature, but he wasn’t the most mature guy in town nor did he ever claim to be.

“Here, let me help you up.” he placed one of her arms over his right shoulder and picked her up from the sand with his left arm to carry her bridal style to the sign up, “How about we get some ice cream as a sorry for running away like that?” he smiled down at her carrying her to the sign up area. They were probably gonna be late, but he had a friend more precious than jewels in his arms.


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Sign me up [Quest: Elena/baron] MJmwSQc
"Hey Guest, wanna train with me? No worries, I'll start soft and get harder as we go."

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"Really?" Elena's sad face quickly morphed into her signature, dorky smile. Elena had always wanted to try the infamous ice-cream, they didn't have ice-cream back at her tribe, as it was always cold. The tribe didn't have any luxurious food, just plain food, enough to survive. She blushed immensely as Baron picked her up bridal style, and worried if she as too heavy for him. Maybe I shouldn't of ate so much dessert at lunch yesterday, BUT HE DID INSIST ON TREATING ME. She quickly brushed that thought away, and beamed happily. "Ice-cream~ Ice-cream~ everyone loves ice-cream!" The duo started to see people with ice-cream cones walking from the same direction, so they went in that direction to purchase the cold dessert, known as ice-cream.

"What flavour would you like, sweetie?" Asked an elderly lady, with a welcoming smile. "Strawberry please!" Elena replied in glee, clapping her hands. She was super excited to finally have a taste of "ice-cream". "It's delicious! Thank you so much Baron!" Tears started to form in Elena's eyes again, as the coldness of the ice-cream reminded of something she treasures more than anything - home. She had missed her home dearly, but she couldn't return without returning with what cure her tribe, known as "true-ice." The ice-cream reminded her of her purpose, and rekindled her passion.

After both of them finished the ice-cream, they started to head back to the sign up area, waiting in a long line of sweaty, body builders. Eventually they finally signed up Jay for the competition, completing the request, and claimed their rewards.

END of quest.

Sign me up [Quest: Elena/baron] Giphy

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