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Basic Duties [Judina & Alice: Quest]

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She was on her way to the office of the Rune Knights in Hargeon. Which she absolutely didn't look forward to, she expected a lot of people to talk behind her back but she had to take responsibility for the team and she heard Judina was here, maybe, maybe she should tell her friend. She had not seen her since the last meeting in Magnolia and she as almost ashamed for. Basically that meant she was but not everything was her fault.

She was in a hurry, her long orange hair swept from left to right as she carried it in a high ponytail at the back of her head, her orange cat ears were perked upright as she quickly checked herself in the reflection of a clothing store. She looked as if she was in a hurry but she was wearing a white blouse, to cover some issues, a blue pair of jeans and a black leather jacket and black chelsea boots, she was fine. She could go on a job. She was surprised that the superiours agreed but she lately started to doubt if they were the real superiours, she would have to find her own information. She hurried inside the office and her ears immediately dropped on her head, she kept the door open so Hecate and Jupiter could enter as well. "Am I late?" she asked the first person she saw, which was a bit strange if that person didn't know her. "No, you are the first to arrive lieutenant." She couldn't trust anyone.

She quickly dropped herself on a chair in the hallway to wait for Judina and took a cup of tea. Jupiter sat close beside her and Hecate walked around with curiousity to see what this was all about.

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Judina †
The peaceful humming them seemed to carry her and her family members soon lightly echoed the halls, Judina was clueless that she was making that much noise but she did not care and would easily mentioned what she felt to anyone whom mentioned otherwise to her, Her time at the base here was what she expected, normal plain and mostly just lounging around doing her normal work, She felt a type of normal here doing her job, always with one small thing missing but in her heart she knew she would meet up with the team again so she kept her mind from it.

Going to were she was told it was simple to say."And just as I expected, first to arrive and on time, as I figured from my leader."Judina said with a friendly smile as she normally would, In truth Judina had not been too far behind but was at least calm and settled, there was no place for here to mismanage her normally slightly ragey side for the moment which was good, no one here seemed to have bugged her that much yet."What is on the list of things to do, Alice?"Judina asked as she crossed her arms standing still and waited quietly like she seemed to normally, proving she had not changed in such time they were apart.

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As she was staring at the cup of tea, the door opened and Judina entered, she quickly stood up to walk to her friend, "I really tried." she said with a smile and she shook her head because she wanted to apologize. She looked around for Hecate and Jupiter to come towards her but they already did and eyed the new person suspiciously, "First Judina, I wanted to apologize, I asked you to come along with me to Orchidia, but a lot of things happened and I left you behind. Worse of all I disappeared 3 weeks from the map entirely and now I sort of demand you to show up to go on jobs with me. I hope you can forgive me."

She would finish her tea and throw the cup in the bin before turning to Judina and getting a letter out of her bagpack, "I got a letter from officer Kenji Maki, I asked him for suggestions for starting jobs. As I myself am still recovering from health issues and I don't want us to immediately run off to do something dangerous." in which she was actually hiding that she had a problem with her magic. "I hope you don't mind. It's finding children that are painting the walls with grafity. We have to make sure we make clear that it's not allowed. Kenji wouldn't mind doing it himself but he has a lot to do, so I offered to take this." She smiled a little at Judina, wondering how her friend and colleageu would take it. "So what do you think?" she asked in the end to stop guessing.

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Judina †
It seemed like the simple and quiet reunion she expected it to be."It is no worry, I had things I went and did during such time, life has it events that come up so, it isn't too bad to worry about."She started off by mentioning."Being better and ready for what is ahead is more important."Straight to the point as Judina always was most of the time."But I am more then delighted to see you are well and good shape, Alice." It was her way of forgiving her even with Judina not seemingly bothered or upset about the situation that happen.

Stretching out her back Judina seemed to listen quietly to what was going on, It would most likely a simple and hopefully not too dangerous, it did not displease Judina but she just lightly laughed to herself for a moment."Yes I had a feeling, I know will not need to bring anyone to the floor anytime soon I am sure." She could joke about it maybe even if it wasn't needed for the moment, Judina did not seem to pay any mind to it anyway."It does not seemed like overly too hard of a job, it all matter how these kids act as well, but given how busy people are I see no problem with dealing with it." Nodding yes she said. "Let us be off then, where do we go?"Judina asked nicely.

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Maybe Judina was way too nice for Alice but the redhead wouldn't complain about that, of course not. She simply smiled and was glad that it had gone so easy, she was sure that there would be more issues with others but up till now, explaining what happened, helped the most. There would be somebody angry at some point. Judina had not changed and Alice was glad to hear that, "Thank you, I'm glad to see you again as well and I look forward to work with you." For a second Alice wondered if she should tell Judina that she was lieutenant now but she didn't want to say it in a way that made it sound like she wanted to be praised for being good, but it would be polite to inform her.

She explained the idea of the job and chuckled lightly when Judina made a joke about bringing someone to the floor, "Only if the kid is annoying, you may." She said with a chuckle, however she was very glad that Judina was so enthusiastic about it. "Follow me, and we will follow the fresh painted art work." the last she said with a bit of a sarcastic tongue. She guided Judina through the streets of Hargeon to find some freshly painted pictures, "I wonder how to approciate such a kid." she muttered when she rounded to corner to see six children spraying the wall, she seriously didn't feel like chasing them and looked at Judina for a suggestion, they didn't seem to notice them.

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Judina †
Like every job it was a take on the moment for Judina."I doubt the kids would attempt a something as silly attacking some one."Judina started off with by mentioning then again her next point would prove that she still had not change much either."But alas nor do I know the youth of today either, since I was never the one to do as such lives are then one another."It was still her she had changed much but seemed ready to go as always ready for whatever was ahead of her,Alice had seen almost every side of Judina, rest could be left to the unknown and maybe worry some but, kids in Judina's were and thought were harmless so it was all what Judina would said be left to fate.

It just seemed as plain as they were looking last time Judina if anything seemed to be looking around them to be sure, She did not know Hargeon still all that much and still, Listening to her question and when needed looking over the corner. It was a pretty good question to ask since they had the advantage Judina then mentioned in a whiper to Alice."We have three options: 1. sneek around either side and scare the kid making sure he had no way to run." Since Judina felt might work but maybe the kid had other ones around to spy for him."2. We both just outright grab him now and take that risk."Judina shrugged her shoulders at this option."Or 3.I break our cover I charge right at him Yell to distract him and attempt to tackle him."Judina was that one also was not a good idea but options where options."If you have an idea speak them as well."Judina knew also she mostly had in your face offensive plans but she just worked that way normally so she was at the ready, She felt they were good ideas.

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Alice had asked Judina what she suggested and her colleague had given her three ideas which she quickly thought about in her mind, "Hmm could you go around, I'll wait here if they go around, I can grab at least to or three." She said and she would wait for Judina to walk around with the idea that her friend would approach the children first, she would step into the alley as well and if they would try to escape over the roofs, they wouldn't be happy with the Neko. But they didn't and she spoke stern to them that it was no job to paint the walls, that they need to find another canvas to use their artistic work on. She took every little spray can of graffiti and put it in her bag. She didn't want to punish the children but taking the graffiti must be about enough. The children sure look sad, "Don't let me catch you again nor any of my colleagues." she said as she took the last can and looked at Judina with a nod to tell her friend that they should go, this was enough, but she couldn't resist: "If I catch you one more time I will let you repaint every dirty and painted wall I can find in Hargeon." she warned. With that she left to bring the cans back to the officer and catch her jewels.

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Judina †
So the plan was split up and cut off plan then again maybe she was just over planning a very simple situation over all but since she did not know how this painter person would act never knew so she would just keep track of what was going around her, there could always be something going on around them too. So she would hurry up with the split off hopefully the path was not too far and easy to follow, Judina was worried about getting lost for the moment, hopefully this corner she took did not get her lost when she did take it, it seemed she had not gotten lost and had managed to make it around the corner like she hoped.

When Judina had gotten to the position she was going to be set up at,It seemed her wonderful cat friend already seemed to have dealt with it, Seeing Alice pick up the cans of spray paint and as the kid seemed to be on his way Judina seemed to quietly stare and watch for the moment, Judina did not seemed to smile at all while watching the kid walk by him, even slowly looking back to be sure the kid was leaving, After as such Judina walked over to join Alice and shrugged her shoulders and said."Simple enough job."Leaving it that to get the jewels and finish the report.



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