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Hargeon to Dahlia [Foot Travel | Bianca]

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Hargeon to Dahlia [Foot Travel | Bianca] Empty Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:31 pm


Vance had picked up a few pairs of clothes in the short time he'd been staying with Bianca, so he carried a small duffel bag, and put his things inside. He still hadn't told her about the small demon, his deal with her and Malum, nor the weird conversation about some guy he'd never met. Something about how they favored each other almost perfectly. The whole thing seemed odd, and Van was sad he couldn't remember if he was who she said he was. But he'd dealt a dark deal with the demon, and she could ask any favor of him once.

Such a thing could be a scary power over another. The lycan disregarded the thoughts. His eyes moved from the bag to Bianca, who was bent down over her own things packing. She was breath-taking. He honestly felt as if he were hers. Or rather... She was his. The onyx-haired adventurer had even come so far as to join her on her journey. Their destination was Dahlia. He walked over to her, embracing her from behind in a hug. Lightly pulling her towards him where he could show an accurate level of affection for the vampryss.

"Let's get going Bianca. Don't you want to beat that morning daylight? Haha."

Regardless of her answer, he would follow her to Dahlia Town. A town of urban legend, featuring horror and fright that you could only think up in a slasher film. Van was excited. This sounded like fun. It'd be even cooler exploring the place together.


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Bianca Fleur †
Being a woman, Bianca obviously had more things to pack than Vance, but she didn’t want to hinder their travels so she woke up earlier. She also made breakfast for Vance, which was almost like a habit now and coffee for herself. She wanted to make sure they left before it was too hot and the carriage she booked was going to arrive at seven thirty. She stole a glance at the clock. It was still fifteen minutes to six. Because she didn’t want his breakfast to get cold, she always timed it by watching when he stirred in bed.

After a while he would awaken and start packing his own things as well. Bianca had pretty much everything she needed in two bags now, and was now checking to make sure she didn’t leave anything behind. Slightly startled from Vance pulling her from behind, she turned to plant a soft kiss on his cheek with a giggle. “Alright,” she said, bending over to zip up her bags and place the locks on them.

Once Vance had his breakfast and she finished her coffee, they would bring their bags down to the lobby where they had to wait for their carriage. The reason she booked for a carriage was because she couldn’t carry all her bags and she wasn’t going to make Vance carry them, too.

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