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Call of the Wind [Training | Yami]

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Call of the Wind [Training | Yami] Empty Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:25 pm

The wind mage known as Yami was humming a soft tune on the bag of a merchant's wagon. He was lying on a soft quilt as the merchant instructed his teenage daughter on how to drive their cart by steering the two horses pulling it. Yami was luck to have run into these two when he had left Magnolia to make it to Hargeon. It was just a middle aged merchant and his young, yet hot teenage daughter. Yami didn't about the merchant but the daughter who was about sixteen had a pretty face, tan skinned, cute little freckles on her cheeks, green eyes with long red hair. She had a well developed and somewhat curvy shape. She was a real looker. Yami had managed to persuade the merchant into giving him a ride if he would in return be their body guard, even stating that if bandits would attack them just to get their hands on the merchant's daughter. When he had brought up the daughter the merchant had instantly agreed and now here Yami was getting a free ride to Hargeon.

As Yami laid back in the wagon he was contemplating his thoughts. He had a decent arsenal of spells but he could improve it, but how. He rubbed his chiseled chin while deep in thought. Perhaps he should make another offensive spell but he had enough C and D rank spells as it was. The wind mage's brow creased as he contemplated what to do. He had ten spells under his belt, five D and C rank but they would be useless if a strong opponent showed themself before him. What he needed was a higher ranked spell, sure he could cast multiple D and C rank spells but if he had a B rank spell under his belt he could use it as a wild card, the thought was just what kind of spell would be make?

Yami thought about making a B rank wind buffing spell in order to enhance his physical speed, but speed would be useless at the moment. He could make a B rank supplementary spell but what would he use it for? To blind his foes or maybe even trip them up? He shoved the idea aside as he mulled over. Supplementary and Buffing spells were out of the question, he needed an offensive spell one he could use to defend himself with.

Yami had a decent number of offensive spells that could be cast close to long range, if you counted ten meters to be a decent length, but in reality his spells were mid range to close range. What he needed was a spell to be used in close quarters, sure he had Area of Effect spells that could be used in close combat, but they were not what he was after. The wind mage held up his right hand looking at his palm as a thought mulled over in his head. Perhaps he should think about creating a weapon with wind mage? Something like perhaps a sword?

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Yami was brought forth from his thoughts when he began to smell a presence slowly coming towards them, about twenty meters out. The wind mage sat up his nose sniffing at the air, the presence was coming closer, their was at least five different smells that were entwined together. He had his suspicious but decided to lay back down and act as if nothing was wrong, while keeping an eye, or well nose, on the situation. The lycan waited patiently for the scents to get closer and once they were ten meters away the smells rushed forward closing in around the merchant wagon. Voices unfamiliar to Yami could be heard demanding for the goods to be handed over, before someone said something about leaving the girl behind. Yami could practically smell the lust in the air, coming from whoever it was that had spoken it was a retched smell.

The lycan sat up in the wagon and looked around they were surrounded by five man of varying appearances and stature, but by the way they were dressed and the weapons they carried they were bandits. The bandits noticed Yami and told him not to move but the wind mage ignored them and stood up, before getting down from the back of the wagon. His feet planted themselves on the ground as he looked around at the bandits and yawned. They weren't very threatening but this would be a perfect chance to test his new spell idea out. The wind mage extended his right arm to its full length and clicked his fingers, startling the bandits. Wind circulated around Yami blowing violently as it whipped up a storm. The wind began to gather in the air in front of Yami shaping itself into a two meter long, ten centimeter wide and two centimeter thick western style sword. Yami swung his right arm and the blade shot through the air as cries of fear echoed from the bandits at realising his was a mage.

The sword raced forward towards the bandit right of the right, as they had formed a pentagram with two in the front and one at the back. The sword shot forward and pierced into the chest of the bandit and out the back, piercing through his heart. Yami kicked off the ground appearing by the body, his fingers coiling around the handle of the wind sword which he ripped out of the deceased body. Yami immediately turned his attention to the bandits kicking into action as his body began to expand. Yami's height grew to eight feet as his muscles expanded, a ripping sound heard as his clothing tore unable to withstand the sudden growth, his shirt becoming ribbons. With his new wolf man like appearance Yami shot forward with new found speed and began swinging the long wind sword. A single swing was needed as it cut through the air and bit into the neck of a bandit cleaving his head off. He spun on his heels and thrust it forward deep the forehead of another and ripped it out. THe other two turned attempting to run, but Yami wouldn't have it.

Yami launched his body forward pouncing on the first bandit swinging the blade down cleaving him from top of his head down to his groin. As the final ran off into the distance Yami threw the sword letting it sail through the air and pierce the man through the back and through his heart killing him. Yami canceled his transformation returning to his normal size. He ignored the looks of the merchant and headed off into town as it was visible in the distance.

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