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Oak Town to Baska Town [Foot Travel]

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#1Bianca Fleur 

Oak Town to Baska Town [Foot Travel] Empty Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:54 pm

Bianca Fleur
The night before this day, Bianca had a nice celebration party at the bar in town. She was celebrating for her rank up and after she had made enough destruction to the guild, she decided the master would be mad with her for doing this, and took her guild friends to the bar in Oak Town after a few drinks in the bar in Phantom Lord. They definitely destroyed the bar they went to later as well, even though it was not intended at all. Bianca could not control her friends since they were all drunk and so was she. She decided not to hate herself or her friends because it was a night for celebration and she did not want to feel any negative emotions. The master was not here in town so hopefully when he returned, the guild bar would be back to normal and she would not get killed for it. Not that the master would kill a guild member for trashing the guild by accident. That was a bit exaggerated. So after the party that went on until four in the morning, naturally Bianca had a hangover. She woke up pretty late in the afternoon, about two or three, she could not really remember.

She had already decided to do a few things for today, she actually decided to get rid of the damn flower in her eye and she was actually going to dye her hair now. Fix up her outfit as well while she was at it. She went to Dr. Mabuz because she knew he had the best potions and she trusted him. So after doing all of that, Bianca decided to just chill...but there was something on the news. Something being said in the streets and it made her so curious, the next thing she did was travel to Oberon Forest.

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Evictus danced with almost every step. Notion had been made that the members of phantom lord that the new guild master could trust had been given a mission. They were to go to the forest of oberon to solve a riddle on an ancient statue. He started running slightly because he needed to get there faster than anyone else in the entire world. He almost flew past every house on his way out of the city. It was almost as if he had found a new purpose in life. Birds chirped and the smell of the frisk winds was really refreashing to him. The dried summer leaves moved slowly down from the trees like waterfalls as Evictus kept running and running and running. He made it over hills and over plains. He asked some people for directions and was pointed to where he was to run and what roads to follow to get to oberon forest as quickly as possible. All the while in his head he hummed on some song that he had stuck in his brain. "Be our guest, Be our guest..." He tumbled and fell rolling forwards making his formal clothing get dirty. He stood up brushed himself off and then kept running. It felt like he was running for a eternity when he finally arrived in front of the giant sized forest that seemed to look like it had absolutely no end at all. It was green so very very green and every tree top looked like a shimmering emerald lighting up the sky. The sky itself was blue and when he looked at it because he was so tired from running it looked like the entire sky was painted with a large pencil that made heavy scratches on the paper where it was painted the scratches being the clouds.


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