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Marigold to Hargeon [Yasuki:Foot Travel]

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Marigold to Hargeon [Yasuki:Foot Travel] Empty on Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:13 am

After completing two jobs in the farms, Yasuki wandered her way back to a familiar place from which she came before. Along the way, Yasuki couldn't help but listen to the calming of the wind breeze and the calming nature of the birds whistling all around her. She still had hold of a stick that was in her hand and was using it to clang across any fence or pole that she would pass on the travel back to Hargeon. Yasuki loved how welcoming the people in Marigold were, but she knew that she couldn't stay there long as there was jobs to do elsewhere, and she would go wherever she felt the most needed and secure. She heard of some people from Marigold talking about how the town of Hargeon was packed. 'Maybe it's just that way because of the beaches, people like the beaches...' Yasuki would tell herself hopeful that that is the reason. She didn't know what the reason was for sure on to why the people were in Hargeon, but she could only hope. Maybe she would meet back up with Arisa, or her new job-partner Areissa. Perhaps she would even meet up with someone else and actually be able to get to know some other people, maybe for once have friends around her own age instead of just children as friends... "Maybe... Just Maybe. I'll find other people, one can at least be hopeful... And If anyone knows me as well as I do, I know I won't give up that hope." Yasuki said quietly to herself as she entered the town of Hargeon once more, maybe this time for longer. She skipped Hargeon and therefore, she would keep on going.


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