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Sign Me Up [Quest|Rishi]

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#1Rishi Namatzu 

Sign Me Up [Quest|Rishi] Empty Tue Sep 12, 2017 7:10 pm

Rishi Namatzu
Rishi Namatzu

Rishi had been walking alongside the beach with Furry today, as she felt she needed some exercise today and what better way to do that then look for a quest? They had been walking around for a while now, looking for a quest board in that particular area. She knew she had seen on there before, but she jut couldn't put a finger on where exactly it was. Her eyes scanned over the beach, turning herself all the way around to get a good look at the place. The beach seemed rather empty today, as there were only a few small groups of people sitting in the sand, enjoying the perfect whether, but that wasn't what she was focused on today. She was looking for a quest board and wanted to find one but eventually she just gave up. Today was her exercise day and she just figured she would go to the gym nearby instead. They walked over to the gym at a reasonable pace, for today she was in no rush. Just then she saw a bodybuilder getting up from a bench, looking like he was in a hurry for something. "Uhm... hey! Do you need something?" she yelled to the guy. "Actually yes I do. My name is Jay Holiday and I need someone to help me sign up for a competition. I would do it myself but I simply don't have the time." Rishi thought about it for a while. Taking a request just like that, and she didn't even see it coming. It seemed easy enough but... there had to be a deadline. "Is there a deadline to thee sign-ups soon?" she asked softly. "Yes there is. The deadline is by sunset" he said as grabbed a piece of paper and pen and started writing down the information she would need. "Well... aright i'll help you out" she said as she looked up at the sky. He handed her the piece of paper once he finished and told her where the sign-ups were at and she set out walking to them.

Sunset was approaching and the sign-ups were all the way across the beach. It was even worse now as there were more people coming to the bach now that it was coming to be the evening and the people of Hargeon seemed to most enjoy the beach at night. Rishi didn't quite understand this but she just went with it anyways, as a lot of things that most people like she didn't really understand. For now she could walk at a normal pace as she had a little bit of time before she would actually have to start running. The side of the beach she started walking from seemed rather quet, but she had no idea why. Maybe they didn't want to come around her and Furry because they looked odd. Or maybe it was because there was a massive bull on the beach. She didn't really know but hey, at least they had room to walk.

As it got later kids, teens, and elderly came around. Wait... why would elderly people come to the beach towards the evening? She was asking herself too many questions, and eventually forgot where the two of them were going. She stopped to take a good look at her surroundings. She saw many groups of people, but then saw a line leading up to a table all the way at the other side of the beach. She realized she didn't had as much time as she thought she did and she picked up the pace by a ton. A few seconds later the girl and her companion were running across the beach. One thing she wasn't so happy about was the sand getting in her boots while she ran, as it got all in her toes and she wasn't enjoying it. She had to avoid all the little children running around and the drinking teens sitting around laughing loudly. She had no idea what was so great about night time and beaches but it seemed to be a nice thing if this many people were enjoying it. She didn't really have time to think about all this stuff right now though, the only thing she could be focused on at this time was getting into that line. She had been running for quite a long time now and she was running out of breath. She was tempted to get onto Furry and let him do the rest of the running for her but this was the day for her to exercise and she wasn't going to give up.

Soon enough the girl and the bull reached the line just in time. There seemed to be more body builders signing up now than before. Was it because of that one thing she heard about while she was walking around? She remembered it had sounded like fashionably late or something around those lines but she wasn't exactly sure. Or maybe it was because they had just finished their workouts for the day, considering the fact that they were all sweaty and honestly, they really smelled like dead fish and armpits. She just had to ignore the scent and wait in line until it was their turn to sign up and get out of there. She turned around and saw a really buff guy looking down on her like she was an ant. This made her feel really small but she had to ignore that feeling and put every single last bit of her focus into ignoring the stench of these people. Soon enough they reached the table, which made RIshi jump in the air and just made her happy inside to know it was finally over. She pulled out the paper that Jay had given her and put the needed information onto the sign-up page and ran off, going to get her companion to walk home, glad that she had gotten everything she had wanted to get done out of the way today.

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