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A Day at the Beach [Sylvester][Private]

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A Day at the Beach [Sylvester][Private] Empty Sun Sep 10, 2017 6:19 pm

Alyssa walked through the warm sand on Hargeon beach with her sandals in hand wearing a simple white bikini.  She held a change of clothes draped over her right arm and a towel draped over her left.  Finding a nice spot away from the crowd, she laid down her towel, blue containing yellow flowers, on the sand and plopped down on it.  Reaching into the bag on her side, she bit her lip as she grabbed the sunscreen out of it and began to rub the lotion onto her skin.  It was the highest spf sunscreen she could find for her fair skin, but she knew she deserved a day out, and the beach was where she wanted to be.  It had been a few weeks since she had found Kenny flirting with another girl at the same beach and tried to kill him.  She had not recalled seeing him since the night he proposed, though she knew from outer sources that the man was out with other women cheating on her.  As far as she was concerned, they could have him.  She was done.  With a sigh, the girl laid back onto her towel, closing her eyes to try and forget the pain that was aching in her heart and to shield the tears threatening to fall.

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Sylvester Hercules
Sylvester had wanted to find himself- that was why he journeyed away from Fairy Tail. He needed to meditate on who he truly was and discover the renewed source of magic energy within his vessel. The beach, he thought, would be a good place to help him do this. After all, long walks on the beach were therapeutic. Perhaps that was something he needed- a therapeutic, long walk on the beach. He decided he would do just that, as he stepped out of his hotel wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of pink swimming trunks. He had hastily applied sunscreen before walking out, and a white stripe adorned his nose, showcasing the uneven application. He walked down the street and towards the beach, where he saw great masses of tourists and beachgoers suntanning, playing games and fooling around in the cool blue sea. It was pretty hot out; Sylvester thought he might go for a swim or something to cool off. He took off his sandals as he stepped from the pavement onto the warm sand and felt it between his toes. He really did love the sea.

He walked, taking notice of the waves and the crowd; deep in thought, he zoned out somewhat, and walked until the crowd was largely out of sight. Only when he saw a pale girl with white hair lying upon her towel about two meters in front of him did he snap back into consciousness. At this moment the sand shifted under his feet- or something like that-
and he fell forward and ate the ground. He picked himself up and attempted to dust himself off, but he blushed awkwardly in doing so. He hoped, rather unrealistically, the pale girl did not notice him.


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"I heard that."  Alyssa said with a chuckle as she opened her eyes and looked over at the man in the sand.  He was a nice looking man, with brown hair and bright green eyes accentuated by the blush now covering his cheeks.  "Nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to me all the time."  She stood from her stop before walking over to the man to attempt to help him out of the sand.  She noticed his attire and giggled at his pink swimming trunks.  "Only real men wear pink, they say.  You can call me Eight.  If I may ask, what made you wander to this side of the beach?  Seems like the party is over there."  She motioned to the crowded area where everyone was laughing and having a good time.  She wanted to simply enjoy the sounds of the sea and birds along with the salty smell.  It was her meditation time, but perhaps some company would be appreciated.  It had been a while since she had spent time with anyone besides Kenny.  Her lips curled in sadness at the thought of him before she sighed.  She had honestly forgot how to go about making friends.

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Sylvester Hercules
"I heard that." Those words, followed by the chuckle of the girl who said them, caused Sylvester's already red cheeks to erupt a shade of scarlet. He felt embarrassed for having been seen in such a stupid position.

"Nothing to be embarrassed about, it happens to me all the time."

The lady stood, and walked over to Syl, who was at that moment trying to stand and shake himself off. He blushed once again when she giggled at his swimming trunks, recalling the saying "true men wear pink." It was true- pink was the manliest of colors, only suitable to adorn the loins of the manliest of men. Tee-hee-hee, Sylvester was one of them.

"You call me Eight," the lady then said, before asking why Sylvester decided to wander so far from the crowd. Syl was curious- "Eight" was not necessarily a common given name. He wouldn't verbally ask if that was this lady's real name or some handle, but he felt a sort of suspicion that it was the latter rather than the former. Regardless, being an earnest young man, Syl decided he would at least give his company the pleasure and privilege to know his name.

"I'm Sylvester. It's nice to meet you, "Eight." I don't really know why I wandered over here- I guess I was just thinking."

It was then that Syl noticed the nuanced expression the lady's lips happened to be forming; she looked somewhat sad. Was it something he said?

"Um... What's wrong? Is everything all right? Did I say something?"


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Alyssa realized that the man must have seen what she was doing as towards something he said.  She quickly fixed the look on her face with a new smile.  "No no!  It was nothing you said!  I am sorry, I am going through some things, which is why I came to the beach.  Hoping to clear my mind of some things."  She explained to him.  She gave him a small smile and shoved Kenny out of her mind.  She sat back down on her towel, looking up at the man.  "If you would mind me asking, what were you thinking about?  I see it usually helps to talk about things if you need."  She laid back, stretching her long legs along the blanket as she sighed.  "Feel free to take a seat if you want to, I am just trying to get some sun today.  It has been a long time since I have had a day to just get out and do something that I wanted to.  I just have not been feeling the best and decided I needed to come out and be social I guess."  She shrugged and pulled out a bottle of water, taking a long sip out of it.

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