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Hello, Mr. Man

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Tenshi †
Finn had set up on the beach, in similar fashion to how Shura had done so the other day. While he was indeed meditating with his eyes closed, he did not have his sword eerily stabbed into the sand. In his mind he was going back over the fights he had recently had. LeeAnn, Alisa, even Shura had presented themselves to him for combat or training of some kind. He had crossed with each of them, but the surprising thing was how rapid fire it had all been. They were all quite impressive in their own right. Hargeon had become a hotbed of excitement for the young man.

As he stood there with his eyes closed, he heard Jake call his name. The dog was laying down on the beach a bit further down, letting just his hind legs get hit by the tide. Opening his eyes and looking at his brother, the dog motioned further down the beach. From where he motioned approached man, and he immediately grabbed Finn's attention. The guy didn't look familiar. "Hello," he announced, his right hand still loosely grasping the blade. "Amazing day out, isn't it?" He figured it'd be nice to have some light conversation.

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Geb had been dozing off on the beach, without a care in the world, when something woke him up. It didn't seem like an alarm clock like usual, or the chirping of birds. This time, it was a boy. Talking to him, specifically. Geb opened his eyes, sitting up from his napping spot on the beach, scratching the top of his head with his right hand. Looking up to the boy, he nodded. "Yeah, it is a nice day I guess." yawning, Geb began to get himself up, pulling up his jeans a tiny bit, putting his hands in his pockets. "So, by what business did you come to me, young one? If you're looking for money for an ice cream cone, I suppose I can buy you one. It'll have to be one of the cheap ones though, so none of the ones with the extra big chunks of chocolate at the bottom. Sorry."

Geb had not been with his companion, Gallent the Munchlax today, as Gallent was too busty sleeping. As Geb slowly woke back up, waiting for the man's response, he noticed the young one's impressive statistics. Geb widened his eyes. "My my, who are you? I didn't know there were many in Fiore with a whole 80 strength. Your mana is pretty high too.. just who are you, boy?"

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Tenshi †
As the man started talking about what sounded like statistics, Finn took a relatively defensive stance. He had never heard of Mana or strength being put in numerical aspects, and so to hear that was enough to catch anyone off guard. His hand gripped the blade slightly tighter, but he decided to answer. "Finn..." He said the word slowly as Jake turned to focus on the individual too. He didn't feel as if Finn needed help, but hearing something like that caught him off guard as well. It wasn't something people considered normal, or would see coming in any facet.

"My name is Finn, I'm a member of Blue Pegasus. Who are you, and how did you come up with my strength and mana like that?" None of that was making sense. He had met a lot of interesting individuals in Fiore, but no one who literally scanned him. He'd be trying his best to get to the bottom of this, but then again there was no reason for him to be aggressive yet. He knew nothing of this individual, and to assume he'd be dangerous or a threat would be a bit of a stretch for him to make.

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The boy seemed to take a defensive stance at that action, something that amused Geb, making him smirk. "A member of Blue Pegasus, huh? Well, I'm surprised that they have a member as strong as you are. Truly a lucky catch."

Geb himself backed up a little bit, moving into his own stance. He put his left leg a bit before his right, his hands in fists in the vice versa position. Standing now a mere 6 meters away from the boy, Geb took it to introduce himself.

"I suppose I should introduce myself as well. Geb Majura of Phantom Lord, also owner of the Majura Gallery in Oak." Geb looked around quickly, still on his guard. There didn't seem to be many people on this beach, and it was pretty suitable for a cool looking fight..

"Tell you what, Finn. Blue Pegasus has ought to have a few paintings with how fancy they are, right? Let us make a bet. If I win, you go grab a good painting from their hall. If you win, I'll let you have any painting in my gallery next time you're there. Seems fair, right? All you have to do is beat me in a fight!"

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Tenshi †
The air between the two seemed to stifle as he said which guild he was from. As Geb continued to speak, it was unknown whether or not he picked up the change in feel that Finn was giving off. He had been trying his best to investigate into Phantom Lord ever since the attack on Era. Jake had almost been injured there by someone whom was still unknown. For all Finn knew, the individual who hurt his brother was a member of that dark guild. At the very least, the member known as Roman sure as hell was. This was his chance to find out more.

"Fine. But if I win, I also expect you to answer some questions." Finn's knees had already been slightly bent from the moment he took on a more defensive stance. It was time for him to act.

Finn pushed off with his leading foot for a dash. The distance between the two closed in less than a second as Finn traveled forward five meters. The speed was all there, but due to the lack of footing, his distance was not full. Stabbing his right hand which held the blade forward at the end of this dash, the blade went at a speed that was his dash added with his thrust. It moved at blinding speeds, and regardless of how it worked, it would serve to force this man to react. His eyes were on the lookout for any sort of retaliation or counter, and he was lucky to have his full armor on in case a counter attack that could not be blocked was thrown. This was the beginning of their conflict.

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The two individuals had just met, yet it seemed like there was already a fair bit of tension between them. Geb's scouter could check just how fast Finn would arrive as he dashed forward, allowing Geb to properly counter the speed of his dash. Geb knew that the fastest someone of Finn's caliber could go was 6 meters per second, at least without a proper start. Using this info, Geb would use his dash of almost double the speed to propel himself to his right at the time, hoping to flank Finn. He dashed off at his speed of 10 m/s just a few moments after Finn had initially taken off, as fast as Geb could react anyways. It was a sidestep of sorts, and on his way Geb made sure to intentionally bring his foot out of the sand in order to kick up some dust to his left. Geb now 1 meter away from where he originally was in just a tenth of a second, moved his right leg in a counter-clockwise fashion towards Finn's torso, using his full strength to kick at the boy. Geb wasn't sure if this boy had defensive tricks up his sleeve, but if it was based off his endurance alone, this kick would do some massive damage.

This was the most fun Geb had in a while.

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Tenshi †
As Finn kicked off, he couldn't help but notice that the person shot to the right right as Finn himself started. Finn's full dash took a full second, whereas this person had moved at a fraction of the distance and speed to the right. He had chosen to move right after Finn had moved, and while it had been after a meager fraction of a second worth of delay, it was still with plenty of time to see the man move. It didn't give Finn much time, but he had yet to send out his blade. It was still perfectly doable.

As the man timed a kick for Finn's arrival, Finn stabbed his blade forward. The blade would be thrust forward towards the strange individual as the person sent his kick for Finn's stomach region. Finn's blade, on the other hand, was aimed for the off balanced mans chest. As his sword would begin piercing the mans body, the mans foot would collect with Finn's body with only the slightest of delays. Even if Geb had been able to move his arms in the way, the S rank damage would pierce straight through both arms and chest. He might have seen the strength, but he had no idea how much this relatively small sword increased his power.

As the blade would push forward at least half way into the chest, if not completely through, Finn's body would crumple on the foot and slide back a few meters. The armor had absorbed all of the damage, but Finn could tell it was now useless. He had to hope that his attack would be enough to finish this battle right as it had begun, as it was now out of his hand and in the individuals chest. If he could still go, this fight would get complicated.

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Geb's kick connected with the man's armor, which would be enough to break it - however, it still had served its purpose and protected the man from any and all harm. Too bad the scouter couldn't read metal, or Geb would be in a lot better of a position right now, you know, not having a sword thrust through his chest. Geb looked down to his chest, then back up at the man, feeling himself getting dizzy. "Sword's well made..." he managed to say, before he passed out on the impaled sword, the fight ending sooner than he expected. It seemed that Geb still had quite a ways to go, and quite a few more armors to break before he was ready to seriously beat people.

So Geb lay there, himself impaled on a sword, surprised he wasn't dead - not that he could be surprised that is, he was sorta unconcious. Nonetheless, it was uncertain if the boy wanted to just bring the man to the police for being a Dark Guild member or just take the painting and go, hopefully they'd just stick to the intial agreement. And Geb hoped to the gods that whatever happened, the boy wouldn't take one of the good ones.

[Exit? To be Continued?]

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Tenshi †
The fight was finished, but their interaction wasn't. Geb had made a comment that was almost joking, and for the first time Finn was not able to calmly assess a combat situation. Under normal circumstance he'd consider Geb a funny guy and powerful warrior. Now though, he needed to know what this guy knew. His only interaction with Phantom Lord had been less than ideal, and it was obvious that it had gotten to him. His eyes were practically without emotion as he glared at the unconscious individual.

Walking over to him, Finn would yank his blade from the mans chest and lean down. Lifting the man up and throwing him over one of Finn's shoulders, he began walking away from the area. It was surprising how little the individual bled, and how heavy he was. Soon though he would find out everything it was that this man had to offer. "Finn.... Calm down..." Jake was obviously nervous for Finn, but Finn only offered him a forced smile. "Don't worry Jake, I'll be fine."

But Geb wouldn't be.


Hello, Mr. Man D09aavQ

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