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Renovations [Mission:Arisa]

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Renovations [Mission:Arisa] Empty on Mon Sep 04, 2017 3:35 pm

Her eyes of golden brown would look at the blazing sun as it matched her very eyes. It would glimmer her flawless pale skin as the indigo color was slowly losing its tint. Why was that? Was there something going on in her body that couldn't be explained? Her hips would sway as her long beautiful hair would move with her wide hips. A small smile would appear on her lips as she would continue to go forward. Hargeon was beautiful for its weather and the land mark of its very body of water that surrounded it almost. Her arms dangled against her side while she walked towards the distance she need to go, to meet someone she was supposed to do a mission with. So far she has done missions with Jeeroy and Judina. It was a little funny since they had J's in their name, but maybe there was more humor to it than she knew. The last thing she remembered about Jeeroy was when she out-of-no where met up with him at the fighting area in the basement of a bar. He was wrestling and she watched him fight three others, including that mystery man with the mask. She wanted to ask more about him to his own face, but she didn't dare ask him at first meet. No, she was a shirt holder as he threw it in her face. It was strange since she never really paid no other man her attention other than a certain someone. he was wearing a medium light blue dress with frills of white on the bottom of the dress and at the end of her short sleeves. It had a white clothing ribbon and a bow in the back, the front part of it had a long backed U shape cut as her medium sized chest was somewhat revealing yet not as much as a V-shape dress would show. Her dress shoes in which were black and flats would make no noise as she walked forward. Under her shoes were thigh white socks with lace by her thighs. That's what she was wearing anyways as she would flaunt her curves and womanly body. The light was towering over her. She was strong so it didn't really affect her much. She would smile as she would roam around the town of Hargeon. There were so many things that she has done within the days she has been here. The time was small, but all that she has done was a lot. She would smile as she would remember it all or at least try to. She remembered the hotel that wasn't so far away from her. She was with her sister, Yasuki. Arisa wondered on how she was doing. It was like yesterday...or so it felt. So Arisa paid for this very nice hotel room, they got up there and what does she hear? That Yasuki stayed in here before. This room was expensive, how? She couldn't afford it and if someone else did, what did she do for it? ''Oh? What did you have to do in return?'' she questioned darkly as her eyes cornered to look at her with a grim-like stare. She would then look straight, walk towards the room and put down her case on the bench chair at the end of the bed. The sheets looked so nice though and brand new. That wasn't the case though because it's been longer than she could remember and it was the same kind of sheets. She doubted that they made these sheets constantly so they would be new and what would they do with the old sheets? Her eyes would then look towards the faaar right and saw there was a balcony in here. She'd walk, open the glass rainbow shaped doors and looked outside. ''Ah...the beach. So nice, warm and all those people out there..'' she spoke. 'That may or may not die soon.' she thought darkly as her eyes half closed, staring. Arisa got mad a little when her sister treated that hotel room like it was nothing. People would've died to go there. She wasn't so sure on where her sister was now...

Once before she would think about the visions she had about her own past that she forgot all those times. Faces were blurry, voices were hidden as she only could remember the colors and the area itself. Her heart was racing in its own beat as she would roam throughout the area. The streams were ocean blue and lilac purple as the red and golden lanterns was hanging from the wooden posts. On the lanterns were designs of unknown symbols. Were those words? She swore she has seen them before somewhere... Arisa would see kids chase each other in their own game till later on, one fell. Rather it was a boy or girl it didn't matter.

Why were everyone's faces all blurry? A frown went upon her lips as this flashback wasn't really clear. Her eyes would be closed and her mind would be drifting off. She was small, a child and there she was with four other people that were about the same height if not shorter. In between the four was one adult sized character on each side. She couldn't see their face, but they were walking happily around some unknown city. Most of the things were red or gold with some characteristics of green. This place was indeed pretty with tall pink flower trees and gardens of amazing flowers. Not only that the fish here were huge with dots on them, were they Koi fishes? There were plenty of things that were really pretty, but at most, she would then see the ocean not that far. The other place that was there with the ocean was some unknown building. ''That's the Shrine, Arisa.'' spoke a female voice. 'Huh? Voice sounds familiar...but from where?' she wondered as her head tilted up to see the no-face character. She couldn't see the details of her face, but in reality, Arisa wasn't really waking up as the small splash of water did nothing, but made her cough a little as she was in this 'dream'. The last time she got to see Jeeroy was after what happened the last time she helped anyone... A sweet smile across her lips as she walked towards a bar in a rather long dress that went to her heels. Gladly she felt taller due to some high heels of black. Her dress was a long satin black dress with frills in a v-shape form and medium sleeved. She felt like getting a drink was long due due to the fact that she has been doing missions constantly. Her heart was pounding normally while her hands held together against her pelvic, walking to the bar she was known at - at least the bar tender knew her. As soon as she walked in she would be greeted by the waitresses and the tender. Simply Arisa bowed down her head and looked up. ''Hai. The regular please.~'' she would say in a chirpy tune. She decided to not bring her sword, Yoru because she didn't want to seem intimidating. Moments of drinking went on by as she listened to stories of people and those who were having a good time. Something was off as she heard a girl yelp and scream somewhat small. ''GET OFF OF ME!'' yelled a woman as she then turned her head to see some man grab a woman rather roughly. Her eyes glared towards them as she saw the girl get a worrisome facial expression. Slowly Arisa got up and turned towards them, walking slowly yet was quiet doing so. ''Don't worry. Imma take goooood care of you.'' he spoke and dragged the lady outside with some of his friends following. Arisa turned and paid for her drinks, exiting out of the bar. After that she would look around and see them turn to some dark area in which she would follow as well. Next she would see them trying to rough up the woman. ''Hey! Let her go!'' she ordered softly and glared. Her sunset brown eyes would look at them grinning while looking at her. ''Well look-ee here. We got us another lady to entertain us.'' the tall one spoke who seemed like the leader. ''Save yourself!'' spoke the random woman. ''Nah...'' she spoke sweetly and smiled motherly-like. Arisa would beat the guys up in moments with acrobatic skills. As she stood above the woman who thanked her and left, she felt a light beam go through her skull - mid of her forehead. Her eyes went wide as the moon light shined at her, with the pain starting to devour her body.

Her mind thought of how this would be if she was a child, but it was hard since her childhood was none. She had to act like one so to do that she had to dress up like one. Her eyes looked around, ears were all perked up to hear anything that had to do with the family name or something like that and in the process, she would boredly help with things that manors did. She would help people carry some of the materials and even helped them with things that small people were quite good at. She was hoping they weren't really judging her for the fact that she was a child and she was short. Did they think she was a short adult or something? Did those even exist?! She was really wondering as her eyes would look around and saw no other kid or being her age out here helping. Kids her age was probably out playing what normal kids played. What was it like to get to act like a kid, play ball, to run around with no worries other than if their parents are home or if they made food for them? Arisa had to take care of that herself. She had to make her own dinner, had to afford herself with hard work. If she didn't find food at all during the day, she would starve for that day and so on till she found food by hunting or mission/quest money. She continued on with the construction as she didn't take a break like everyone else during lunch due to the fact that she only had one serving of food, which was to be used for dinner. The weather was rather dark and cold as the clouds in the sky were covering about everything. The moon couldn't even be seen nor the song through the day of today. She did start here from this morning so it was weird how it was cold all day today. An adorable Arisa would continue on her work - no one speaking about the day or complaining about their work. 'Wonder who will talk shit first...' she wondered coldly as she would then hear the toot for dinner time. 'Finally...' she thought as she would get her lunch and nom on her sandwich. Oh, man, did she love certain sandwiches. Arisa sat with everyone else on some brick or some natural material that was acting like a seat. She was pretty good at pretending or so it seemed. She was hearing people talk about their wives, kids and some of them were talking about goals. 'Pft... goals... What dumb thoughts.' she thought as her eyes roll. She thought dreams were really pointless, a key to what people think is hope or a motivation to live. It was one of those as she would continue on listening. There was something on her mind though, the last time she did a quest here and the only time. It was with that doctor, but for now, she tried to get it out of her head. It was time to get back to work sooner than later she would do so. Not so long after though she over heard someone talk. She heard that it was time and done and over. With that the village people came and gave her the reward she well deserved. She would look back and remember that she didn't remember fully of her childhood.



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