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Something Blue [Quest // Solo]

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Something Blue [Quest // Solo] Empty Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:02 pm

Salem silently set at one of the many little coffee spots in the town of Orchidia, this being one that he had come to be fond of. As it had a wonderful view of the town as well as it was never too packed and had great drinks. Drinks that Salem himself was coming to enjoy maybe a little bit too often. But luckily this would also be the same place that Salem had met Dex , a strange man that Salem had come to somewhat tolerate, especially since he gave Salem request to do and the young mage was always in the need of some jewels. Especially with the fluctuating pricings of ancient magical books and items that Salem was always on the hunt for. Meaning that if Salem was going to want to keep allowing for his knowledge of the magical arts to keep growing magical. He was going to have to make some small sacrifices and deal with people that he didn’t care much for. Especially when they paid out jewels the way Dex did. So with that all in mind Salem had no problem patiently waiting for Dex to show up while his sipped on his drink and scanned threw one of the newer magic magazines.

One could only wonder what Dex was going to bring in store for the young magical scholar that was Salem. As even Salem himself was on edge wondering what possible journey they were about to experience at the hands of the strange detective Dex. Salem could only hope that this did not take most of his day as though the pay was good, he still needed some personal time for himself as he was still very much so on the hunt for any rare and or ancient book that he could find while he had the time to look. Knowing that soon he would have to return to his regular Rune Knight duties, meaning that soon enough Salem’s little vacation would be short lived and he knew it. As Salem looked out into space blanked out wondering about all the things that were to come along in his Journey to be on the Magic Council.

The young mage would be completely blind to the popping up of the Detective Dex, not even noticing that the rather large man would manage to take himself a seat at the table in the coffee spot with Salem. None the less Dex would soon snap Salem out of his daze with his overly baring voice.

Moments after taking his seat Dex would instantly begin to engage into conversation with the young magical scholar that was Salem Pendragon. Dex himself dam near almost missing the fact that Salem was zoned out as he was too caught up into the quest that was upon to the two today. Almost so into it that Salem could barely understand the Detective as he ran his mouth one hundred miles an hour it seemed to Salem. Who almost wanted to ask for Dex to stop and give him time to at least get some stuff to write everything down.

After a moment of seeing that Salem was completely lost, Dex would begin to realize that the young mage was lost at all of what he was saying, stopping himself by taking a deep breath Dex would start over again from the top once more. This time taking his time so that Salem could get a complete understanding of everything that was going on and being said. With that Salem would come to understand that Dex had been out on a hunt for some criminal in the town earlier during the day. Thus leading to the strange discover down by the river he had made. A big blue ball, but dex would come to explain to Salem that something was not right about the big blue ball that he had come into contact with. Dex stating that as he neared the ball it seemed to mess with his emotions almost instantly making him angry and sad.

All of this seeming to just be another of the crazy things Salem had come to deal with when deal with Dex, though Salem himself could feel something was more real this time in this situation. The young Rune Knight easily being able to hear the real fear inside the voice of Dex as he spoke, this being something that even shook Salem a little. Knowing that the fear inside the voice of Dex was completely real and none of an act, as one did not tremble the way Dex was just for play. None the less Salem agreed to helping Dex on this strange quest. Which resulted with the two staying in the inn till night fall, as Dex felt that this would be the best time for them to journey back to the river and get a better look at the big blue ball he had seen earlier. Once complete darkness hit Salem and the detective made their way to the river, upon coming close to the river Salem and Dex would come to see a strange blue light.

The blue light would come to take a form of a ball an spin around in the spot that it stood, this lighting up the water of the river around it causing for a quite beautiful light show. A show that would none the less start to draw in the young magical Scholar as well as Dex who eagerly followed behind Salem as he made his way to the spinning ball of light. Upon reaching the ball Salem could not find it in himself to not touch the strange wonder. Only hoping that he could even begin to understand what type of magic this was. And almost as instantly as Salem proceeded to touch the strange ball of light it would seem as though he had left reality. Coming to see his mother and father standing in front of him and speaking as though they had never left him alone in this dark cold word. But before Salem could even begin to grasp what he had just witnessed a force would shove him and dex several meters back.

Knocking Dex out and scrapping up Salem the light would disappear as though it was never there. Salem could only look in amaze as he proceeded to pick up Dex and bring him to the Orchidia Town Medical Center. Hoping that nothing to drastic had happen to Dex, though luckily while brining Dex to the Medical Center Salem would get assistance from the likes of Dacol Lubex . Once Dex was well situated in the center and restored enough to wake and pay Salem for the job, Salem would make his leave of the Medical center leaving Dex in the hands of Dacol as he walked back to his Inn wondering of the vision he had just seen of his parent.

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