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Magnolia > Oak [Foot travel]

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Kenny sat on the hotel bed, looking over his things with an open map in his lap. He was deep in thought, mind twisting in a trance fixated on his mission for the day… It was time to depart from Magnolia, this boring little town with little to no turmoil outside of a boisterous Guild. With only a few days before he would be hunted it was time he set off to do what he was supposed to, no time for fun and games anymore, no time for a last quest here or there it was just about time he made his way to Oak, the city of thieves, murderers and whatever other pond scum managed to slither out of the lake and onto dry land. It was a dirty, nasty little place with no good to its name but alas it was somewhere he felt attracted to for some reason, maybe it was the lights and glamour but Kenny enjoyed Oak for its hospitality more than anything ,to him it felt like home.

He could not recount much outside of what was unknown Kenny related the many appearances he'd made doing quest to the many people he had met in town He became partial to a few, others he was happy to be far from as they wanted little to nothing from him but for some sick job to get done when they wanted it done. Not something worth a stress to rot truly. The people in magnolia taught him not to open his heart all that much but to more just be happy with what he had as there were people in far worse positions than his. The connections he made were based on an incomprehensibly additionally discouraging ideas and desires.

He was once a sad sack, a shell of a man and that characteristic had seeped through his newly unreasonable nature. He showed at least a bit of kindness, regardless of who he met, but now he did so with more caution and self awareness as he realizes that he can’t trust everyone he crosses, at least not anymore.

This is why he needed to get to Oak, as it had given him a certain something that he needed to push himself. Experience, guilds, and memories. Presently the ball was in Hargeon's court though, as he was a resident of the area having bought a place there for himself. He loved Hargeon more because he could be so neutral there regardless of who he worked for. Presently Hargeon by a wide margin unlike Oak was far less criminally controlled. Be that as it may, it would make keeping his family amused increasingly hard as they were the types to engage in murder for the fun of it… Or just commit a petty crime because they could.

The air developed still around the Omega, as he rubbed his tired eyes. He could use a stiff drink to get over tonight, as it seemed to be a night of him just barely getting over as he made his way across the region.Maybe in Oak he would discover somebody to help him find the right place for him as there was little to no time to dilly dally in this new sort of life ‘meta’ they were in. The strong found other strong to get strong with… And that was something he was tasked with as of late.

He felt bad about leaving those two, they were always on his mind almost to the point where he wished he could reach out to them to make sure they were okay, but alas all he had to do so were letters and there was no way he would send one as Alyssa currently was wanted for many, many murders… Sooo many murders, like what the shit. Kenny was even an accessory to said murders by not telling anyone. She was a killer and that wasn’t good for their relationship, but he didn’t mind as he loved her all the same and could always just hide any bodies they she brought home… Shit he was going to need a bigger crawl space or attic when they got married. Not that he minded, it was okay that she was into death and destruction, hell she almost killed him not too long ago before the happiest night of his life when he first proposed. He rubbed the nape of his neck where did she even get a rock that sharp? It was concerning that she tried to kill him but he knew Lyss only had her and Alyssa's nest interest at heart, and his because if he left her she would literally take his heart and eat it like some sort of rum ham… That was actually a pretty hot thought. Maybe they could introduce that sort of thing to their honey moon, not the killing but the biting and danger! So much sweet, sweet danger.

After leaving his hotel, and with days having passed, Kenny was nearing Oak the ain becoming thicker and muggier as he got closer, this was it his new life getting closer, well second life since he was joining a Guild and all. In his hand was a sack of apples in hand. Safe treats for the long road he bit into a green one as he walked on, it was nothing but a Corn thus he tossed it into the grass cause ya know nature.

It was the same dusky town he left a few months ago, nothing like the port town he lived in now. Notwithstanding that, he soon found this was here the Guild Phantom Lord resided through a light grape vine... Fascinating. Maybe he could pay them a visit, or not. He didn’t know anything about them or the people who worked for them it would be best if he kept his head down for a moment and didn’t cause any ruckus outside of any that he found necessary Oak wasn’t a forgiving mistress and she would certainly not let him go this time if her filth could say anything about it.

-in oak-


Magnolia > Oak [Foot travel] Qurywgl

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