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Decorative Party [Quest : Kenny]

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Kenny awoke early this morning today, early as hell, up way too damn early bruh. He looked around his hotel room, he licked his lips the morning dryness was getting to him something fierce as he thought about the day ahead. He was careful this time around he told Alyssa the name of every hotel he would be at, where he was going and why he was going there, extra careful not to leave out any details he even went as fast to not give her his armor this time but instead gave her his word that if he fucked up she could kill him, but there was no fuck up he was 100% bound to her now.

He hummed to himself as he finally got out of bed and looked around his dingy hotel room, it was something else really. It was a mix of luxury and commoner filth. Truly a commoner’s dream house a symbol of the middle class. Kenny got on a knee and said his prayers, mostly just paying for little things, he wasn’t religious but there was no pain in praying once or twice right? He said a prayer for his family, asking the maker to take him back to Alyssa in one piece or maybe give her the guidance not to pursue other men while he was seeking his new guild. It was a long road to go down and he had many stops but was going to make it. He would reach the finish line soon and get back to her though, he had to wonder where he would get his guild tattoo or what guild he was even going to join up with. Maybe that one FInn was in, or the one that one dude with the brown hair was in! So many possibilities and so little time he would be a good member no doubt though! He would help carry whoever he joined to prosperity.

Alright, enough praying though Alyssa would be loyal right? Shit what if she was with Strat right now? Would they do that to him? Nahhh strat was his friend he wouldn’t possibly play Mr. Steal yo girl on him right now while Kenny was out doing shit to better himself. They were loyal friends… Shit maybe he should write a letter home. He looked back at the clock, red letters flashing at him, it was only six a.m.? Damn, what kind of day was this gonna be? Kenny began to dress himself he put on his armor and feigned grabbing for a weapon for a moment before he realized that he was still weaponless. Shit, he needed to get one sooner or later. He dusted down his armor crimson cape blowing in the ac as it fit his athletic form. He looked good enough today, sort of nice really, he was lookin’ handsome. More than usual, long hair and red eyes, what a lady killed her was. Maybe he would take that sort of job, killin’ ladies, not really. Kenny wasn’t the type for murder, he’d fight but he could never kill another man… Even if he was aggressive now he still couldn’t commit an act like that.

Kenny once he felt he looked good enough and got done grooming himself washing his face, brushing his teeth scrubbing his body after taking off his armor and then reapplying it headed out for the day. He needed to pick up a request today yeah? As he went on his way to do so he noticed a group of people outside of a manor they seemed to be carrying little trinkets and knicknacks streamers and other interesting shit. Seemed they were in a rush, Kenny walked up to one of the fellows and asked what was up, one turned to him with a smile on their face, “It is Medisas’ daughter's seventh birthdat today.” she said the words as if they made the situation all the more apparent but Kenny didn’t understand, what the hell was a birthday? He didn’t really have one, he had a ‘name day’ the day his adoptive mother bought him from his father but other than that he didn’t recall a ‘birthday’ what a strange event it must have been.

“So all of this hype is for a birthday? If I may asks, what is a birthday?”

The woman tilted her head and looked at Kenny as if he had sprouted a second head, “You don’t know what a birthday is? You poor thing, i’ll explain. A birthday is the day you are born, and sometimes you have a birthday party to celebrate your aging. For instance we are celebrating the little lady’s birthday today. You have a big celebration and get plenty of presents ha ha.” she explained with more ease than Kenny expected, so that’s what a birthday was? Maybe he could change his name day to his birthday in order to have more celebrations.
Kenny nodded to the woman thanking her and found this Midas fellow, they engaged in conversation and was told. Kenny haggled with him for abit stating he noticed that there was a lot of work to be done and he could offer a helping hand. Midas seemed unsure to trust him, or stare into his eyes really and the two discussed a price if Kenny were to help. Kenny laughed and uped the price, and Midas tried to push it back down. Soon they agreed on a prospective price and shook hands. So Kenny would help him out with this party in exchange for a whopping fifty thousand jewels, oh baby this was gonna be easy money. He cracked his knuckled and rolled his shoulders thinking about what he would do first, he could maybe find the kid, wish ‘em a happy Birthday or something, it was gonna be interesting regardless but it was also going to be a little rough. But he could endure, this was a kid’s birthday! That was gonna be pretty interesting, well no he couldn’t find the kid, he looked round and around and eventually gave up as he would get to work.

He was asked to grab some of the colored paper and hang them up around the place, looked like streamers they did. He helped some other folks that were doing the same, climbing what he could to get the streamers up and over. There were mages using their magic to get the work done, Kenny scoffed at them and laughed. Mages were an interesting breed, they needed their lil magic doohickeys to get any work done, they weren’t all that tough without magic Kenny would bet. Interesting people seemed to be so happy to assist this happy father with helping his daughter, every one of the commoners seemed to be more than glad to be helping the lord and young lady. Even the men were happily humming and helping as they put up decorations. He flipped or well almost flipped as he dropped down from a light pole, pink streamer following behind him as it hung above him, he did not envy who had to clean this place after the party. Or maybe the lord would leave the place a mess for his kid for the rest of the year, whatever made him happy as long as Kenny got paid.

Kenny began with the roofs, crawling up the ladders and went from roof to roof in an attempt to put up cute little lights and a lacrima effects, big pink and yellow lights to illuminate the night. Could a kid’s party go into the night? That would be wild if they really did, she was only seven not seventeen. Kenny Omega arranged the decorations making cute little shapes here and there. It was wild really wild for kids to be having late night parties, would they have booze too? He might just stay to check it out.

Once the decorations were done Kenny would begin with the food and boy there was a lot of food to arrange. There were all sorts of places to go eateries all over the place, bakeries, and small diners all over the place. He was soon holding bags of food, quite a few as he shuffled down the street holding the items. He was struggling a bit but kept a fire in his eyes as he kept moving, he was so close, he could feel the finish line coming. He even had a bag in his mouth as he kept trying to move his way to the house, so close yet so far he was, but he kept going he had to deliver the goods or well in this case foods, so the kids could have plenty to eat. Kenny placed the food on a table, each bag sliding off of his arm as he placed them all down the one in his mouth was full of cupcakes as he placed it down last. Two women took the bags down and placed a white sheet over the table as they began putting the food up and third woman seemed to be carrying a bag of her own seemed to have cake junk in it. Kenny took care of some other stuff before finally getting ready to do whatever else was there for him.

There would soon be a display of lacrima lights and other decorative items as overall decorations, the people were really going all out for this guy. He went back to the roofs, putting up more lights, more decorations, more magic tricks. Before hopping back down. There was a large tree near the house, he hung up a few more lights as he cracked his fingers and sighed it seemed like it was almost time to wrap up.
Seemed like the party was going to be pretty nice, he met back up with Midas and he had another job for Kenny, play meet and greet for a moment.. Sure why not… Kenny did have aspirations to have a family, and now that he knew what a birthday was he would do the exact same for his kids, even if he couldn’t afford it. Kenny would be cordial as he met people shaking hands here and there and telling folks to enjoy themselves. He would soon work his way out of the door, he already had his earnings after he put up the decorations and now it was time to get going. He sighed and put his hands in his pocket the Omega Adventurer keeping his head down, truthfully if he saw this sort of happy family bull shit he might just shed a tear as he wished he had a happy family that he could do these sort of things for.

Midas soon approached Kenny and asked Kenny to say, the adventure was taken back but accepted the invitation and stayed for the most part of the party not drawing any attention to himself as he held up a wall. He was offered food and drink, he accepted and when it came time to cut the cake he had a piece. It was pretty damn good. Kenny couldn’t stay for too long, especially when the man hugged his daughter happily, it brought a tear to his eye. That was the sort of dad Kenny wanted to be, he wanted to be the sort of dad who loved his kids, a better dad than his dad. He left into the night time to get to Oak.

1917/1800 adv word discount.

Decorative Party [Quest : Kenny] Qurywgl

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