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Experimental Hexes [Quest | Shin]

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#1Shin Katari 

Experimental Hexes [Quest | Shin]  Empty on Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:30 am

Shin Katari
It was a beautiful day in the ancient town of Oak. History oozed from all sides of the town as tourists and citizens flocked to the streets. Despite being a town home to a dark guild, that did not stop tourists from visiting the different historical sites that had been preserved for decades among decades. Ah yes, this was the perfect day to cast some hexes on unsuspecting victims.

Standing away from the crowds of people was the red-haired mage Shin. Drifting around shoulder height was his newest companion Ghastly. The two had been together for a while now and although Ghastly could not speak, it was clear he could understand Shin. This was essential when completing requests. Interestingly, Ghastly caught a few glances of surprise and curiosity from people passing by but nobody questioned why a ghostly apparition was floating beside a human, let alone in broad daylight. This was another key piece in understanding Ghastly. He could also roam the streets during daylight along with the night. Good to know. However, what Shin did not know as of yet was whether the hexes he had on him would work as his client Dr. Stephan Mabuz had anticipated.

Him standing away from the crowd was with a reason. Shin had stumbled into his shop the other day and Dr. Mabuz had asked him to carry out a task, which of course would pay him. He was given two pieces of paper with hexes inscribed onto them. One of the paper's had the hex "Stimuli" which once activated, would result in the victim becoming super sensitive for an hour. This would be evident if they were visibly uncomfortable. The second hex as explained by the doctor was called "Decrepify". Once activated, this hex would cause someone's legs to stop working for about an hour. This would be evident by the victim completely ceasing to walk and stand in spot, as if stuck in concrete. He was to report back to the doctor in his shop. So, now all that was left was to find suitable victims and let the hexes do their work. However, he had to also say the hex out loud for it to activate, which could possibly bring unwanted attention to him. Then again, having a floating black sphere with giant wide eyes next to him already did that.

So, Shin continued to stand by along with Ghastly. He did not want to use the hexes on just anyone, they had to be ideal. If his understanding was correct, he simply had to look at someone and focus on them while he spoke the hex into existence. Then, either instantly or after a few seconds of waiting, the hex would either work or fail. Although it did not matter which hex he used first, he decided he would play around with stimuli first. His ideal victim would be a woman as she was sure to bring the most attention to herself. So, without further ado, it was time for a little mayhem.

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#2Shin Katari 

Experimental Hexes [Quest | Shin]  Empty on Mon Aug 28, 2017 11:32 am

Shin Katari
Catching his attention was a blond haired female with fair skin. She caught the attention of many males passing by. She was definitely dressed in an outfit that would bring the attention of many to her. If she craved attention that much, Shin would happily oblige in helping her out. Focusing his attention to her, he gripped the paper with the stimuli hex inscribed onto it. "Stimuli," Shin said loud enough that only he could hear. The words on the paper lit a bright purple flame that faded away into nothingness. After a brief moment, her face turned a bright red as a gentle breeze drifted through town. She was apparently in pleasure but also in an intense amount of pain. As she fell to the ground, she screamed out of pleasure and pain. Onlookers either walked past with displeasing looks and others stood and watched. Pleased with the results, Shin looked over at Ghastly and the both exchanged mischievous looks. Stimuli was a pleasurable success.

Moving a few feet away from the spot where he activated stimuli, Shin found himself a buff man jogging through the streets. He had short shorts on along with a sweat drenched training beater. He wore a red headband and had earbuds plugged into his ear. What would a runner hate to lose the most? It would have to their legs. Without their legs, they would not be able to move effectively or move at all. Hell, even an ACL tear is a pain to deal with and can end dreams. With a devious look on his face, Shin would not waste anytime. He drifted off into an alley all while focusing his attention on the jogger. "Decrepify!" With those words, the hex shone a dull purple before dispersing like the first hex. This one was almost instantaneous. However, it was not like the doctor had said. Instead of ceasing control of his legs, the jogger began to limp. It could have been coincidence but his movement was hindered in both legs, not just one. Every step he took caused him discomfort. Satisfied with the results, Shin took off to meet with the doctor in his little shop.

"Welcome back. How did it go?" Dr. Mabuz asked as he took a bite of his sandwich. Stepping in, Shin walked over to his desk while Ghastly was intrigued by the different trinkets and books scattered about. With a devilish grin, Shin spoke. "Stimuli worked with a great success. The woman felt pleasure from nearly everything. However, decripify was not as successful. The person only had a limp. Also interesting to note, the first hex gave off a bright light while the second was dull." Wiping his mouth clean, Dr. Mabuzz pulled out a few bills of jewels and counted them. Placing a rubber band around them, he passed it to Shin. "Shin was it? Thank you. I will let you know of my future projects. You've been a great help." Taking the jewels, Shin called for Ghastly and the two took off from the shop. Today had been one hell of a day.

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